MW3 v Battlefield 3 Can't Really Compare?

MMGN user writes: It's the newest hot topic for gamers all over the interwebs. Which is going to win, Which is going to sell more copies, Which will be the better game.

The Battlefield v Call of Duty fight has moved center stage with both sides setting up to release two heavyweight contenders this year, But really, Are the two games even in the same league as each other?

Lets take a look at it a little closer and pick out what really sets these two games miles apart. Lets start with CoD.

(to stop people having a whinge and think i'm being biased, i will list the same number of points to each game)

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dangert122578d ago

we can compare what ever we like.
as long as strengths and weakness are compared fairly

Graphics - BF
Most Rewarding - COD
Presentation N/A
Realism - BF
etc i don't see why they can not be compared

thugbob2578d ago

I think he means perks, killstreaks and such.

And yes they can be compared. Yes, MW3 and BF3 play differently and therefore are for different audiences, but at the end of the day they are both Modern Warfare First Person Shooters so they will and should be compared. If MoH wasn't such a fail game it would be in the mix as well.

Raven_Nomad2577d ago

I'd more compare Battlefield to lesser FPS games, like Brink, Resistance, Killzone. It's not really on the same level as COD.

Ares842577d ago

You got one thing right.

It's not on the same level as COD, it far surpasses it.

Ares842577d ago

I'm buying Battlefield 3 only. No COD, enough is enough.

mrsatan2577d ago

Modern Warfare isn't even in the same category as Battlefield 3. The depth and options the Battlefield series offers eclipses that of COD. COD is just halo with realistic weapons, while Battlefield created it's own style of combat.

Ve_Chuy2577d ago

Graphics: BF3
Sound: BF3
Gameplay: BF3
Multiplayer: BF3
Sells: COD

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