Pikmin 3 (Most Likely) Headed to the Wii U

GameBlurb, "When the big man at Nintendo "prefers" that something happen, odds are that that something will more than likely happen..."

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dedicatedtogamers2490d ago

So what happens to all of the gamers who have been waiting for Pikmin Wii for...oh, I don't know...the past 4 years?

It would be like Gran Turismo 5 skipping the PS3 and launching with the PS Vita.

RahatR2490d ago

I never played pikman but heard a lot of good things about it. Can anyone vouch for that?

Lylat_642490d ago

Definitely worth picking up (really cheap now) I loved the first one on the GC, never played 2 but from what I've read and seem is meant to be even better.

Ness-Psi2490d ago

same here played 1 but not 2. brilliant game really charming and quiet taxing in later levels.

junk3d2490d ago

Sigh that's gonna be a long wait from now..

Shok2490d ago

Didn't Miyaymoto confirm during the week of E3 that Pikmin 3 is 100% confirmed going to the Wii U?

Gordo7892490d ago

yeah, i heard that was the case.

ScubaSteve12490d ago

still waiting for pikmin 2 on wii

Lylat_642490d ago

You know its been out for like 2 years?

ScubaSteve12490d ago

im from usa, usa dont have it we have pikmin 1 thats it

Lylat_642489d ago

Ahhhhhh right, sorry about that, thought it came out world wide at the same time.

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