GameSpot reviews Stranglehold for PS3

GameSpot reviews the PlayStation 3 version of Stranglehold. GameSpot says that, for as long as it lasts, Stranglehold delivers a satisfying, if somewhat derivative action game experience.

The Good
* Guns, guns, guns!
* Environments blow apart beautifully
* Tequila's got a good number of effective moves and abilities
* Solid voice acting
* PS3 special edition includes Hard Boiled.

The Bad
* Gameplay does fall into repetition after a while
* Some of the dynamic portions of the environment are more trouble than they're worth
* Short single-player mode
* Multiplayer is weak.

Overall score: 7/10.

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Relientk773765d ago

Gamespot gave the same score 7/10

to Stranglehold (360) and (PS3) ...


Wow I dont believe it .. and I dont even know what to say

DrPirate3765d ago

Hold on a minute....EA games run at 60fps on the 360, while they run at 30fps on the PS3, and get full scores higher...

Then this game, comes with a movie added to it... Faster frames and free online, and it gets the same score?

I don't want to be the purveyor of this whole Gamespot conspiracy theory, but I think even X-Box fans have to ask what the hell's up with that?

jackdoe3765d ago

Why do you care? Stranglehold is a crap game on both consoles. No point in arguing over the point system. If you feel Gamespot is being biased, don't visit their site. Plain as can be.

SofaKingReetodded3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

that the PS3 version runs smooth while the 360 one is a framerate dropfest.

aaah I smell the xbot attack coming on, slowdown fanboys I OWN BOTH versions.

vilmer3765d ago

Yet they score the same, that makes sense! Microspot confirmed?

Wii60PS3DSPSP3765d ago

Why the heck would you buy 2 versions of this game?

xplosneer3765d ago

The game with the movie doesn't even get .1 more? nice.

EZCheez3765d ago

This game came out too little, too late. I can't justify buying a game like this when COD4 comes out next week, Assassin's Creed the week after, and then Uncharted in the next week. Far too busy for this game.

BloodySinner3765d ago

Most Midway titles make great rentals but not purchases. I find that really funny.

xplosneer3765d ago

Seems that way don't it?

jackdoe3765d ago

I agree. And all those games are ten times better than Stranglehold, Midway's "AAA" title lol.

PS360WII3765d ago

It's pretty good. You get what you expect and the collecters has the movie in it. I don't usually go for the more expensive one but 10 more dollars for a game and a movie oh yeah.

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The story is too old to be commented.