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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review | CheatCC

CheatCC says - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is here, and long-time Street Fighter fans are rejoicing. New balance changes, four new characters, and a bunch of new online options promise to make AE the best version of Street Fighter we have available to us. Recently, I picked up my copy, and after playing both Vanilla Street Fighter IV and Chocolate Street Fighter IV (I.E. Super Street Fighter IV), and considering them both among the best fighting game experiences I have ever had, I fully expected to feel the same about AE. (PS3, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Xbox 360) 4.3/5

jaymart  +   1423d ago
I'm gonna wait for Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition: Featuring Leon
Graphics  +   1423d ago
And Ill wait for when you grow up and stop trolling, which is never going to happen like your comment.
I_find_it_funny  +   1423d ago
so does disc version bring new set of tropies or update SS4 ?
Graphics  +   1423d ago
the disc version is basically ssf4, it will show in your trophies list as ssf4 and just add the new AE trophies.
Baka-akaB  +   1423d ago
that joke was tired already back in the days of the snes . Get creative son
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