BlackkatSec recruits LulzSec members in to their crew. PSN is a definite future target.

LulzSec has made mention of disbandment, but unfortunately there is no real disbandment of hackers once united. There is only separation until they unite again.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2548d ago

These hackers have to stop. They do more bad than good and should stop hiding behind a computer.

I_find_it_funny2548d ago

they're not just attacking Sony but millions of people, and that's just damn stupid

Electroshocked2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Please, what's there f**king point? The only thing I have to say to these guys is f**k off, if your bored, get a job, you wastes of human beings.

Edit: What happened to Anonymous? I hope they were caught.

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Liefx2548d ago


What do you mean "what happened to Anon"?

"They" can't be caught. Anon isn't a group of people. It's everyone. They have different operations. I am Anon. You can be Anon. There is no specific group of people.

Do some research before you comment.

gaffyh2548d ago

@Liefx - You seem to be buying into Anon's bs. I'll tell you one thing, I for one am definitely not Anon. Anonymous can be caught, it is a group of people, they've just been good at covering up their tracks.

You talk about them as if they represent the entire world, they do not. The guy who was arrested in the UK was part of Anon, so there goes you theory of everyone they can't be caught.

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ZombieNinjaPanda2547d ago


You're anonymous right now. Unless you were posting using your real name, you're anonymous.

Deal with it.

MaxXAttaxX2547d ago


They're not messing with Sony. They're disrupting gaming for millions of people!

Anyone out there still defending these idiots?

mastiffchild2547d ago

@zombieninjapanda-no he isn't anonymous. Everyone who doesn't take steps to BE anon on the internet remains easily identifiable. Sure, you can take steps to stay anon but unless you do it's a piece of piss to trace an IP-so it's just the same as irl where you'd have to take steps to remain anonymous, wear a fekkin disguise or hide behind proxies or VNS whatever. Computers generally need certain affirmations to work for you for Christ'ssake so, first off, you have to get around that. The most ironic thing about the whole Anitsec movement as I see it is these groups that want the limelight are risking messing it up for those who, though I totally go against their philosophy in EVERY possible way, at least do it with a bit of thought and avoid all media attention possible. Laughing about costing companies money anbd hacking government files is only going to result in ALL our freedoms being reduced and groups with as little sense as Anon or Lulzsec are bringing big brother eer closer AND providing the security industry they claim to hate more work than it ever dreamed of.They couldn'tr, ebven if they tried, make it any easier for the security people to make a fortune AND tell everyone that they're needed and once a Govt decides they had enough(and after Wikileaks you imagine the US and UK aren't wanting to put a dampener on the net!?)of this you just watch how much crapwe have to give them before we are ever allowed online again.

This won't end well for regular net users or the hackers. If a government thinks this is costing too much or reaches the point where they think Joe Blow will ACCEPT more tight security from day one they will pounce-and there's also more money to be made for them in doing it so why make it easy for the governemntsd to push itr through?

For lulz? Jesus.

Electroshocked2547d ago

@Liefx Anonymous is a group, with a bunch of followers that believe there bullshit, good for you for believing there bullshit to, I bet your one of them and thanks for proving my point gaffyh.

ZombieNinjaPanda2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Do you see his first and last name advertised on N4g? No? He's anonymous. UMAD?

You people don't seem to understand the term anonymous. Especially in the context it's being used here.

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hotrider122548d ago

PSN is a definite future target.

WHY??? JUST WHY???? hav'nt you HACKERS disruped PSN enough.

BornCursed2547d ago

I must admit that I normally only follow gaming news on rare occasions, but Blackkat Security is no joke. I do happen to follow underground hacker forums frequently. What I have heard from very notable hacker groups about Blackkat is some pretty intense stuff. LulzSec may be jumping out of their element into a shark tank.

Solid_Dave2548d ago

Damn hackers. They think they're cool and that their some kind of vigilante. But no their not. Their total douchebags.

Liefx2548d ago

Some are good. Lulsec aren't. They are douchebags who are bored.

Some hacking/cracking can be good. It let's companies find their weaknesses and fix them.

GrandTheftZamboni2547d ago

Here is some pretty shocking info on LulzSec members posted by other hackers. It's supposed to be true. Either way it's worth reading:

TrevorPhillips2548d ago

These guys deserve to be caught and taken to PRISON!

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DanteKnightsTemplar2548d ago

the thing about kids, sometimes they keep touching the stove not realising their going to get burned. These kids need to get a life now, I blame the playground bullys all around the world for this. They get beat up, looked down on, laughed at and then try to ruin everyones lives by any means possible. Maybe all they need is a hug? *takes step back* ...Warprincess, go take one for the team...

GrumpyVeteran2548d ago

lol probably.

Just take them out to a strip club for a night, they'll be all good after that.

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