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Submitted by DeathProof 1690d ago | article

Nintendo Fanboys Are Revolting

I think e3 2011 was the final straw for Nintendo Fanboys. We were told earlier in the year the company had big games planned for the Wii; what we got was Mario Party 9, Fortune Street (which, I am kind of looking forward to) and a few games we already knew were coming.... (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

Warprincess116   1691d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(11)
Shok  +   1690d ago

You're comparing COD to ZELDA!? Are you serious? Lol. Firstly, Zelda doesn't come out every single year. Secondly, Zelda games haven't had the same graphics as the previous 4 games. Thirdly, the gameplay in Skyward Sword is totally new thanks to WiiMotion Plus.

Comparing CoD to a Nintendo xD
Xof  +   1690d ago
Every year is a bad year for fanboys. Every day is a bad day for fanboys--they're incapable of enjoying their favorite hobbies, how pathetic is that?

And I don't get these sentiments against Nintendo. Nintendo isn't acting any differently now than they did in the GCN era, the N64 era, or SNES era, or the NES era, for that matter. Nintendo... doesn't do change well. At all.
jack_burt0n  +   1690d ago
disgusting; repulsive: a revolting sight.

which is it :)
firemassacre  +   1690d ago
zelda rules
Prototype  +   1690d ago
I miss Nintendo back when it was Super Nintendo and N64; I haven't followed Nintendo much after because outside the Resident Evil series and the Sonic Collection there hasn't been much that I liked (I say again I LIKE) since. I know people will argue Zelda Twilight Princess but I couldn't really get in the game much, I've seen people play and I did try it but I just couldn't get into it.
ChickeyCantor  +   1690d ago
You are just coating your vision with lots of sugar.
Don't fool yourself, Nintendo hasn't changed a bit.
consolez_FTW  +   1690d ago
"GraphicalIf you are a grown man who gets excited when a new kirby or mario game comes out. You're not a hardcore gamer."-Warprincess
Really!? because I'm a grown man who grew up with those titles and I consider myself hardcore.
You sound like a 12 year brat who starting gaming on 360. Try harder to troll next time.
Coming from a person with a dude named Hope who looks identical to a girl as their avatar.
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pepsilover_2007  +   1690d ago
how can you campare cod to nintendo, nintendo games may have the same names, but rarely do they have the same experence, cod is just a milk overrated game that will be outdate a year later and nintendo games will be good years from now.
But to be on subject im glad nintendo fans are revolting, it justs show the dedication, which alot of people say wii owners dont have
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Ness-Psi  +   1690d ago

anyway Nintendo have always been slow on releasing titles world wide.
But i think they will release last story and others in the west but it will probably be at the same time as the Wii U coming out.
comradestalin  +   1690d ago
-The people are revolting!
"You said it! They stink on ice!"
plmkoh  +   1690d ago
Not much of a "revolt" when there are proabably 10 or so "Nintendo Fanboys" left.
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1690d ago
Considering the massive amounts of preorders Xenoblade has got through Amazon, I'd say there are quite a few Nintendo fans left. But please, continue to believe in your own delusions.
fatstarr  +   1690d ago
well dont forget to count me i might be one of the few on n4g but we are still here.

we are busy changing the way company's localize games, what have you been doin?
pcz  +   1690d ago
i told you so
but nobody listened. instead they called me a hater and swore there would be big games at e3 for wii.

i had the last laugh anyway.

miyamoto declared wii dead.

i knew i was right

told you so

wii dead 2011

lol july 2011.. still no games on the shelves. why? because wii is dead. told you.

nintendo said xeno is coming to europe. when nintendo? when?

no last story

no zelda in sight

just bare shelves.

wii dead, you heard it here first
tunaks1  +   1690d ago
"nintendo said xeno is coming to europe. when nintendo? when? "

September Second.

"no zelda in sight"
SS is coming out "holiday", so technically it is in sight.

but yes the wii sinking.
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8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1690d ago
@pcz: I'd say that with nearly 80 million Wiis sold and the sales spike it's gotten from the recent price cut, Nintendo is having the last laugh.
pcz  +   1689d ago
im not talking about sales, im talking about lack of new games being created.

name me a decent game that came out for wii in 2011? i dare you! you cant! there have been none so far!

wiis dead, thats why. doesn't matter if it sold a trillion last week, it still has no new software, so it is merely a zombie.

tunaks- thanks for the release date for xeno, will be getting that.

zelda coming out in the holiday is a bit vague. i guess that means xmas. so that means basically on the eve of 2012. thats atrocious!

there is no arguemnt anyway, miyamoto himself declaired the wii dead, so if you disagree with me you are just trolling.

wiis dead, just reminding you.

again, show me the new and good wii games that came out this year. thought so, there are none.

wii died.
fatstarr  +   1690d ago
a dead system out selling all the current offerings is funny.

its been almost 7 years man its next gen time, ill play the last story and zelda on the wii u. so in a sense the wii is dead like the gba when the ds came out but its not stoppin anything.
Louis_Guzman  +   1689d ago
Yeah man, it's funny how Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank. An underpowered, nearly dead system manhandled the HD twins. True the price cut may only be a temporary spike, but Nintendo has already won this gen and made their fortunes. Bring on the WiiU!
mike1up  +   1690d ago
Why is everyone whining like little babies?
Why is everyone acting like this is some "new" Nintendo trend?

Nintendo has been giving the US the short end of the stick for decades now. And news flash genius, SONY DOES THE EXACT SAME THING (generation after generation). Sony and Nintendo are JAPANESE companies. It sux, but if you're that fed up then buy an Xbox.

Do you know what's gonna end up happening?
Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower will be released for the Wii U and theyll be absolutely awesome (i.e. Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels on Super Mario All Stars).
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tunaks1  +   1690d ago
Why should we have to wait for these already developed games, already dubbed (Xeno) till WiiU?

Why should I have to purchase a new console to play games that should have been available in all regions to begin with?

Not only was WiiU's reveal underwhelming, but they did not acknowledge said games, instead we get 2 party games, as if the wii did not have enough of them. I enjoy Nintendo developed games, but enough is enough. They need to do something about the drought, WiiU is still too far off to care about, and there is nothing in sight for wii(NA) except for SS and Kirby.
#12.1 (Edited 1690d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mike1up  +   1690d ago
You're right man, it really sux. I am pretty sure Xenoblade will make it, however, The Last Story seems doubtful. It breaks my heart too, thats the one i really wanted.

I am not trying to be a jerk, but this kinda thing happens every year (it really does). Not just with Nintendo either (i.e. Sony, Sega etc.). In this case, however, thank Nintendo of America. Xenoblade has been comfirmed for Europe.

Just one more thing, 2 party games for the Wii U? Nintendo showed us everything from Tekken to Batman. They even gave us a little peep of HD Zelda. Be reasonable man.
tunaks1  +   1690d ago
I know a lot of companies do it, but hopefully all this commotion does something.

About the party game comment, I meant that Nintendo showed off Fortune Street and Mario Party 9 for wii instead of TLS, Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower, hell Kirby wii didn't get any press conference time.
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Gen0ne  +   1690d ago
Wow...*reads posts* What a strange species we are. It's all quite fascinating really.
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1690d ago
There are some straight up xenophobes and scumbags on this site for sure. Nice to see that Warprincess is upholding the fine tradition of bring the stupid to every thread he/she/it infests.
fatstarr  +   1690d ago
takes nintendo fans to get the ball rolling on localizing jpn games.

#opp rainfall
Last story is all i desire

amazon might support it too
nintendo gonna have some explain to do come q4

i mean cash cow right there in their faces
ChickeyCantor  +   1690d ago
People talk as they are making a political statement.
Drama drama drama drama drama.
shawnjtackett  +   1690d ago
To Those Who Say The Wii Has No Good Games
June 29th, 2011 by Ed

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Not a lot of Wii U news today but luckily I have this to share with you guys. I know not everyone is please with how the Wii turned out and I know it doesn’t get as much third-party support as the other consoles may, but please put those feelings on pause, and take a moment to appreciate this list. All games listed on here are the best experiences the Wii has to offer, so if your Wii’s been gathering dust in the loft since you replace it with a PS3, or you just want a few more games to tired you over until the Wii U releases, just take a look below…

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WbEIr To Those Who Say The Wii Has No Good Games can't handle the truth? why does the video game media hate nintendo so much? sigh! WHEN then wii u takes over, the same crap will still be going on! what revolt? x-box 360, and ps3 fans PRETENDING TO BE NINTENDO FANS? I have a wii,
I HAVE OVER 100 TITLES, including all these, and I am
looking foward to the 2011 line up as well... the video game media or the fox news of video games needs to grow up!! go to to see the list.
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gumgum99  +   1690d ago
They need a Red Bull. :P

and I'm actually quite fine with Nintendo, thank you very much (just a little more Starfox and F-Zero, ok?).
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Achtung  +   1690d ago
I think ps3 fanboys are scared...

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