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Submitted by TnS 3020d ago | news

Midway: PS3 Tech Issues Over, 'Ambitious Open-World Game' Coming Soon

Elsewhere in the call following its results, Midway CEO David F. Zucker said the company has learned from the development process of Stranglehold and Unreal Tournament 3, and that the company's multiplatform releases would be more promptly synchronized going forward.

The Midway CEO concluded of the issues: "We do believe that these technical issues are now complete at a core level in our engine. Looking ahead to 2008, we expect the PS3 versions of our titles to ship day and date..." with the Xbox 360 and other SKUs.

Zucker hinted at an "ambitious open-world game" from Midway, to be announced shortly, and said to be one of the highlights of their upcoming slate. However, no other information was given. (PC, PS3, Strangehold, Unreal Tournament III, Xbox 360)

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ATLRoAcH  +   3020d ago
'Ambitious Open-World Game'
SmokeyMcBear  +   3020d ago
multiple discs on dvd-9
Hapimeses  +   3020d ago
I agree -- I'll be watching out for this one in the future.
kevoncox  +   3020d ago
lol at bragging that the ps3 version of the game will now ship day to day with the 360 version... This is n64 vs. psx all over again.
Damn sony develop new tools please.
mesh1  +   3019d ago
OK so now CAN ps3 fans stop talking about ut3 BEING an exclusive +) as its going to be released on the 360 the same day as the ps3 , and also he mentioned the ps3 and the ue3 do not go well im not saying but maybe xbox version will be superior.
vgn24  +   3020d ago
No one else including EA has the resources to figure out the PS3, but the floundering publisher from Chicago (Midway) is the one to smooth it out? Nice PR attempt Midway.
ATLRoAcH  +   3020d ago
You talk a lot of smack.
If Naughty Dog can figure out the Cell then what is everyone else's excuse.That whole PS3 hard to develop for is a little out dated.
Bathyj  +   3020d ago
And Media Molecule are such are huge company.

Frankly, those guys are embarrassing most of the industry, just with their lack of whining and their results speaking for themselves.
WAR_MACHINE77  +   3020d ago
So just because EA has drunken monkeys at the wheel means that no one can figure out the PS3? Naughty dog, Insomniac, Team Ninja, Bethesda, From Software, and Ninja Theory all have a grip on it. If a bunch of much smaller devs can figure it out then what's Ea's excuse with their vast resources?
vgn24  +   3020d ago
Looks at my PS3 that hasn't been played in 7 months
Really? Naughty Dog has a handle on the Cell? Because I haven't seen "Uncharted" in stores. I've seen Lair and Heavenly Sword getting dusty on shelves.

Look, I understand alot of you guys who only have one system. You swear by it. But if you could afford (or like me) got all you stuff free, you'd agree the PS3 is crap. I'm not here to bust your balls. But really, you know for a fact that the PS3 isn't as good. Yet everyday you guys fight so hard for it. Why would you enjoy looking stupid?

There is no argument. It's been a year. It's done. In a year, the PS2 had overtaken the Dreamcast. You can wish all you want that your expensive Sony boat anchor is as good as the PS2, but it never will be.

So stop lying to yourselves, stop looking stupid, and most of all, stop acting like you know more about games. You do not.
The Wood  +   3020d ago
your memory sucks
cause you seem to have selectively forgotten the that the 'great' ea had issues with their early 360 games, strange that mr: 'When MS emails you saying, "No one can know that yet"' get ms out of your arse. If theres nothing on the ps3 just sell it and stop acting like a twat.

life note 4 u : the biggest companies are not always the first or the best at doing or achieving things.
UnasFortuna  +   3019d ago
That's a crock and you know it.
Midway has finally just taken the time to get it right with some help from Sony. Sony has been working hard at helping programmers/developers figure out the correct way to program for the PS3. EA has always put out bad ports... and we all know it is one of two possibilities for this problem. First, just pure laziness. Second, and more likely... EA putting out the better version on the 360 trying to swing buyers to that console. Actually... probably a combination of the two.
IdontTakeSides  +   3020d ago
HMM interesting so what was Isomniac and naughty Dog doing that others couldn't grasp.....if true then that's good news for us PS3 owners..!! since they resolved the issues can we get UT3 in december..??
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Real gamer 4 life  +   3020d ago
You see people. The ps3 different architecture was holding developers back, that the only reasn some multiplatform games was not lloking as good as their 360 counterparts. But now i see company like midway saying that we learned how to develop for the ps3, and it make me happy.
kalistyles  +   3020d ago
At least...
somebody knows whats going on. Thank you Midway.
BloodySinner  +   3020d ago
Don't make me laugh.
SofaKingReetodded  +   3020d ago
awwwww look
the po widdle xbot is mad that now they have nothing to troll the PS3 about.
BloodySinner  +   3020d ago
Actually, I don't browse the PS3 section spreading FUD.
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Heaven_Or_Hell  +   3020d ago
I hope some others compagny will take an example for them, taking the PS3 as the lead plateform...
MK_Red  +   3020d ago
Superb find and news. Hope they finally make a great new IP after Psi Ops.
xionpunk  +   3020d ago
argh.. why is there no psi ops sequel!?
MK_Red  +   3020d ago
Good question with one sad answer: Because not too many gamers were smart enough to buy that gem. When Wii Sports and Wii Play are outsellibng Metroid Prime and BioShock, what chance do games like Psy-Ops have? :(
WAR_MACHINE77  +   3020d ago
Very sad and very true MK
ichimaru  +   3020d ago
i wonder
PimpHandHappy  +   3020d ago
well lets see
if there just blowing smoke

it takes time to learn a new system. Thats why the 360 has done alright with the multi platform games

even thou

i think Oblivan Dirt and Graw looked better on my PS3 then on my buddys 360
Darkiewonder  +   3020d ago
But hurry up with the UT3 ;O
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Meus Renaissance  +   3020d ago
Makes those people who commented on the previous Midway article look dumb now doesn't it. I hope they come back here and admit they were wrong with their "every game will be better on the Xbox" shenanigan's.

Hopefully as time progresses we'll see developers produce bigger and better things on a platform that is screaming out for it. However I'll reserve praise for once we see Midways product.
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KINGDRAMA  +   3020d ago
ive been saying this
studios will begin to share developing techiniques and methods.
.............Sony is REALLY picking up the pace in other areas as well. things will be even better when the more technical games are launched in 08 and those tools are spread around............I GUESS THE PS3 REALLY IS DEAD!!!LOL.
ichimaru  +   3020d ago
@ PimpHandHappy
my bad i was referring to pimphand

i say they look same for dirt. that and 6 extra months for graw and an extra year to give oblivion that "shine". but i see whre yur commin from.
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SofaKingReetodded  +   3020d ago
is the worst case of MASS DELUSION ever witnessed in the history of mankind. Only in their minds can a NOOB of company like MS outdo one who has won the last two generations by a landslide. Actually landslide is an understatement for how much everyone who has gone up against Sony has been PWNED.
RonDeMuerte  +   3020d ago
Hey did you know....
That the Dreamcast (much like the 360, although 1 year to be exact) came out like a year and a half before the PS2 (PS3), and it had an installed base around that time of 11 million (much like the 360), and the Dreamcast won (Much like the 360) against the PS2 (PS3) during their first holidays competing against each other, and the Dreamcast went on to be defeated (Much like the 360 will) by the PS2 (PS3).....see...the lesson here kids is....history repeats itself.....hahahahaha......

Oh and just to piss off gnothe1 (Take a look at comment #26...since he actually dares to talk back to his superiors.)

Do you wanna know how else the Dreamcast and the 360 are alike???....well the Dreamcast was the first console to come out last generation, much like the 360 was the first console to come out this generation...and the Dreamcast sold extremely well in the U.S.A, while it did poorly worldwide (Much like the 360 right now) man this is so much fun....hahahaha.....
#15.1 (Edited 3020d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SofaKingReetodded  +   3020d ago
that's what cracks me up
those of us who have Ps3's know what it's capable of. I was pretty neutral at the beginning of this generation. I reserved a 360 in xmas 05 and didn't get it because I was working that day and wasn't free till Saturday(two days later). The turds at gamestop went ahead and sold my reserved 360. I was pissed but I was like whatever.I finally bought one in the fall of 06 and was mildly amused with it. I thought Gears was a great game and enjoyed playing it online (until the 12 yr old teamkilling "stfu u b1tch ass nigga" xbots started showing up. In spite of all this I had no ill will against Sony or the playstation brand because I enjoy playing good games no matter what console they are on. Mind you that last gen I was more partial to the xbox because games did run better on it. Even then I knew it could never compete with the playstations game selection. I finally bought a 60gb PS3 in february 07. I already had Fight Night Rd3 for the 360 since I am a big boxing freak and thought this was as good as it was going to get for this title. Then I bought it for PS3(again because I'm a boxing whore) and WHOAH the graphical difference was just amazing. The trunks actually looked like they were made of real cloth and made me realize how CARTOONY the 360 version was. I was hooked, at that point I realized Sony had definitely overtaken the once more powerful xbox brand by a pretty wide margin. It was then that I started to look around internet forums to see what the consensus was with other gamers, only to see what seemed like a well orchestrated campaign to lie about and obfuscate anything related to PS3 and it's games. The rest is console war history. Take it from someone who was partial to the xbox last time around. MS got owned by Sony severely in the console department this time around. Every leap in innovation and computing power requires a new learning curve, the fact that the 360 is pretty much a PC with a logo stamped on it doesn't bode well for it's future.
astralwerks  +   3020d ago
If I'm not mistaken the Dreamcast went down because you could download any game and play them without a modchip. When developers start realizing that they cannot make money they will not publish games for that system. I owned a DC and a PS2, and I played my DC more than the PS2.
wangdiddy82  +   3020d ago
who didnt see this coming???
A lot of developers are starting to figure this out.. Not to just port 360 games over to the ps3.. A lot of multi player games are starting to look better on the ps3.. by next year i think all of them will look better on the ps3 or exactly the same as the 360..
Ri0tSquad  +   3020d ago
all i have to say is
about time.
PimpHandHappy  +   3020d ago
was Oblivan really a year later?
i remember my buddy beating everything on that game,360. 100%

Not to start a flame war but do we all agree the 360 didnt really try anything that wasnt already done? They made a PC friendly system that just so happens to be where they are strongest.

but they really didnt push the envolpe of what a nextgen machine is IMO.

atleast the PS3 is in the Guiness Book of World records

TheXgamerLive  +   3020d ago
Your comments show your such an F'in dumb ass, good luck getting that brain surgery you need.
dhammalama  +   3020d ago
ok brainiac, tell us what the xbox360 did to push the envelope. Did they use a high capacity disc format? no, dvd9.

Did they use cutting edge processor? No, although intel quadcores were already in development they opted to go for a cheaper three core ppc. (not bashing it though)

Actually, they ended up hamstringing the design pioneered by the original xbox by REMOVING the built in hd.

Don't get me wrong, I like my 360. I like 360 games. But I don't think I'd like you, you seem like a fool.
OpiZA  +   3020d ago
After reading that post... I don't think you're the one too comment on Mass Delusion.
Salvadore  +   3020d ago
Where is the Orange Box for the PS3?
Darkiewonder  +   3020d ago
Valve :o
dhammalama  +   3020d ago
ask EA
Maddens Raiders  +   3020d ago
@ AcFreeze and his "hearty" belief in Electronic Arts. Damn, I'm having a laugh.
jackdoe  +   3020d ago
Sure. How about Blacksite huh? Don't think your problems are quite over...
Solid_Skip  +   3020d ago
about time
every comp should at least do 1 game for the ps3 as its lead so it can understand the diffs. one year thats all they should need to get use to a system. and they wouldnt have these problems anymore. HINT HINT EA, i use to support this great comp but they have disapponted me with the madden franchise, have no choice but i wish 2k sports could have a shot at the nfl game again, then ea wont have a choice but to make good games.
Solid_Skip  +   3020d ago
about time
every comp should at least do 1 game for the ps3 as its lead so it can understand the diffs. one year thats all they should need to get use to a system. and they wouldnt have these problems anymore. HINT HINT EA, i use to support this great comp but they have disapponted me with the madden franchise, have no choice but i wish 2k sports could have a shot at the nfl game again, then ea wont have a choice but to make good games.
Solid_Skip  +   3020d ago
about time
every comp should at least do 1 game for the ps3 as its lead so it can understand the diffs. one year thats all they should need to get use to a system. and they wouldnt have these problems anymore. HINT HINT EA, i use to support this great comp but they have disapponted me with the madden franchise, have no choice but i wish 2k sports could have a shot at the nfl game again, then ea wont have a choice but to make good games.
RonDeMuerte  +   3020d ago
I knew about double posting.....
but i didn't think it was going to evolve to triple posting.....damn...
gnothe1  +   3020d ago
hey RonDe. sega didnt have BILLIONS of dollars to back the dreamcast. they run out of money trying to keep up with sony!! MS on the other hand doesnt have that problem. but as it goes sony is the one that has to prove its self this time around!!

wingdaddy you say alot of PS3 ports are starting to look better on the PS3, when you say ALOT, how did you come to that conclusion!! didnt PES just come out better on the 360 also. please just shut up!!
RonDeMuerte  +   3020d ago
HAHAHAHA ok.....
It's really smart for Microsoft to keep supporting a console that's never gonna earn them a f@ckin cent back in profits.....after all they still have to make up for the losses they experienced with the original Xbox....(Much like Sega did, does anybody remember the Sega Saturn???)
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   3020d ago
Makes sense to me.
Meaning, that development on PS3 will get easier once you're no stranger to it.

I mean we all know now that PS3 is different to develop for, so it's natural than the first time around developers are gonna have a step back. But not so much the second or third time around.

If anyone if having trouble with the PS3, please ask Insomniac how to do it.
kunark  +   3020d ago
@ soild_skip
man i miss the nfl 2k games those was fun was a huge dissapointment when i saw after nfl 2k5 was last nfl game for them. kinda made madden only nfl game to buy from there out..... i liked having a choice wish they would try again give ea some competision
#28 (Edited 3020d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DrWan  +   3020d ago
calm down guys, PS2 came out, and everyone was bashing the hell out of the dev tools...and then what happen?
segasage  +   3020d ago
We talking about Midway?
Are we talking a-Bout Midway?

Hahahaha Come on guys even Konami was having issues..

Are we still talking about MIDWAY?
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