New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

With the August issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, we got a glimpse further into Max Payne 3. Save and Quit gives us scans of the new screenshots as well as the highlights from the OXM article.

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BakedGoods2641d ago

Wow. I hope they can pull this off.

Brash_Attack2641d ago

If I have faith in anyone, it's Rockstar.

StanLee2640d ago

Finally some news. This game seemed to disappear of the face of the earth after it was announced.

M4I0N32640d ago

dude, i thought everyone found that out months ago O.o

pipipi2640d ago

mmmm i hope this game wont be the next duke nukem forever, if you know what i mean...i want it so bad

Brash_Attack2640d ago

It sounds like the game is taking place over a period of 8 years. He will be bald in the "8 years later" parts. He has hair in the beginning of the game.

keith-ps32640d ago

hope its better then the movie with mark e mark and the funky bunch