Microsoft “unapologetic” about going after casual audience – Xbox VP

Microsoft are “unapologetic about the fact we want to appeal” to casual gamers – because Kinect ”put a huge shot of adrenaline” into their quest to make Xbox 360 No. 1 worldwide.

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Wizziokid2518d ago

well I wonder how much of this the 'core' 360 fanbase will take before understanding their console is turning into the next wii.

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gamingdroid2518d ago

The most sold games on the Xbox 360 are still core games, and there are plenty of core games to play, so I don't think the 'core' 360 user base really has issues.

It seems the vast majority are people that have no interest in the 360 that screams the loudest, but why? They already have an option they are happy with!

karl2518d ago

thats for sure.. but what reason is there to own a 360 when all your hardcore games are in other platforms.. plus exclusives, that xbox just doesnt have anymore...

the smarter choice its obvious... but people just keeps buying xbox.. why?

lowcarb2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

That is not the smarter choice especially if the others game offerings and services don't appeal to you. I'm extremely satisfied with what MS has brought this gen for it's traditional core market and will continue to play exclusive and multiple platform games only on 360. Kinect is actually pretty cool with games coming I really want to hear more about. Hate all you want but the obvious choice for me is not to listen to the person screaming exclusive numbers. Those numbers are so irrelevant when only 3 out of 20 games are actually memorable and truly any good. Gears 3, Forza 4 and a slew of Multi Platform games re good enough for me this year.

coryok2518d ago

i dont think its people that have no interest in the 360 scream loudest, i think its people that had an interest in what microsoft was offering and then microsoft stopped offering that stuff and now their interest isnt as big and theyre screaming

btw, not related to what you said:
microsoft has no chance for worldwide this year, were already half way through the year and they havnt been the weekly top seller once. since the wii pricecut theyve been in last every time lol. doesnt look like theyre going to be hitting their goal this year

their sales may have been given a good boost by kinect at release, but those sales have considerably slower since: in the last 5 months theyve only sold ~1 million kinects, pretty disappointing considering in the 5 months prior they sold ~9 million. such a big drop off is a bad sign.

maybe they should try and support core gamers at the same time as they chase the casual crowd.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

360 is the core game pusher, it sells more core games than the PS3 and PC combined. The casual market is pure $ and the sales of Kinect show that. All that together is the reason why the 360 is outselling the PS3 and Wii worldwide.

jimbone792517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

@ coryok
See that’s where your wrong. The ONLY people I EVER see complain about the 360's games are known PS3 fanboys that don't even own the system. They act like MS has just quit making any games at all, and stopped 3rd parties from doing so as well. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. To be honest your comment is so full of wrong and misinformation I feel I'm wasting my time even typing this. People like you made up their minds about MS long before Kinect, and only use it as a way to bash them because of what you’ve read on N4G. I’ve read through some of your comment history and while you are no troll, you only give Sony any credit, and heavily criticize MS and NIN. That’s your opinion and you have every right to it. I don’t fault anyone for that, but you are wrong about only 360 owners complaining about MS's line up, and about the last 5 months Sony beating MS in WW sales. That’s just not true, but I am willing to be proved wrong, show me the proof your right and I will gladly retract my statement and apologize.
BTW check out the Jan.- Mar. sales on this chart. This is WW too, by the way.

darthv722517d ago

people seem to think that it is ONLY MS that releases core titles on the 360. By all means they ignore the multitude of other companies who release games for the platform that are geared to hardcore and casuals alike.

MS didnt make this platform to satisfy the core gamer. They made this platform to satisfy gamers in general. They dont have 1st or 2nd party support like sony or nintendo. That is not an excuse its a fact. They rely on 3rd party support more than anything else.

So the 'core' games MS has are few and they were always few even when the platform launched. I guess people just dont get it. They havent changed focus on anything because their focus has always been the same. They are out to sell systems and provide an entertainment platform that the general populace will enjoy.

If you are a self proclaimed 'core' gamer and feel betrayed then you have other issues that should be addressed.

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WhiteLightning2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

This is the reason why more people on here are talking about/defending the PS3 and making this site seem like a pro Sony site. When Microsoft was on top in the past this site came off as a 360 fanboy site, it just depends on who's doing better things for gamers.

It's not about being a fanboy like most people say...

"Oh your such a PS3 fanboy"....blah blah blah etc

It's because Sony are giving us what we want...more games and more exclusives, how can you NOT praise and talk about that kind of stuff. It bugs me that people can be so blind and not see Microsoft don't give a crap about us anymore, they are liars "Kinect IS for the core gamers", "Core gamers LOVE Kinect".

Hell I'm still going to play Gears 3, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 4 when they come out but you got to admit that Microsoft don't care about core gamers anymore but Sony do.

Brosy2518d ago

WhiteLightning you cant resist trolling 360 articles can you. You worship sony, we get it already.360 is doing just fine, what are you pissed that sonys Move isn't "moving" any hardware?

WhiteLightning2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

What the hell are you on

You don't even know me, I havent said anything along the lines of "Oh the 360 sucks" "Microsoft are crap" etc...I even said I'm going to buy Gears 3 and Halo when they come out, so I do have an Xbox 360. I honestly don't care much for Move so you whole comment is full of fail. It's all about fact and what's true, just because someone states these things dosen't mean there a fanboy.

I get it your a butthurt troll who hates the PS3...which would then make YOU the fanboy. I mean for godsake yout the guy who thinks Blu ray is a waste of time and wasn't even needed this gen. Face it your a Sony hater and a annoying troll.

Isn't it funny how I have five bubbles while you have two....can't imagine why :)

Convas2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I get what you are saying White. I've said it all before. How can you not like Sony for what they are doing with their Core line-up? Hell, it's the reason I got a PS3.


Sony fanboys on this site use Sony's strong momentum as a bully pulpit to "preach" that unless it is a PS3 exclusive, it is no good. That ALL PS3 exclusives are perfect, because they are from Sony.

Surely you've seen what happens when some PS3 exclusives get less than perfect 10 marks. Tin foil hats, pitchforks, and torches ALL come out of the wood works because as one fellow said "PS3 exclusives for some reviewing sites are like an straight A student getting Cs for no good reason from his teacher".

People actually believe on this site that Sony and their exclusives can do no wrong. They are worshipped, adorned, and placed on gigantic pedestals.

And then, what little exclusives MS does have are RELENTLESSLY compared and lambasted against the "Sony Graphic Standard". Look at Gears of War 3. Looks great. Looks Awesome!

Not according to some folks. "It's the UE3 engine, game looks dated" or "Sorry guys, Gears 3 looks like Gears 2 with some new textures"

So whilst I get what you are saying, this love for Sony and it's successes has gotten out of hand. Completely.

candystop2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Because what you speak is not the truth that's why! MS is delivering 2 AAA exclusive titles this holiday that are more anticipated than anything Sony has to offer. Yet here we are still talking about Sony exclusives that have pretty much not lived up to anything other then a we have more games arguments. This site was never pro 360 (get your facts right)which confirms you don't know what the heck your talking about.

"It's because Sony are giving us what we want...more games and more exclusives, how can you NOT praise and talk about that kind of stuff."
Shut up with that crap already! Sony isn't giving you anything more than MS this holiday blind fool!

"Microsoft don't give a crap about us anymore, they are liars "Kinect IS for the core gamers", "Core gamers LOVE Kinect"

Oh like SOny cares about you soooo much! At least MS is trying to support Kinect (you know the device millions purchased to Motion only games and not a optional controller to games I already own thats not as good as the original controller) unlike Sony with Move. 4million people purchased Move according to Sony 2 months ago in GameInformer and now at E3 when the console has been dead last worldwide they all of a sudden sale 8 million by E3. Yeah MS are liars sure! Why don't you go play your wanna be GEOW3 UC3 beta and leave us grown people alone. Nobody needs to know anything about your silly Dumb AZZ! Go play all your exclusives that suck now lmao!

Edit whyowhy: LOL...No argument but I'm sure you know my comment was created strictly to tick off whitelightning. Every once in awhile I like to pop up and trash talk but personally have nothing against SOny. I actually have more against MS but just love supporting the underdog in any genre!

Edit: LMAo...We are all hypocrites! Thank God were not running for President.

Why o why2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Clizz, ill always listen to what you have to say but i think youve gone waaaay too far on this sony fanboys are the cause of everything nonsense. Some of these fanboys you speak of are indeed fanboys, some of them are just fans who retaliate and remember when this site was full of bladestars and the likes. Why should they be so gracious and turn the other cheek all the time. Whats wrong with lauding exclusives. Why has it become such a dirty word. Ill tell you why.....people have changed their tunes and would prefer to talk about sales over games because some dont have the amount they used to use as ammunition. There are many dudd ps3 exclusives. Nobody can deny that but look at how many downplay the great ones....look how many flock to the low scoring review scores whilst staying well away from the high scoring ones. My point is it goes both ways. Singling out one side because of their love for exclusives and desire for more of them is a bit shallow imho. Fact. Exclusives on both hd consoles push harder than multiplatform games if you scaled them up. Fact, these games tend to be better than many of their multiplatform counterparts. Whats wrong with praising those. Surely its better and more relevant to us pad holders than lauding revenues and sales...leave those to the calculator holders.

When gears and bioshock were released the 360 crowd were boasting about exclusives and the graphical prowess of the 360 and rightly so. It may of annoyed ps fans but at least the chest beating was gaming related. Many ps3 guys were hating. Gears for me was the game that said next gen has arrived and some were hating on bioshock until it went multi....yeah i saw it. Fast forward to the present and we're now in july and no exclusive retail game has been released for the 360. Some will continue to hate on some of the ps3s enjoyable yet llower scoring games like yakuza 4 and white knight chronicles but at least they have a choice if you know what i mean. I dont expect manificent games all the time but you seem to address those that you think do expect nothing but the best....not possible or fair for ps fans or you repectively.

I cant believe the only games im turning my 360 on for are get to the chopper, upcoming gears and a couple over xbl games. I was crap a reach and im not a cod fan from last year so it really has been all about the sky player for this year.

I dont represent anybody but myself here but im sure there are many 360 owners that would love a few more good to great games......what wrong with wanting more games of a wider variety which more often than not are exclusives. You could also have to look at the origins of terms from tripple a to metascore and who made them so widely used. Two wrongs dont make a right but at least show you acknowledge theres more to blame than just sony fanboys. Ive run out of bubs and sorry for the essay

@ candy.. I see you feel provoked. You are now telling us about how kinect is getting supported. Ms's support for kinect should never be downplayed by anybody. What many peoples gripe is that they could of thrown their core a little bit of support. Coincidence

You too used to laud exclusives and graphics... But your early comments seem as angry as mine did back then so i smile because i signed up to vent anger on 360 fanboys like you did on ps3 fanboys.. Lmao. Those days were kinda fun but its 2011 now....we have to chill a little and try our best not to get sucked in plus im doing my best not to call you a hypocrite;)

Jocosta2517d ago

Nope, pretty sure its not my imagination, PS3 fanboys have run this site forever.

Aarix2517d ago

Please I've been dealing with psfanboys since 2005

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malamdra2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Xbox has been number three worldwide for the last 4 years

Kinect shovelware is not going to change that

Dlacy13g2518d ago

one bubble comment moving on.

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Anon19742517d ago

I don't think Microsoft has anything to apologize for. They really hit it out of the park with Kinect, despite what the naysayers, myself included, had to say about the device. They probably just added years to the 360's lifespan now that Kinect has taken off - and I've always maintained that the 360 is 10 times the games system the Wii is. It never made sense to my why the 360 wasn't selling as well as the Wii, considering how similar they were in price.

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firemassacre2518d ago

then microsoft should legally change there console name to wii360

Inside_out2518d ago

...with Wii, Wii U and WiiPS3 Move hd, all the names are taken.

The best part of this interview is when he says...

Microsoft are “on a journey for growth” in 2011 to take Xbox 360 to No. 1 status worldwide within a year "...

" No 1 status " like 360, own all the systems and game mostly on 360 BUT do these guys really believe they are going to top the Nintendo Wii in a't the Wii at 90 million by now and 360 at 55 million...o_O

KMCROC2517d ago

buying Nintendo would be easier.

theonlylolking2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

They are going after the wrong audience. Hardcore audience buys the games far more often than casuals. The casuals might buy the console but they wont support the console nearly as much. Casual gamers are a short time money boost. Hardcore gamers are long term.

Obviously it would outsell most of sony's exclusives when it is all you can buy. 2011 is the only year that the xbox 360 has a lot of good games other than exclusives.

Pretty much every PS3 exlcusive sells over 2 million. M$ only has 4 exclusives that will ALWAYS sell over 2 million. The others do not even come close to a million.

So really sony makes more money on games than M$ does. M$ gets most of its money from XBL gold memberships not exclusives.

zinkabass2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

It is not like they make any games themselves ,.. so why would they care,..(yes they get some money from Royalties,..)

And their gamers are very loyal, since they invested and have to invest so heavily into machine (proprietary HDDs, Xbox Live)Ms basically has them by the balls,..
It would make more sense to me to get another wii, than to get 360 again,.. but that is just me,..

Consumers are mostly retarded. People should wake the fuck up, especially core gamers and smell the roses,.. It really takes some gamers far to long to realize, that MS has less developers, than they had when 360 launched,.. and even they are making eye-toy stuff,..

It is a complete joke of a system in terms of differentiation as a product, with core games that can be played only on that system,..(Yes exclusives,.. That is why Wii shits on 360,..and PS3 shits on everyone,.. I am just playing Fatal Frame4 on the wii bdw,.. It is awesome)

Jocosta2517d ago

So play with your console(s) of choice, no one is stopping you. Are you really bothered that much by what opter people like?

SixZeroFour2518d ago

just bringing this out there but EVERY hardcore gamer started off as a casual gamer and then turned into a hardcore gamer when they found the genre(s) that they loved to play

its a business strategy and nintendo made the best move. whether you hate or love the wii, it was a smart business grow your user base by bringing in more casual gamers, make them fans of your brand, then when/if they become hardcore gamers, you most likely have them as a permanent buyer

wii - bring in millions upon millions of new casual gamers

wii u - turn those casual gamers into hardcore gamers

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KingSlayer2518d ago

I'm completely unapologetic for thinking Kinect is a joke. They built their install base on the backs and loyalty of the core gamers and this is their repayment.