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Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox 360 is a Step in the Right Direction

Gameplay Today: "First of all, Konami's idealogy is too confusing for any single being to comprehend. Silent Hill is also getting an HD collection, but only on the PS3; odd, given Silent Hill 2 & 4 appeared on the original Xbox. This goes for other companies like Ubisoft releasing the Prince of Persia HD trilogy exclusively on the PS3. On the contrary, Zone of the Enders has never been on a Microsoft platform. Even weirder is that Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker was a notable Playstation Portable exclusive. Though the original Metal Gear Solid is missing from the HD Collection it's rumored it will be getting it's own treatment; leaving Guns of the Patriots the only MGS title missing from the 360's lineup." (God of War Collection, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, PS3, Silent Hill HD Collection, Splinter Cell Trilogy, Xbox 360, Zone of the Enders HD Collection)

vgn24  +   1564d ago
It's sad to see classics go multiplatform, but for the better if we're being honest with ourselves.
VG_Releaser  +   1564d ago
I can't name a lot of good multiplatform games that I didn't think would be better if they were done on a single platform. MGS4 was stellar because it was focused on the PS3. Same for the Halo titles.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1564d ago
If you truly want to play MGS, just buy the system it's on instead of crying for everything to be on your system. No one is whining and crying for Gears or Halo or Forza to jump ship off the 360.

The day that all major console games are multiplatform is the day that consoles stop being consoles and start being crappy PCs.
darthv72  +   1564d ago
you say that as if you are sure of yourself.
Point is there are plenty of people that would like to play gears or halo or forza and only have a ps3. Same goes for 360 owners that would like killzone, uncharted or GT.

Multiplatform in the idea is not a bad thing. What is bad about it is the lack of individual polish that should be applied to each platform its on.

The snes and genesis days had very distinct and noticeable differences in their hardware. That didnt stop devs from bringing their best efforts to each platform when it came to a game being released on both. We could look at mortal kombat or street fighter as examples but those are very high profile games and are the obvious ones to look at.

There were plenty of not so obvious games that got the right treatment for the platforms they released on. The hard thing to accept is the similarities the 360/ps3 have. Both are strong in areas the other is weaker at. The games are not taking advantage of those areas and are being left in a middle ground. THAT is what is bad with multiplatform gaming today.

And like your last part..I wouldnt say they would be crappy pc's but more like everyday dvd/blu players. The brands are different but they all play the same movie. People base their choice on buying from different perspectives. Personal preference and experience with the brand as well as price.

Maybe gaming will turn into that sort of thing but for now....
Minato-Namikaze  +   1564d ago
@Darth I have yet to see a 360 exclusive look as good as uncharted killzone or God of War. So when a game is not exclusive I don't feel the PS3 is being fully utilized. I always buy exclusives over multi.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1564d ago
what if I said the same thing about PS getting MGS instead of it staying exclusive to MSX or SNES?
Hicken  +   1564d ago
Then I would have to ask you why they wouldn't want to move to a console that could bring out the best in their game. I hate to sound fanboyish, but MGS4 on the 360 would have been a 4-disc fiasco.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1563d ago

It seems as though MGS4 may have fared better with multiple disks considering having to watch snake smoke...was like 4 times!
bebojet  +   1564d ago
There is no 3rd party exclusives anymore and with a franchise like MGS profits will be greater. I only hope that the quality of the game won't suffer just to keep it on par with other systems.
vgchica   1564d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
CrimsonSaber  +   1564d ago
metal gear solid maybe but not metal gear..
see initialy metal gear was a multiplatform title.. hell it even was a dual relationship between microsoft and sony.
metal gear solid 2 i think was on xbox and this will be on xbox again. idc tho..ill never pick it up. never played more that 5 mins of the first one
firelogic  +   1564d ago
lol, God of War being published by Sony isn't really the major roadblock. GoW is DEVELOPED by Sony Santa Monica.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1564d ago
I know right GOW will never be on 360. I mean seriously if you want to play GOW get a ps2, psp, or a ps3. Like the previous post you dont see ps3 owners begging for 360 exclusives.
dorron  +   1564d ago
My only concern is if they drop quality...
charlescox4  +   1564d ago
That's a logical concern, but I doubt the quality of a PSone remake can drop.
Godmars290  +   1564d ago
Then what about the fact that Rising seems to have stalled? That the project largely happened because of pressure from MS and that by and large the MGS4 engine has just been sitting around.

Call it what you want, but a lot of the issues of this console generation happened because it was rushed into and one console maker tried to apply undue influence on the market.

Regardless of weather or not its actually delayed, it should at least be fairly obvious at the very least that Rising was shown off too early.
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vgn24  +   1564d ago
I don't believe 3rd hand information about who is stalling what. It's always a finger pointing game by fans more often than any legit source.
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Bnet343  +   1564d ago
That has nothing to do with the consoles, it's the developers. I can name alot of multiplatform games that have higher quality than exclusives. It's just one of those things fanboys love to complain about. Seriously, shut up and play your games why is that hard?
Godmars290  +   1564d ago
"shut up and play your games why is that hard?"
Because the games in question either aren't particularly good, or more importantly something I'm personally not interested in.

I'm not that much of a shooter fan, and yet I've had to deal with the rise in popularity of shooters this gen. More and more casual, shallow gameplay.
coryok  +   1564d ago
lots of remastered games staying as playstation exclusives are likely because publishers dont want to spend money porting to xbox. porting to ps3 is probably a lot easier for them

if you want to read more...most multiplatform games (probably all) have a sort of middleware that they code for so they dont have to code two separate games for opengl(ps3)/directx(x360). most ps2 exclusives were probably just coded without this type of middleware so porting from one of sonys devices to another sony device takes a lot less time than porting from opengl to directx.

porting games that fall into these categories take a lot more time and money to port over to x360 so a lot of the time they just dont. it makes a lot of sense. because of how much time is invested in porting from open gl to directx the sales have to be pretty high to make a profit while if youre porting from opengl to a newer version of opengl the cost is probably pretty low so they dont have to sell very many copies to get a profit. and becasue opengl is so open, lots of people learn with opengl, some copanies can probably go to a local college or highschool and pay a student $15-25/h to port for them. its not a crazy amoutn of work porting from opengl to opengl, but from opengl -> directx the workload increases quite a bit and they need more than just a few kids to port their games.
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KonigNxt  +   1564d ago
We all know Kojima's loyalty has been and is strictly to Sony/PS. The money-hungry advisors around him keeps filling his head with nonsense that going multi-plat is "better for business". LAME!
bebojet  +   1564d ago
These days is all about profit, everything else is second.
lochdoun  +   1563d ago
Actually, it seems as if Kojima fancys the Xbox 360 nowadays.
This is obvious when he appeared on their E3 stage twice.
And more recently, used the Xbox 360 to showcase his brand new engine.
KonigNxt  +   1563d ago
Like I said, I think he's being influenced against his will. From a developer's standpoint, there is no reason for him to "cater to" others. Kojima has his honor, pride, AND the ability to convert 360 fans to him; not the other way around.

I agree with some of the comments above that said that if you want to play MGS, get a PS3. That, in itself, will be an accomplishment for Kojima too. But apparently, he's taking the safer route.

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