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Forza 4 vs. GT5 vs. Forza 3: HD Video Comparison

A new video compares the graphical differences between Forza 4, Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3. (Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

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TrevorPhillips  +   1561d ago
Why would you compare Forza 3 and 4. Just compare Forza 4 and GT5.
Yi-Long  +   1561d ago
They all look good...
... but I don't care if a car has a billion polygons, or 2 billion polygons: I just want lots of new original great-looking FUN tracks to race on!
darthv72  +   1561d ago
there has to always be a comparative it seems....
the improvements from 3 to 4 are what really matters. Throwing in gt5 as a comparative is for hits.
I_find_it_funny  +   1561d ago
GT5 looks better but Forza is more fun
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1561d ago
Forza looks better and is more fun, GT5 just had slightly more realistic physics than Forza 3,
Both GT5 & Forza 3 were semi-simulators and are arcade compared to PC Driving Simulators in terms of physics.
stevenhiggster  +   1561d ago
Oh behave yourself, I'm sick of that bull crap from PC gamers, have you ever even played GT5 or Forza? Because I have, and I've also got Race 07 from sim-bin and all its mods and dlc on the PC and guess what, there is very very little difference if any on the physics side of things, and you want to know the best bit? Both GT5 and Forza absolutely melt any of your PC sims as far as graphics go, so seriously just piss off and stop repeating bullshit that you've seen other PC eletists spouting.
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Bereaver  +   1561d ago
So you're saying the physics of GT5 and forza are the same?

I have a test for anyone who is able to do it.

One steering wheel. Two games, GT5 and Forza.

I bet, if it was possible and if both were able to be calibrated equally.... they would go out of sync in the first sharp turn. Try doing a figure 8.

BTW, not hating on you if it turned out like that. I haven't tried any PC sims to see if the physics are different. But I really can feel GT5 has a slight advantage over forza.
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jaosobno  +   1561d ago
Let's just hope that Turn 10 will not brag with their incredible uber mega turbo bullshots this time (hopefully Greenwalt learned his lesson in humility with forza 3). Forza 4 is all good and fun, and no one can deny that it's a good game, but GT series are in a league of their own.
Narutone66  +   1561d ago
They'll be bragging about their uber realistic tire deformation. Because they helped designed a tire for a company. While PD is sitting grinning after designing a full car with Nissan, Citroen and Red Bull.
Close_Second  +   1561d ago
Umm, no. You should compare F3 and F4. Comparing F4 to GT5 is just a fanboy pissing contest.

I want to see how much the franchise has advanced not how it compares to a game on a completely different format.
fullmetal297  +   1561d ago
Because that would be boring and won't start conflict with each other.
firemassacre  +   1561d ago
i think gt5 looks better, no offense to forza it looks good as well, but gt5 does 1080p and 60fps and has over 1000 cars, and because gt5 has made real racecar drivers. AND they do not widen their tracks, OR have a rewind feature. AND IM NOT DONE YET!!!...gt5 has nascar!...WAIT...IM STILL NOT DONE...it has gokarts. IM STILL NOT DONE...it has a unique feature called b-spec. AND (PHEW) you can create your own tracks.
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PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1561d ago
yeap GT5 still looks better... i would like to have an xbox just for 4za 4 i love both
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turnerdc  +   1561d ago
GT5 doesn't do 1920x1080p (the res everyone refers to when using the 1080p identifier). It only does 1280x1080p.

Only one track is widened.

The rewind is an option, you don't have to use it. The leaderboards are separate for people who use the feature and those who don't.
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zinkabass  +   1561d ago
So what?

It is 1080p,.. it is simply height pixel count,..

I like Forza 3 and I spent like 60 plus hours in it ,.. but GT5's lightning engine alone,.. is 2 generations in front of Forza 4,.. And that is the truth,.. I don't know how they did it on current gen, but Gran Turismo 5, almost looks like cleaner and more sterile version of reality, while Forza looks like a pretty game,..
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Close_Second  +   1561d ago
Including options like rewind indicates that the game is trying to target more the arcade racer.
turnerdc  +   1561d ago
The issue is that people use 1080p to denote a resolution of 1920x1080. Just like 720p is used to denote 1280x720. This is universally identified in televisions, monitors, movies, and digital photography that when the term "1080p" is used then it is referring to a resolution of 1920x1080. The difference in pixel count is also a sizable difference.

1920x1080 = 2073600 pixels.
1280x1080 = 1382400 pixels.

My point was not to prove either is prettier than the other but simply pointing out a mistake in the original posters information. GT5 does not run at 1080p but runs instead at a resolution of 1280x1080.

EDIT: For further reading please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
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Peaceful_Jelly  +   1561d ago
1280x1080 is still much higher than 1280x720 and on top of that GT5 renders replays and everything else in 1920x1080 while in Forza 4 everything's 1280x720.
Daz  +   1561d ago
close second.

SO car/racing game that is for everyone. I dont see a problem?. ANyway if you ever played it your should know there are seperate leaderboards for be who use it and dont.
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Foxgod  +   1561d ago
Lets not count pixels, makes no sense.
Rather have a 1000 pixel diamond then a billion pixel turd anyway.

Not saying that GT5 is a turd, cause its a great game, just saying its BS to give props to a game for having some more pixels.

Instead judge a game for the way it looks.
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Series_IIa  +   1561d ago
You mention all of that firemassacre... But the online on GT5 is a pile of ass.
snake-OO  +   1561d ago
gtfo the online is awesome and IMO better thatn forza 2 and 3 and i have played all 3 games.
Rattlehead20  +   1561d ago

snake-OO  +   1561d ago

yea it is.
If you would be kind enough tell me how is forza 3 online better than gt5.
Rattlehead20  +   1561d ago
More features including auction house, more game modes, simpler to set up races, and races that also run smoothly.

And more importantly, a better community.

Whenever I have played GT5 online, cars have been rubber banding and zig zagging along the track like hell.
Rattlehead20  +   1561d ago
More features including auction house, more game modes, simpler to set up races, and races that also run smoothly.

And more importantly, a better community.

Whenever I have played GT5 online, cars have been rubber banding and zig zagging along the track like hell.

Why the hell did it double post? Well, theres the end of our discussion :(
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units  +   1561d ago
GT5 card board cut out trees are the next step up

@Peaceful_Jelly realtime jaggy shadows
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Narutone66  +   1561d ago
Standing on bumper, flying cars, cars at supersonic speed. Should I go on, troll?
pumal  +   1561d ago
Gt5 looks better IMO
The Meerkat  +   1561d ago
Backgrounds, Shadows and Trees all look way better in GT5. /s
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IRetrouk  +   1561d ago
if you look at the track in the vid they actualy look almost the same, both game series are amazing and each offer something the other dont, i still think the premiums in gt5 look better, but forza 4 is definatly holding its own.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1561d ago
GT5 does have real-time shadows and they can do it because of the superior lighting system while Forza is still using pre-baked ones you know. That's why the cars in Forza always looks so bright in the inside. And Forza has 2D trees too so I don't know what is your point?

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Peaceful_Jelly  +   1561d ago
Forza 4 looks much better than Forza 3 but it still can't beat GT5.
firemassacre  +   1561d ago
and gran turismo 5 surpassed 5.5 million in sales, so the people speak for themselves. and that data was in 10/12/2010.
right now its probably at 8 million

forza does not come near those numbers.
LOGICWINS  +   1561d ago
^^What the heck do GT5/Forza 3 sales have to do with the topic at hand? This is a graphical comparison article.

EDIT: So I'm looking through your comment history and just 2 days ago u said this.

"NUMBERS DONT LIE. then farmville is the greatest game of all time. (. ) ( . ) #2.1.3"
I now understand what kind of person you are.
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firemassacre  +   1561d ago
ok im in gts's favor so sue me
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Hicken  +   1561d ago
That was sarcasm aimed at you, Mr. Logic. Since you stated "numbers don't lie" a million times about CoD, if I remember correctly.

I think his point, here, is that GT5 has sold more copies than Forza 3 did in a fraction of the time. (See here, where F3 is just around the 5 million mark http://gamrreview.vgchartz.... And, frankly, given that this is the same argument you use on a regular basis, I fail to see how you could even have a problem with it.
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1561d ago
CoD surpasses 20 million...its official, CoD > Battlefield + killzone + Resistance in quality
Kurt Russell  +   1561d ago
What about angry birds?
TheKayle  +   1561d ago
look at metascore that users give to forza 3 and gt 5...already forza 3 beat gt5 in scores......sales r jsut numbers...and i can buy a game that after ill go to hate...so ...sales dont mean nothing..
badkolo  +   1561d ago
angry birds rules
aPerson  +   1561d ago
Gran Turismo games take many years to develop, whereas Forza games are developed every 2 years or so. Yet, the Forza games still manage to maintain a high quality standard. It's very impressive.

Forza and Gran Turismo are awesome franchises and I will continue to support them both.
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shikamaroooo  +   1561d ago
Maybe because they re use and tweak the games engine where as it took 2 - 3 years to make gran turismo 5's engine so Yeah
aPerson  +   1561d ago
It doesn't matter how they do it, it's still impressive.
KingPin  +   1561d ago
who the hell cares which game looks better? if xbox owners enjoy forza and ps3 owners enjoy GT5 n multi console owners enjoy both, whats with all the comparing and down-talking.

seriously, comparisons to see which game is better is pointless. its all up to personal preference at the end of the day. some people prefer one over the other, it does not mean that one game is better.
IRetrouk  +   1561d ago
your not allowed to use common sence or be on the fence on here, you will see your bubs popped, lol, but what you say is true and i agree 100% bubs up.
KingPin  +   1561d ago
dammit!! lol now you tell me.

<runs to get fanboy goggles>
Denethor_II  +   1561d ago
Oh yes and lets all just hold hands and, gosh darn it, get along. Maybe sing some songs and have no opinions that differ any which way.

I prefer GT5 to Forza. I could only buy a steering wheel for one, there's no way I would buy two, and the obvious choice was to hold out for GT5. If you like cars you will instantly understand GT5 and the level of minute detail put into the game. If you like unrealistic arcade racing you will enjoy the likes of Forza, Wipeout HD, Shift 2 and what not.
KingPin  +   1561d ago
im not saying dont have any opinions which may differ. but why the hell are you arguing over which game is better.

we all know GT5 focuses on a lot of minute details. but if you are a car enthusiast, you wouldnt be hating on a specific driving game. just coz it isnt to your liking doesnt mean other people wont enjoy it.

You may find actual simulation more fun due to its steeper learning curve, and for that same reason, some people might like forza coz the learning curve isnt so bad.

feel free to PM me if u wish to reply.
zod  +   1561d ago
Forza 4 looks better thanx to Image based ligtining ..Where GT5 has separate lightning technique for cars....Forza 4 environment look more detailed......

IBL used in Hot Pursuit makes image more sharper than normal....
laz1973  +   1561d ago
GT5 all the way.Watch the drivers hands they dont even move to change gears in Forza 4.Even in 3 they do but to a stick shift but not to the paddles on the wheel.What about extra contents.
Daz  +   1561d ago
forza 4 looks great and its not finished. Its a big step up to forza 3 has you can clearley see.
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Minartis  +   1561d ago
I'm really amazed how people can completely write off a game they haven't even played yet.

Forza 4 looks really good, and I'm looking forward to it.

I like GT5, but it just feels unfinished, + it's missing nearly all of my favourite tracks.
Pyscho_Mantis  +   1561d ago
Lol GT5 still looks better than Forza 4....the interiors in Forza 4 still look plasticized look at GT5's cockpit the texture indicates cloth or leather. Alos where the fuck are shifting animations in Forza 4 lol and the track looks way too colourful. Gt5's representation of the track is so so so much more real.
mcstorm  +   1561d ago
There is a massive difference between Forza 3 and Forza 4 turn 10 look like they have managed to improve the game in every way I can wait to get this game I think ill enjoy it even more than Forza 3 and GT5.
Rhythmattic  +   1561d ago
I dont understand the hate towards these games from either side.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages...

To have a 360 or Ps3 (or both) is your advantage over those that dont own either.

Now.. Drive!
TheKayle  +   1561d ago
its easy...f4 > gt5 ...gt6 will try to beat f4 in the next 6 years..and then in 6 month later f5 will beat gt6...PD..r too slow..with their games...
Phinatic8u  +   1561d ago
lol. Well when you have to make a new game engine it takes a little while to make a game.
Firstkn1ghT  +   1561d ago
80% of cars in GT5 are ported from the ps2 with limited everything. Nuff said.

Bring on the real next gen king Forza 4 baby! :)
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MOTY  +   1561d ago
Forza 4 and GT5 both look amazing. However I am going to give it to Forza 4. The shadows in GT5 are extremely jaggy. Interior and exterior shadows has always been an issue in GT5 which is a shame because the lighting engine in GT5 was so great, only to be ruined by flickering shadows and jaggy interior shadows.

Forza 4 is going to give you 400-500 cars that ALL have interior views.
Forza 4 will have ALL 3D environments including trees and vegetation.

All this plus everything that Forza 3 had as well as new features all achieved in the 2 years dev time while GT5 took 5+ years to give you 200 cars with interior views, 2D environments, limited online features and a mess of a menu screen.

Turn 10 have matched and surpassed GT5 in a matter of a year. Great job Turn 10. Looking forward to buying the Limited Edition of Forza 4.

Forza 4 is the best looking racing sim on the market to date.
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Foxgod  +   1561d ago
I am also amazed at the speed turn10 works with.
Their team must be huge!
Troll_Police  +   1561d ago
The people will vote with their wallets and once again prove which is better.
MOTY  +   1561d ago
GT franchise has been around much longer than the Forza franchise thus making a stronger fanbase.

GT5 - 6.3 million (Currently)
Forza 3 - 4.85 million

Difference of = 1.45 million (currently)

That's a pretty small difference considering the established fanbase GT has made over the last 15 years while Forza is only 6 years.

I expect it won't take too much longer for Forza to outsell GT if the trends continue. Sales for GT5 have become stagnant and each game decreases in sales from the last since GT3 while Forza 4 has increased in sales with each game. Forza has already out reviewed GT since Forza 1 on the original XBOX.

Forza 4 looks to increase it's sales over Forza 3 if like stated, the trends continue.

I agree, people will vote with their wallets. Lets see what happens with Forza 4 now that GT5 has already been released and nobody is waiting for it any more.
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Hicken  +   1561d ago
That's a pretty big difference considering GT5 hasn't been out for a full year, and Forza's been out for almost 2.
MOTY  +   1561d ago
@ Hicken

That's why I said "currently".

Also like I stated, GT5's sales has plateaued.

GT is running on it's name and name alone. GT's reviews and sales continue to decline with each iteration while it's established fanbase is decreasing and the PS3 doesn't have 120 million consoles on the market with no competition going up against a GT title. Now there is "choice" and MS have taken a huge part of Sony's once dominant PS2 market.

I don't think Forza 4 is going to outsell GT5, but I do think we will see a Forza title outsell a GT title in the future if current trends continue.
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Aarix   1557d ago | Immature | show
Foxgod  +   1561d ago
The difference between F3 and F4 is pretty amazing.
I like the new lighting in F4, it looks so fresh and natural.

Great details too on the track!

Btw, props to the author of this vid as well, best comparison vid ever :)
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BlmThug  +   1561d ago
I Love Both. GT5 Is My Most Anticipated Title On The PS3 And Forza 4 On The Xbox 360 Plus Competition Is Good. It Means Each Company Tries To Better The Other Company Meaning Great Quality And Games
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1561d ago
My only complaint with Forza 4 is the drivers stupid looking crab grip http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_U... that's not how any human on this planet holds a steering wheel so please fix it T10.

GT5 doesn't look that good any more I mean you can't beat image based lighting with a half-assed real-time lighting system that was made in the last 2 months of GT5's development.

Everything looks consistent and better in Forza 4, but I know for a fact that GT6 will trump Forza 4.
Ron_Danger  +   1561d ago
The question shouldn't be "which game looks better", it should be "why do people take such offense to these articles." fanboys need to realize that if an opposing console's game developer make a new game that looks/ plays better than their own it's actually kind of a good thing... There needs to be healthy compitition between game developers to see who can out do the other otherwise we get games that don't really inovate the genre... CoD for example hasn't had real compitition sales wise so they don't really inovate the multiplayer FPS genre... If T10 and PD stop trying to one up each other we're gonna end up in a racing game rut... If you truly love gaming you should be excited to see what developers are able to create with such "old" hardware...
I'm an admitted Sony fanboy (read some of my really old comments) but I'm really impressed by Turn 10's abilities... Let's hope in the future that GT6 can inovate beyond Forza 4 so the genre can flurish
Phinatic8u  +   1561d ago
I got GT5 and Forva 3. There both great games, people just can't understand good games if there on seperate consoles. It's sad really.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1561d ago
I still wonder why, if FM3 is the "definitive" racer Turn 10 claimed it to be are they releasing FM4 and not just updating FM3?
ZeroX9876  +   1561d ago
nice video. Before I say anything, I'm a Big GT fan. Tried Forza 1 on the original xbox and I personnaly think the game wasn`t that good. Compared to GT3 or GT4, I prefered GT3/4 over forza 1 and 2. The third forza was amazing. The game had a level of customization other racing games never had with a whole lot of cars. GT5 is my favorite racing game for now. The physics are just phenomenal and the graphics are extremely good (trackwise). For the cars, having premium and standard model is annoying. 221 premium for 810 standard. not a good ratio. But still, I prefer GT5 over Forza 3.

Forza 4 will be amazing if they really deliver what they said they would. If you get the customization of forza 3, more cars (no more tons of DLC please) and a better physics engine, then I'm getting this game for my 360 for sure!!

the graphics are amazing and I heard people saying that the game had some FPS drops here and there, but the game isn`t even done developping yet. let them some time to work on it.

GT, well PD Should do what they always do. Release 2 GT games per generation. GT1/2 PS1, GT3/4 PS2, so there should be a GT5/6 on ps3. The physics engine is done, just put more detailed cars, no more standard model, some kind of customization and you got a great rival against forza 4.

Forza isn`t a good reason to switch console, same thing for GT. both games are amazing and well made, so just buy the game for whatever console you have. Or buy multi-console like me :D
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Hicken  +   1561d ago
Here's one thing I'll note, and then I'll be out of bubbles: GT5 pays more attention to some very important things. One of those things is ride quality.

Simply put: when you push a car to its lateral limits on GT5, you can see it in the way the car handles. It seems to hop up and down a little, and goes right along with the complaint from the tires. The track isn't perfectly smooth, so the car bumps and jumps periodically as it travels over imperfections in the surface. Going off track (not seen here, but I've been playing on the Nordschleife for a few hours today) is an adventure, one that isn't just a matter of just sliding off the course and then sliding back on. And then there's the (admittedly late) gear shifting. That sort of attention to detail is why people tend to prefer GT5.

Forza looks gorgeous. GT5 fan that I am, I can't say that F4 doesn't look AS good, if not better. But it's so smooth... too smooth. No bumps in the road, no body rocking when you break the tire's grip threshold, not even anything when the driver goes off into the grass. Yes, I know that F4 isn't out yet so it may change, but it's unlikely that it will: that's part of a physics engine that should already be developed and implemented. Waiting this late in development to add something that important will not work well. It never does. And I'm not the first to mention the lack of a shifting animation.

I'm a fanboy. I'll admit it. But I love racing and I love cars; I've had a subscription to Hot Rod Magazine since elementary, and have since subscribed to Car and Driver, Road and Track, Import Tuner Magazine, and a host of others. I watch NASCAR, Indy, DTM, D1GP, NHRA Drag Racing, everything. I've raced a wrecked a couple of cars, too. I can't say I'm an expert, but I like to think I know a good deal about cars.

People like me tend to prefer the GT series, and it's the little things GT5 has that Forza 4(so far) seems to be missing that sway me. Yes, I'll play Forza and enjoy it, but it's no more a simulator than Ridge Racer, to me.
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fullmetal297  +   1561d ago
In my opinion (underline and highlight the word opinion), I think Forza 4 looks much better than GT5. The lighting system in Forza looks absolutely realistic with the sunbeams hitting the windshield and lighting up the dashboard. The dashboard and steering wheel and dashboard has that natural black and you can see all the details of the creases and bumps of the steering wheel, and once again the lighting system casts dynamic shadows on everything as the driver drives around the course.
Sure GT5 technically does 1080p (1280x1080) and has more content, but that's straying away from the topic of graphics which relates to texture quality, post-processing effects, and aliasing. If you feel like the statements I'm making is wrong then please feel free to reply to this comment.
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