Nerd Reactor Review: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Nerd Reactor: Well, here we are at the third iteration in Capcom’s flagship fighting game, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (or AE). In addition to new character balances, four brand new characters are added to the rosters: Hong Kong Twins, Yun and Yang (who were previously introduced in Street Fighter III), make their next-gen debut in AE. The other two are Evil Ryu (Ryu who succumbs to the Satsui no Hadou) and Oni (a more sinister looking Akuma). The latter are brand new additions to the series with some pretty neat tricks. Because this is mainly rebalanced for competitive play, many characters received new changes to their move sets. A comprehensive of list of many of the changes to each character can be found on this helpful list compiled by Eventhubs.

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UltimateIdiot9112524d ago

Will there be a turbo edition or is this it? Because I don't like how each year they have a new edition.

BlackTar1872524d ago

yea i play SF all the time but i myself will probably not be buying anymore of this kind of stuff.

Ddouble2524d ago

You can't be playing SF all the time and not get AE. They also said no more new editions after this. They've got SFxT and MvC3 to work on.

BlackTar1872524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

assuming i have not bought this. I never said i didn't i said i won't be buying ANYMORE of this kind of stuff.

Just wait till they do this treatment on MVC3 for $5 characters. I will not be buying that kind of stuff. I was a happy buyer of most of this stuff because i litterly play SF every day. But the nickle and diming is getting old.

Its even better that you say you can't play the Online of a game you bought becasue they want you to pay for more.

I understand the reason but that doesn't mean its right.

Blasphemy2524d ago

Another one? It's Street Fighter 2 all over again.