Black Ops Double XP for All Platforms - Prestige 15 Here We Come

Have you been grinding for months just to get to Prestige 15? Well, Treyarch is giving you a massive boost.

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xtremexx2522d ago

love these double xp weekends, they give me a reason to play the game for a while.

Criminal2522d ago

Not any weekend though, it's a long one in Canada and the states.

GusBricker2522d ago

Awww, yes, setting things on fire and eating bbq...

God Bless America.

Drab2522d ago

WoW ppl still play this trash?...Or is it just a lagfest on ps3....

ambientFLIER2522d ago

Works fine on least for me.

Ducky2522d ago

Runs decently on PC as well.
Not fantastic, but... decent.

I usually hop in every once in a while... but I usually play unranked servers (they have an increased 24 player limit, but you don't get any exp).

elmaton982522d ago

Cool too bad I only play zombies though.

Eric19932522d ago

hmm I wonder why they are putting it on the ps3 as well, why bother when majority of ps3 gamers will be shooting people up in the Uncharted 3 BETA. Me included, screw black ops

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