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So after 15 days, who really won the E3?

This year's E3 event was full of surprising announcements from the three major companies: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.
But in the end, who won E3? Let's see: (3DS, Dev, E3, Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Redgehammer  +   1424d ago
IMO, The review is biased, and lacks any objectivity.
dedicatedtogamers   1424d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Danteh  +   1424d ago
well, any opinion inherently lacks objectivity, but what is exactly biased? Sony got 4 stars, Nintendo 5, and Microsoft 2... seems fair enough
Blaze929  +   1423d ago
who cares who won. This was the worst E3 I have ever seen. "Winning" doesn't bring much seeing as they all did very badly. oh, IN MY OPINION
gypsygib  +   1423d ago
I agree this E3 seemed poorly done by the big three. MS was all about Kinect, Sony seemed invisible and Nintendo probably had the worst next-gen console reveal ever.
miyamoto  +   1423d ago
at least the PS Vita won as Game Critics' E3 Hardware of the show over Wii U.
LocO_o  +   1423d ago
The casules and soccer moms around the world won E3.
Roymunson  +   1424d ago
HA no way did nintendo win , showing a controller and the same old games not to mention the extremely poor description of wii U , just does doesn't cut it .
X_GAMER_X  +   1424d ago
The gamers won. Every gamer won in theirs own way.

Favorite console and games.

I for one won E3 Handsdown. Why? Cuz of my favorite games.
Halo, Gears, Forza. So, I won :D
RememberThe357  +   1423d ago
Yep, I got Uncharted, Battlefield, Resistance, Halo, Skyrim, and a whole lot of games that I'm excited abut that I can't think of right now. :)

MS's presentation was too Kinect focused for my tastes, but over all I liked what I saw from everyone.
theonlylolking  +   1423d ago
Gamers do not always win. Only gamers with all consoles and a gaming PC won.
MysticStrummer  +   1423d ago
If a person owns only platform, liked what they saw for it, and saw nothing that would make them buy one of the other platforms, that person won.
kamakaz3md  +   1423d ago
pc blows, to many mods and hacks that ruin the game, theres enough ppl ruining games on the ps3... pc always has bugs, yea its more powerful but who cares, the ps3 and 360 are beasts too and get the job done
iamgoatman  +   1423d ago

How can you have too many mods? Mods have the potential to greatly improve a game or increase it's longevity, and you don't have to use them if you don't want to. Hacks are an entirely different thing.

And PC games don't "always has bugs" as if they were inherent to the platform, in my experience with the PC being so open it allows users to fix problems themselves that devs may overlook. Got a bug in your console game but the dev can't be bothered to fix? Tough I'm afraid, you've got to live with it.

Try keeping your ignorance to yourself in future.
Darkfiber  +   1423d ago
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Hicken  +   1423d ago
I'm pretty sure it was me. Yep, it was.
MysticStrummer  +   1423d ago
You were both disqualified for steroid use. I won.
Hicken  +   1423d ago
I lost a testicle to cancer. Prove it.
manman6  +   1423d ago
coryok  +   1423d ago
sony won the day after e3 and sony wins 15 days after e3 theyre the winners of e3 until next e3, then its all up in the air and anyone can win again
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keith-ps3  +   1423d ago
nobody won halo 4 was the best part
kamakaz3md  +   1423d ago
that halo trailer looked terrible and if there going back to the old cartoon look of halo its gonna be lame... halo reach looked cool, i still say it looked like HAZE but, who really cares about halo, when you got fable the journey LMAO JK JK
keith-ps3  +   1423d ago
ok so what trailer looked good to u then
SweatyFlorida  +   1423d ago
I'm guessing just the fact that Halo 4 was coming was the best part for you ;) The trailer really wasn't anything special tbh and certainly didn't say to a non-Halo user that they NEED to get the game because of it :/
keith-ps3  +   1423d ago
and e3 was nothing special i havnt played halo since 2 played 3 for a hour over a friend house when it first came out how did sony win anything nothing over the top damn halo 4 was the best part to me to me i didnt say it was dope i didnt even say it was cool hope its longer then 3 cuz i dont like online halo the wiiu i dont know what to think about that. one
kamakaz3md  +   1423d ago
sony... whole reason i just sold my 360 n bought another ps3 today. Well that and infamous 2, but you got uncharted 3, resistance 3 coming, battlefield 3 (suppose to run great on ps3) we will see... and the ps vita, i just get into things that are user friendly with eachother, so vita + the ps3, work together and the 500 dollar 3dhd tv really got me excited
keith-ps3  +   1423d ago
yea but all of those are shooting games and the tv is to small is anybody tired of shooting games
firemassacre  +   1423d ago
gypsygib  +   1423d ago
The last 2 E3s for MS have been all about Kinect with a secondary focus on multiplats and then a minor focus spent on an exclusive or two. I was excited for the Kinect core games but sadly they all seem like crap.

Sony wasn't terrible but I wasn't really anticipating much and they didn't wow me. I was hoping for a revamped OS which was disappointing. Having to press 4 buttons just to see an unlocked trophy in game is past lame now - not to mention the wait for everything.

Nintendo's was better simply because it revealed a new console, but that was probably the worst next-gen console reveal in the past 15 years.

I'd rate them:

Nintendo - 3.25/5
PS3 - 2.5/5
360 - 2/5
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MasterCornholio  +   1423d ago
Mr. Crumbum won E3
mananimal  +   1422d ago
the TRUTH is the winners are always the same, Corporate World Wide are the winners, consumers? lol ..I took the Red Pill, a lomg time ago.
Ness-Psi  +   1422d ago
the games won!

but its not about winning I don't buy into that.

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