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Exclusive Interview: G4TV's Morgan Webb - 10 Years Gone and Still Having Fun

GameDynamo - "The lovely Ms. Webb was gracious enough to take the time out of her busy schedule between E3 and the San Diego Comic Con to answer a few of our questions." (Culture, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Warprincess116  +   1210d ago
Ugh she is so fake. She not a real girl gamer. It just an act.
Dart89  +   1210d ago
Jealousy can be a great burden :D.
MintBerryCrunch  +   1210d ago
its her attitude that turns off some people...she can be really judgmental about certain things, like kinect or the PSN debacle...listening to the radio shows on g4tv, most of the time everyone puts their own 2 cents in, but her views and comments come off being very opinionated and it can rub people the wrong way

at least that is how i see it, i still think sessler is better than her
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1209d ago
Wasn't her the one that was saying that Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't a good game because it wasn't mature or something like that? >_>

edit: oh yes it was her.


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BulletToothtony  +   1209d ago
I remember watching her saying over and over how Blu-ray was a mistake and nobody really needs it.

Worst part of all she asks the dumbest questions when she interviews devs. Waste of time when i see her interviewing anyone.
Raven_Nomad  +   1210d ago
Fake? Not likely. Now people like Olivia Munn and Candace Bailey are fake when it comes to games and gaming, which is why AOTS had Morgan Webb do reviews on that show as well.

She may not be everyone's cup of tea, but she is attractive and proves that more then geeky types of women play and are interested in games and gaming in general.
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csreynolds  +   1209d ago
"She may not be everyone's cup of tea, but she is attractive"

Good argument.
killerhog  +   1210d ago
morgan webb is a faker!?!? first of all she is a gamer do some research on her before you try to call her out. shes been in the gaming industry practically her whole life and been gaming since she was little. if anything (which i would agreed too) she sold out for a more "pretty girl type bs" which i think did hurt her rep in the eyes of some gamers guessing her credibility. i mean yeah she wasnt as 'attracting' but you knew she was a gamer. now with her new look a lot of these younger gamers see her as a poser pretty girl trying to get in the 'biz' but let me tell you right now shes knows her shit. people do grow up you know. you cant hold onto your young phases forever. i think she went for a more professional womanly easy on the eyes look.

also she was in techtv (wrote for them) then when they were bought by g4 she was in g4techtv (wrote for them and also did camera appearances and now shes in G4tv (when they excluded and pulled away from the techtv name.
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Morbius420  +   1210d ago
I really miss TechTV...a lot more informitive than Cops reruns and Attack of the Show. I especcialy liked ScreenSavers.
kingdoms  +   1210d ago
Nonesense a intelligent women with degrees would not work in the gaming niche she is in on that show, if she was fake. It's a Passion for her. Her playful and gothic intellectual personality is crazy hot. Intelligent, free spirit Gamer with sexy eyes, a great smile and a super model body = win.
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EazyC  +   1210d ago
Hehe, you jelly.

She hot.

My english not good.
BubbleSniper  +   1210d ago
she's not fake. she's just an attractive nerd.

she knows her shit, I dare say more than anyone else on the show/network.
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RememberThe357  +   1210d ago
You must not have seen her on the Screen Savers on TechTV way back. She was an even bigger geek back then. I don't even like her, but she's not fake.
outlawlife  +   1210d ago
odd, her job is to share her opinion
egidem  +   1210d ago

Someone needs to revoke your troll license or take away your magic wand. You've had too much to drink and play with your vibrator too much. You need to stop trolling.
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danielle007  +   1209d ago
She's the only woman on G4 that actually plays games and has an opinion worth listening to. Her and Adam have been a great team for a very long time now, and X-Play is usually pretty - moderately - trustworthy.
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miyamoto  +   1209d ago
I always thought she looks more of a man than a woman.
dinkeldinkse  +   1209d ago
Glad to see I am not the only one that thinks that,
She is the opposite of hot to me. She kills my boners, instead of causing them.
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Persistantthug  +   1209d ago
No....she's attractive.
I dare say that she does have a supermodel type look to her....Of course, real supermodel types typically have a strange look to them anyways.

At any rate, she's definitely a real gamer, and that's what's important here.

Edit in:
If you're telling me that as a man you don't find this to be attractive, then I might have to suggest that you might be gay......not that there's anything wrong with that (Seinfeld)

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downwardspiral  +   1209d ago
yeah she's got one hell of a man jaw lol
dinkeldinkse  +   1209d ago
No, I don't find her attractive. She looks like a guy to me. I honestly don't see how anyone finds her attractive, but there are probably some women I find attractive that you have zero attraction towards.
Morgue  +   1209d ago
Spoken like a true girl and you just added another person to your ignored list.
Blaze929  +   1209d ago
Fake? I don't think G4 is paying anyone enough to fake a career interest for 10 years. She actually does in fact know what she be talking about and play games. I don't see where your views are coming from. Her background, knowledge - true gamer. Dunno how you can't see that.

Now, Olivia Munn...that's another situation.
enkeixpress  +   1210d ago
milf? ... Hmmm, I dunno.. =/
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GusBricker  +   1210d ago
Hard to be a milf if she doesn't have kids, Chief.
csreynolds  +   1209d ago
LOL. enkeixpress fails :)
M-Easy  +   1210d ago
Seriously doubt she has kids. Everything about her is prudish.
CaptainPunch  +   1210d ago
She looks like my neighbor, no lie!
M-Easy  +   1210d ago
Then why are you here. You need to be hanging with your neighbor. Or at least stalking her lol.
CaptainPunch  +   1210d ago
Believe me I do lol
consolez_FTW  +   1210d ago
Why do men think morgan webb is hot. She's not! well I don't care, I stopped caring for G4tv around 2007.
Nes_Daze  +   1210d ago
She's not that attractive and I still remember the time she made a few rude comments about a football game complaining that it's a boring sport and whatnot. She's a bit like Adam Sessler when it comes to opinions, but not as immature.
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1210d ago
She has a flaming hatred for Nintendo that's entirely unwarranted as well. I gather Miyamoto must have kicked her puppy sometime in the past, Oh well, not like Xplay or G4 is even relevent, my provider cancel the channel awhile back and the whole thing is two steps away from being completely flushed. I can see Sessler and Web giving out sexual favors and gaming tips in a dark alley off Ventura blvd sometime in the near future.
killerhog  +   1210d ago
doubt it morgan webb and adam sessler have a huge history in the gaming industry they will fine work easily. adam did gamestoptv for zdtv (before it merge into techtv) and techtv before they were bought by g4 (comcast). he also did journalistic work (writing) for gaming sites and tv. Morgan relationship with the gaming industry is also as deep
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Louis_Guzman  +   1210d ago
Hell, even if Xplay gets canned, that creepy, Japan-hating, manchild Sessler and Manjaw Morgan will get work somewhere, probably something like a gametrailers tv gig or at the very least a podcast. Hell, I feel ya man, I can't stand them either, but they are tied to the game industry too tightly.
undercovrr  +   1210d ago
What's wrong with her showing her opinions? If people just say what they are supposed to say then that makes them tools
Nes_Daze  +   1209d ago
It's not the fact that she voiced her opinion, it's HOW she did it. It was unprofessional and she made a mockery of football.
PSjesus  +   1210d ago
hot body+Skull of a man
Orionsangel  +   1210d ago
She should step down and let Chobot take her place :)
EazyC  +   1210d ago
Now SHE is fake!
Orionsangel  +   1210d ago
Fake in what sense? She spent all last week finishing Alice Madness Returns. The other week she finished Oblivion. If you're trying to doubt her being a gamer. Wow are you way off. If you mean in terms of the way she acts, well that's your opinion, but she's bonafide gamer through and through. We've discussed games in great detail. She knows her stuff. But anyway I'm not doubting either women are gamers. That's not what this is about. I just think after 10 years Morgan should give someone else a chance.

P.S. Yes I know Chobot and If you want fake. Go look up Olivia Munn.

Related video
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Robotronfiend  +   1209d ago
Maybe ask Blair Herder if Chobot is fake. They're dating btw.

Its hard to say anyone on G4 is fake when compared to Olivia "McHammer" Munn. She was so over the top fake, she makes Chriss Angel look sincere.
undercovrr  +   1210d ago
Hell no! Webb actually seems like someone fun to hang out with, but Chobot underneath that pretty face is probably a huge beiotch
killerhog  +   1209d ago
chobot is a very casual gamer. what i mean by that is, if it doesnt involve her having to play games outside of work, i doubt she would. if you want to talk about fakers though, besides morgan, abbie, claire and that other chick majority of the chicks in g4 or either non-gamers are very casual ones. I honestly (like someone else stated) miss zdtv/techtv cause all of the staff their knew their shit.
8bit_Nes_Rambo   1210d ago | Offensive
BuckyBarnes  +   1210d ago
I hate Chobot, Webb is entertaining sometimes but she is now anti-sony, anti-nintendo, anti-anything other than xbox. Not fun to watch a "professional" fangirl.
Adam Sessler has the same personality as me, sarcastic, quick witted, and generally right about 90% of the time. I just wish the women of the "gaming world" would stay in skimpy costumes at the booths where they belong. Either that or, make a casual gamer tv show..wait that wouldnt work, otherwise the casual gamers wouldnt be casual...confused..gonna go now...
lizard81288  +   1210d ago
She is ok. I believe she is a gamer, and a bit of a 360 fanboy...errr, fangirl, which is annoying at times. I think Sara Underwood is pretty hot too. lol, i wonder how she got that job?...

anyway, I'm surprised G4 stays afloat. theres like 2 shows about games and the industry, the rest is cops, and cheaters, seriously. their programing doesn't start until 10am or later, and probably goes off sometime in the early AM slots. They show 5 Hour blocks of cops, cheaters, and campus police. then they show x-play and AotS, and then another 5 hour block.
consolez_FTW  +   1210d ago
yeah man, I remember years ago, before G4tv was complete crap. If I wasn't playing videogames or working, I'd be watching G4. Now they only have one show worth watching and thats because Adam Sessler is the host and I respect him. I pity anyone still working at the pathetic channel.
KMCROC  +   1210d ago
She's hot,has a smoking body,intelligent & she a gamer.
Deadman_Senji  +   1210d ago
She's not really all that intelligent, she just has a vocabulary. It's not hard to be dumb as shit but still be good with words. and she's not a "cool" gamer. She's also not very pretty. She looks like a corpse in the image posted here.

She hates FF7 for fuck's sake, anybody who hates FF7 is not cool with me.
InTheLab  +   1210d ago
Wait a minute....Morgan is one of the few people from Xplay that is not a massive 360 fanboy...the others being Eric Eckstien and Jake Gaskils.

She does, however, hate all things Nintendo. She makes a ton of good points about the console that seem harsh, but she then places her foot in her mouth by saying Epic Mickey sucks because it's not dark enough, or how Mario is for kids.


"Editorial integrity is taken extremely seriously, and we all work hard to make sure our coverage is as fair as possible. If someone feels like they could even be slightly perceived as having a bias for or against a game, company, or individual (whether or not they actually are) they will recuse themselves from coverage of that topic."

Sure Morgan. Mr. Sark (Halo fanboy that gave ODST a perfect score), Abbie Heppe (hands out high scores to mediocre shooters like Medal of Honor but gave Darksiders and Metroid Other M both a 2 out of 5), Dana Vinson (an admitted Kinect fangirl that hates Move..but still reviews Move titles?), and Chris Monfette (former PR guy for Microsoft) all say hi.

I could continue but unless you go to G4tv.com on a regular bases, you won't know whom or what I'm talking about.

Bottom line...total bulls***
danielle007  +   1209d ago
Metroid other M deserved that 2 out of 5. Maybe not darksiders, but I never played it, so I wouldn't know.
IrieMars  +   1210d ago
Screw this woman. She's such a biotch!!! If you ever hear the way she talks to other people on the show (staff and such)you would be turned off by anything and everything about her. At least other gals like Jess are nice and cool people. Her on the other hand...not so much.
Merivigian  +   1209d ago
Her comment on MMOs and subscription models is funny. GW2 anybody? That seems like a pretty bad ass non-subscription model in my opinion.
danielle007  +   1209d ago
I like Morgan. She plays games, and I agree with her on a lot of things. I think she's pretty, and actually portrays girls who plays games as a positive thing, not as some whale with cheetos in her hair..
Orange Juice  +   1209d ago
I appreciate g4tv's willingness to support the employment of post-op transexuals, and I think that sort of magnanimous behavior will go a long way toward opening the minds of the younger generation.
s45gr32  +   1209d ago
Hmm she is still a honest intelligent female gamer
Buuhan1  +   1209d ago
I've been watching X-Play more or less since it debuted and I'm constantly asking myself why I keep watching it. I almost never agree with the reviews, and more times than not I find the reviews to be complete bullshit.
death2smoochie  +   1209d ago
This is TV folks. Some of you live in fantasy land with magic pixies. They hire woman who look either really hot or good looking with mediocre or great TV/Journalism skills to push ratings.
They do this also for professional sports.
How many hot looking female sideline commentators are there now working for NBC/CBS/FOX for the NFL? LOTS...and they know diddly squat about football....but they look GOOD.

What do you want and expect?
Them to hire a REAL Female gamer? A female that really plays games and is hardcore?
Have you seen what "real" female gamer looks like in general?


Pretty much like that...

They don't look like this no matter what your fantasy is:


So the day G4TV or whatever other TV/cable station hires someone looking like this:


Then you can be secure in your thinking that she is really a "hardcore" gamer.

If she looks like this:


You can pretty much guess gaming is not her hobby...
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M-Easy  +   1209d ago
Great post but you scarred me for life with that 1st pic :(
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