I Am Alive: Still Alive

After years of delays and internal hiccups, a rating on the Australian Classification website offers hope that the ubisoft first person survival game is still on track to be released.

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skynidas2519d ago

I still don't understand why people was so excited for this game, the trailer was cool but it was CG and we don't know any other details regarding the game.

omi25p2519d ago

im excited because it could be something different.

I_find_it_funny2519d ago

I never was excited about this game, disliked it a great deal since first teaser

that main character, look at his overgrown jaw.. I cant play someone like that, and they way he moves/jumps liek a monkey

MidnytRain2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

It's a survival game. From what I remember, water is a scarce resource and guns are rare. I think water can act as a form of lure or bribe. I think player choice is being implemented in some way.

Quagmire2519d ago

Water could make for some interesting gameplay mechanics, such as a form of currency, or like in the trailer, used for traps and such. I hope its not a shooter, or if it does include guns, make the ammo very scarce.

Kran2519d ago

Its one of those games where you can have hope for something. Its another game you could think: Could the gameplay be something different?! Could it be something fresh?

OhMyGandhi2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I love the idea of this game.

People are excited about this game because it's different. so what if the trailer was CG?
it's the CONCEPT of the game, the mood set by the trailer that makes way for an interesting idea for what could potentially be a nice fresh, original game.

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Bounkass2519d ago

Finally at leas SOMETHING about the game... I've been interested in it for quite some time now. Atleast we got something...

Eddy2232519d ago

i really hope theres an option to make it Third person, im so tired of first person games =[

MidnytRain2519d ago

I think Mirror's Edge in the third person would have been horrible. Some games belong in the first person.

Camb316912519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I remember hearing about this game so long ago. The lack off details made it interesting.The mystery. I'm interested in this game. Looks cool.

maniacmayhem2519d ago

They should play the Pearl Jam song durin the opening credits.