"Casual" and "Hardcore" Gamers Aren't All That Different

From Associated Content: "Hardcore gamers play games in a hardcore fashion. That is to say, a lot. Casual gamers play much more--dare I say it--casually.

Male or female, casual or hardcore, we all play games for the same reason: to have fun."

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dangert122606d ago

Really we are...
I have a 1080p HD projector and 7.1 surround sound currently playing 'grandia', I could never imagine a casual gamer in this position.

LOGICWINS2606d ago

"I have a 1080p HD projector and 7.1 surround sound currently playing 'grandia'"

Ummm..I don't see many gamers in general in this position.

dangert122606d ago

if many where it would be normal/casual

LOGICWINS2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

@dangert- There are also many hardcore gamers out there...and I don't see many of them in this position either.

Also, we can't really determine that a hardcore gamer is more likely to own a 1080p HD projector and a 7.1 surround sound system than casual gamer because the casual gamer in question can be a movie buff...who happens to own a 1080p HD projector/7.1 surround sound system that he/she uses for non-gaming purposes.

dangert122605d ago

yep thats why i mentioned the fact i was running through a game thats old then most cod gamers

Xof2605d ago

You must have a really sucky imagination.

Picture this: someone really likes movies.

This someone buys a 1080p HD projector and 7.1 surround system to fully enjoy his or her favorite movies.

This same person then buys a PS3 for the media center capabilities (saved movies, netflix, blu-ray, etc.).

Not only is that plausible, IIRC, way back when the PS3 first came out, this kind of person was the main demographic buying PS3s.

And Grandia? It's much more casual for someone to hop on to the PSN store and buy a game from there than to go out to a specialty store and buy a disc.

Also, something very relevant to all of the morons that are bound to be flocking into this thread:

ChickeyCantor2604d ago

Why is it that people, who think owning some sophisticated hardware, suddenly makes them hardcore and less "mainstream"?

These things sell because people love the tech that gives them awesome experiences. Our senses are swayed by beauty and what not. So where do people get the idea they are entitled to being so "awesome" and being so special?
Can someone explain to me?

Your way of talking isn't just mainstream talk, its basically a juvenile dick measurement contest.

DigitalRaptor2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

We all know the real difference between casual and hardcore gamers.

Hardcore gamers are willing to spend a lot of money in the long-term and play many games in a vast variety of genres and invest their times into playing these games. They are open to new ideas and concepts.

Casual gamers might spend a lot of money on gaming, but it's only when the right gimmick comes along and then the will not continue to buy games for a good majority of their years... They also don't really care about the state of the industry or the people it concerns.

I compare it to the people in the music industry who support Justin Bieber and JLS and that sort of commercial crap, when there are so many underrated and worthy musicians and they deserve to have just as much exposure.

And when people go and see awful films at the cinema and support them because their friends are going and ignore that the actors are shit, the storyline looks shit, but "hey look... the CGI looks amazing!"

All those people are casual and in any walk of life, they tend to be sheep and don't think for themselves.

Basically, casual gamers don't care about quality or substance - but just to have fun without considering the long-term.

DarkFantasy2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

you know i smell ?... Bull shit.

who ever said that needs a kick in the nuts.casual games are killing hardcore games they need to spend time and learn how to's don't just make the game super easy this is why Demon Soul's is probably one of the best games around right now it's the only game that will kick you're @$$ bring on Dark soul's,make games better,sh!t or get off the pot don't make them noob friendly, i have friends on psn who can't beat phalanx and i'm serious LOL

kreate2605d ago

some girls play gamss for different reasons than males.
my ex-gf played games with me becuz im a gamer.
she enjoyed playing games with me. but she doesnt play games on her own.
basically to spend time with me.

my current gf dont play games with me.
but she plays smurfs. tap mall. tap resort. angry birds. bejeweled.
on her own. she'll watch me play Cod for 5 mins and go on facebook.

i think these girls fall under the 'casual' section in a stereo-typical way.

Hicken2605d ago

Yeah, they really are two different groups. As Digital Raptor and dangert said, hardcore gamers are likely to spend a lot more on games, and be more into the entire industry.

As DarkFantasy said, casual gamers are NOT very likely to play games with high levels of difficulty, whereas hardcore gamers look for such things.

And as kreate said, casual gamers tend to not play on their own, or play "apps" on their phones and other mobile devices. (CoD players frequently tend to fit under this category, as they don't play by themselves, but only online, and only with others.)

All these things are part of what makes the difference between casual and hardcore gamers. And these difference often create a difference in the kind of games each group plays.

Casual gamers favor titles they can pick up whenever and just hop into, playing on the same competitive level as someone who's been playing for months. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, tend to prefer games that require some level of dedication beyond just picking up a controller and putting in a few hours every now and then.