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Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Patch Released With Optional High Resolution Texture Pack

GameBlurb: The wait is finally over. DirectX 11 is finally available for Crysis 2 on the PC. Was it worth the wait? (Crysis 2, Next-Gen, PC)

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pangitkqb  +   1495d ago
Looks awesome. Great to see the new tech in action. Really does wonders for texture work.
Theonetheonly  +   1494d ago
Ive got it installed and have played a few hours, the difference is staggering!

thumbs up to the engineers.

POM and DX11 everywhere, all the cracks in the street are POM/Tessellated the hdr and tne mapping seems to have inproved the overall look of the game

or maybe its the contact shadows.
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trancefreak  +   1493d ago
I was using maldos texture mod and was very nice.

I installed this patch with the 2 goodie patches and its running in full ultra 1080 p with a min of 45 max 60 fps.

A lot of people are having issues especially sli and ati cards among some. There are also a stickie about the nvidia card issues and they are being fixed by nvidia.

People are saying that their is more blurryness and lack dof with postprocessing on ultra. Extreme does work fine I can confirm.

Another known bug is related to leaving firefox open while playing it can tax the vram of your card and a crash will occur.

I have had the game game crash a couple times but other than that it having fun checking out all the eyecandy.

There is onespot on the rooftops where water is leaking from a water tank and boy its crazy to see how life like its especially with the tessalation.

Have fun.
Bay  +   1495d ago
Finally. Should've shipped with the game, really...
Sillyace92  +   1495d ago
If you wanted the game to be delayed until now then yeah it should've shipped with it then. /sarcasm
Bay  +   1495d ago
I don't think it would've taken them this long to add tessellation to the game. And actually, I wouldn't mind if it was delayed till now either...would've at least gave me a better first impression.
Baka-akaB  +   1495d ago
why would it be delayed for that in the first place ?

I'm not drinking the koolaid from crytek so far , and believe that the only reason dx11 support took so long , is because they insisted on dx9 one in the first place
Kamikaze135  +   1495d ago
I agree. If it actually shipped with the game, it would not have taken this long. Because rather than focus on DLC and patches for the game after release, they could have been focusing on this.
davidmccue  +   1495d ago
Also the map pack editor will be out on Wednesday (June 29th)

x800  +   1495d ago
woow crytek! look at the water damn!
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john2  +   1495d ago
The story is dublicate and was reported as dublicate almost immediately, yet you approved it? Be fair at least people.

junk3d  +   1495d ago
To be fair, i believe the title was much more specific which is why it got approved faster. I didn't realize it afterwards...
john2  +   1495d ago
When you see a dublicate report, you should read the story and there is a reason why it was reported. It was reported when it had 3/10 approvals so there isn't ANY excuse at all
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TheDareDevil  +   1495d ago
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1494d ago
WTF is a dublicate? You mean duplicate? School is good. Seriously.
Tachyon_Nova  +   1494d ago
To say "You mean Duplicate?" is bad english, you should have said "Do you mean Duplicate?"
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1494d ago
It's called typing in prose. You know...vernacular. It was intentional. If I were typing a report, I would be sure to type in a formal style. This place is anything but formal.
Newtype  +   1495d ago
Pretty meh.
OMGitzThatGuy  +   1495d ago
do i have to update to 1.9 to get the visual improvements?
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Reborn  +   1495d ago
Yes. I believe so.
BlackKnight  +   1494d ago
You also need to download the DX11 content (because tessellation actually requires more data than what is in the game) and also the high res texture pack for the better textures.
lugia 4000  +   1495d ago
Can you run it maxed out on a 6970M?
kharma45  +   1494d ago
It got 30fps @ DX9 maxed http://www.notebookcheck.ne...

DX11 at say medium should be playable, the new textures are a big deal it seems.

Was reading through it all here http://www.neogaf.com/forum...
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sin151   1495d ago | Spam
CaptCalvin  +   1495d ago
Is the parallax occlusion mapping usable with anisotropic filtering this time around?
BlackKnight  +   1494d ago
From what I have heard, yes, that is one of the bonuses of DX11.
Hufandpuf  +   1495d ago
Looks amazing. The textures are cleaner and it looks like it should've when it first came out.
Kiroe  +   1495d ago
Very impressive! I wonder how it will run on my nVida GTX 480 card. Might be time for an upgrade! :)
Si-Fly  +   1495d ago
I'm wondering the same thing, I've got a gtx580. Downloading now so will run a benchmark shortly ....
BlackKnight  +   1494d ago
I have a 580 here. At 1080P and every single thing maxed out+DX11+hi res pack, I get an average of 60 FPS with dips into 45FPS when its a LARGE area and lots of enemies.

Impressed with how small the performance hit is.
Toman85  +   1494d ago
This patch was dumbest ever. Have right now minimum 30 FPS on Ultra with 1080p and DX11 on and pack on. I think I will go back to Warhead, the minimum FPS there is 37 with 8xAA on and enthusiast in 1080p, and still Warhead looks a light year better than Crysis 2...
sin151   1494d ago | Spam
CaptCalvin  +   1494d ago
The amount of graphical upgrade this gives isn't really worth the performance hit it gives IMO. Playing through the first couple of levels I only really noticed the POM, exaggerated depth of field in cutscenes some tessellation here and there. I. After changing the settings between high and ultra back and forth a couple of times and looking really closely at the shadows I noticed some differences in the shadows too. Some reflections are really only noticeable on some metallic tables. Water puddles still doesn't reflect real-time. The high-res texture pack didn't seem to have replaced the low res grass textures either, which is surprising, and I'm hard pressed to find up resing anywhere else either. Keep in mind I've only played through the first couple of levels so far.
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CaptCalvin  +   1494d ago
they've added real time reflections on metal and marble tables, but still kept the obvious fake reflections on glass and water. What gives? can they ever get their priorities straight?
PS360PCROCKS  +   1494d ago
performance hit? turn off Vsync it's not working right now. I have SLI 560Ti and I'm getting 60+FPS @1080P
Toman85  +   1494d ago

Do you have link where I can find more about this glitch?
I have turned off v-sync and still I have poor framerate. And no there are not problems on my pc. Have checked all of that.
Toman85  +   1494d ago
I did something with my pc and bam I have minimum 38 FPS at lowest and around 85 on highest :)
Now finally I can enjoy the game without tampering around the settings! Maybe I shall buy another GTX 580 for my rig to be secure when BF3 arrives!
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