Top 10 Worst Playstation 3 Games

SegmentNext - "Playstation 3 is the holy grail of Sony. It has everything sweet; graphics, great games, and loyal fan base. Today, it's not the glory we will highlight, but the frustration resulting from few of the worst experiences on Playstation 3".


It was an error at Author's part, FFXIV removed.

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Aussiegamer2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Woops my bad, Edited, he meant FF`14, read it wrong.

Sorry guys.

PS3Freak2639d ago

You're right ff13 was not the second worst game on the PS3. In fact, it was great(IMO). But if you take a second look you'll see that ff13 is nowhere to be found in this article.

MaxXAttaxX2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

13 was a decent/good game. But a bad FF game.

14 hasn't been released on PS3 yet. It's terrible on PC though.
Hopefully SquareEnix is taking their time to fix and improve everything before they release it on PS3.

Also, none of these games are exclusive :)

bruddahmanmatt2639d ago

Because I can't stand it when stupid articles written by stupid people for stupid sites get hits, here's this blogger's list.

10. F.E.A.R.
9. Sonic The Hedgehog
8. Quake Wars
7. The Orange Box
6. PES 2008
5. Terminator Salvation
4. Knights Contract
3. Prison Break: The Conspiracy
2. Final Fantasy XIV
1. Leisure Suit Larry

In essence, the moron who wrote this piece is an idiot. Half of these titles are crappy ports of mediocre games, others are s*** games to begin with regardless of what platform they're on, one is a franchise that gets yearly updates (PES) and the other never got beyond the beta phase on the PS3 (FFXIV). In short, the individual who complied this list is an idiot and doesn't deserve the ad revenue you'd be sending his way when you click on the link to his page.

XRider2639d ago

F.E.A.R PS3 did play as good as the 360 version but it's still far from the worst.

Butt0n_m4sher2639d ago

Um, learn your roman numerals... it says FF14 silly

BiggCMan2639d ago

Final Fantasy 14 has not even been released on PS3 yet. Does this author not even realize that? That is a stupid mistake man. I do believe it is still in development, I could be wrong though.

MaxXAttaxX2639d ago

Frame rate didn't stop HL2 from being a good game.
And Portal was pretty good too!

ILikeTurtles2639d ago

orange box sucked on ps3! horrible load times, framrate dips etc. a f*cking HP laptop for 200$ plays the orange box way better than the ps3.

MaxXAttaxX2638d ago

I didn't have any issues aside from frame drops.
The games played just fine otherwise.

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Newtype2639d ago

And none of these are exclusives....XIV never got released on the PS3.

Hicken2639d ago

He said XIV, not XIII. And, last I checked, XIV wasn't even available on PS3 yet, because the PC version was so buggy.

Additionally, how many of the system's games has this person even played? It sounds more like he bought some stuff somebody told him was awesome, then got disappointed.


Butt0n_m4sher2639d ago

Orange Box? But wasn't PORTAL in there?!

PS3Freak2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

It seems like this article is largely based on bad ports that aren't necessarily the worst games in the PS3 library.

The Gundam launch title should be on this list somewhere.

just_sayin2639d ago

WHAT you didn't like MSG Crossfire that game was're right that game was crap.

XRider2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

I think Lair and Haze take the crown. I bought Haze for $3, now I wish I had my $3 back.

marioPSUC2639d ago

I never played Lair but I thought it was supposed to be good after they patched the controls and stuff

XRider2639d ago

last time I played it I still flew into everything.

jack_burt0n2639d ago

for some reason all ps3 gamers at the time of lairs launch had zero hand eye coordination.

its not that bad at all.

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