Iwata explains why hardcore gamers will accept Wii U

Nintendo’s last console was more popular with the average consumer than it was with Nintendo’s hardcore faithful, and now Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is eager to explain why Wii U will rectify that.

Iwata’s responses came during a stockholders meeting when he was asked by an investor whether or not he believed the hardcore would accept the new console. Iwata was willing to concede some of the problems that kept Wii from catching on with the hardcore, and explained why that wouldn’t happen with Wii U.

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Pikajew2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

hardcore gamers today means. people who like violent and HD games

People complain the Wii doesn't have 3rd party support but there are 3 other systems you can get for that

Reibooi2491d ago

No Hardcore gamer means people who want more then crap shovel ware which is 90% of what the Wii had the other 10% was 9% Nintendo games and 1% good 3rd party games.

The problem with the Wii was it's gimmick. It could not really play games in a more traditional way and it's lack of power and mass amounts of shovel ware made devs just stop trying as they would either have to dumb their game down to get it on the console or have it not sell if they made it with the Wii in mind(as was the case with games like Muramasa, Madworld and No More Hero's)

I don't think the Wii U is gonna be any better to tell you the truth. When most people walk away from a press conference thinking "Wtf did we just see" that isn't a good thing. Not to mention using the name Wii. If they are trying to appeal to Hardcore with this new console they need to distance themselves from the Wii name as much as possible or at least keep them both going with two very distinct groups of consumers in mind.

rexbolt2490d ago

no hard core means u only play fps and have the same games at 360

Morbius4202490d ago

there are many hardcore rpg players too.

Rainstorm812491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

So if your a nintendo fan and want core experiences you must buy a PS3/360/PC? Then Why buy a wii? everyone cant get multiple systems.

As a consumer, the product you buy should fit your needs.

And violent and HD doesnt equal core.....core games didnt start this gen with HD....


IMO a core gamer wants depth from thier games, a challenge yet fun something more than just a distraction. Casual gamers are looking for something that they CAN pick up and be able to play. For instance alot of casual gmers would be frustrated by a game like RDR or skyrim

Good thing is sometimes casual gamers become core gamers.....all is good for gaming but i prefer core experiences.

StbI9902490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

When nintendo pull a god of war, or uncharted, or halo, or gear of war into their library, their console won't be leaving the kiddie field with the like of mario and kirby...

Do hardcore people wanna 4 consoles to suffix their needs? PC, ps3/4, xbox 360/1080...Wii u? i really don't think so, me nintendo and wouldnt approach a field you have been failing so much to get into lately.

But hey, if google is coming with another social network, why cant nintendo try for the third time get into the hardcore people's heart lol, to fail again.

@Maniacmayhem, no u dont see more potential than snes and u just sound like another nintendo fan in denial, nintendo aint good for hardcore, each of their generation shows u that, each of their consoles, show u that, they own exclusive show u that, they should stick to what function the most for them just like apple and their overpriced phones.

dedicatedtogamers2491d ago

This sounds vaguely like microsoft saying "The Core WILL love Kinect! We promise!"

Iwata, what's there to like about the Wii U? It's an overpriced tablet PC that will be launching with 6-month-old 3rd party multiplats. Heck, I'll buy the Vita and the 3DS long before I give a care about the Wii U.

maniacmayhem2491d ago

You dont know any of that. We should wait and see what is coming out for it. We have three to four companies that have announced exclusives for the WiiU. We should hold our judgment until then.

Reibooi2491d ago

The problem is said exclusives will most likley try to take advantage of every weird gimmick the Wii U has and thus the same problem the Wii created will be born anew and core gamers will basically just look the other way and ignore it.

They needed to bring a console to the game that was pure core and not weird gimmicks. They can have the Wii running at the same time for that if they wanted to appeal to both markets.

maniacmayhem2491d ago

I really dont thin that controller is as much a gimmick as the wii mote was. At least this controller has the standard buttons, triggers and analog sticks we find for 360/ps3. Plus an added feature of a touch screen.

If anything i can see way more potential with this machine than ive seen with any nintendo console since the snes days.

DrFUD2491d ago

I'm hardcore and can't wait.
It's fresh blood.
I know it's more powerful than either of the 2 others out now.
That's enough for me.
Well, that, and they aren't using motion controls.

beast242tru2491d ago

well actually they are using motion controlls the same ones that came with ur wii so far all reports saying onli one tablet controller per console and you dnt know yet how powerful it is if you do please show me where you got the news from

TenkoTAiLS2491d ago

6 years on from when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out and you think it wont be more powerful? Your either kidding yourself or under the misguided reasoning that just because one of their previous consoles was under par to the current gen that all follow up ones will be. Either way it's rather premature to be giving anything other than assumptions, and an assumption that it's more powerful has more rational reasoning at the moment than Nintendo releasing another last gen console.

Fact is, no one knows squat beyond the controller, but for studios that shunned and were very vocal about the Wii being a rubbish machine like Epic, Id, Valve and the Crytec guys etc being all of a sudden being interested, I figure something's up, and I can't wait to find out what.

Ness-Psi2491d ago

well first off they need to give more info about the actual console then gamers will decide if they want to buy it up against the PS3/360.

jacksonmichael2491d ago

I'm not particularly hardcore, but... I have a beard... and I want it.

JsonHenry2491d ago

Same here. Except I am rocking a soul patch.

Ness-Psi2490d ago

just shaved mine off it was getting itchy!

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