Alien and robot on mission for PS3 (Reuters on Ratchet & Clank Future)

", which combines ratings from review sites and magazines, has given the new 'Ratchet' a score of 90, the highest so far for any game exclusive to the PS3."

Scott Hillis reports "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" for Reuters on Nov. 1.

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b777conehead3580d ago

i played the demo really had fun playing it have been sick as soon as i am able to drive i will purchase this game very cool graphics and very fun game to play

IdontTakeSides3580d ago

yes Indeed it's a great game I own me it's worth it..!!

chanto233580d ago

I played it for a whole week non-stop and im done with everything now im trading it in for credit towards Uncharted :)

Maestro3579d ago

Pathetic assholes, the average of this game is below 90:

Don't commit suicide after you see this, blind PSTARDS.

squallsoft3579d ago

you make me laugh. I love the fanboys on here. PSTARDS? did you stay up all night to think of that one? what a noob XD

Keowrath3579d ago

No, it's actually a common name used for playstation fanboys. (even tho I'm a PS3 fan I actually think it's pretty funny)

The sad thing is, this is at least the THIRD person here trying to be big and clever with the insult and they can't even get it right! LOL

It's PS THREE tard (PS3tard) you retard!

rushbd3579d ago

I dont want to insult you mom.

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