Larger PlayStation 3D Displays, Sony Says “Stay Tuned ;)” – Nick’s Gaming View Episode #43

"As the host of Nick’s Gaming View, Nick covers the announcements and debates dealing with Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, speaks on the community’s reactions to Battlefield 3 gameplay and details, covers the upcoming Uncharted Collection releasing next month, and wraps up the show with an exclusive interview with Sony’s Product Manager for Bravia Televisions, Rob Rodriguez. Rob and Nick discuss what Sony has to offer for the market not only in 2011, but the years to come."

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Peaceful_Jelly2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Daily Motion vids have like x10 the quality of a similar one on Youtube. @[email protected]

And what's up with the haters marking Nick's comments as spam? The guy's not a fanboy and his site is good, much better than HHG and other clandestine bloggers that only post flame-bait!

LOGICWINS2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Well at least Nick's vids work beautifully with the PS3's web browser..can't say the same for HHG.

@Nick- Thanks for introducing the notion of "common sense" on tends to be absent here at times. I don't understand why people here can not accept the possibility that the Wii U may have better graphical capabilities than the PS3. Considering its coming out half a decade after the PS3/360 launched, I would EXPECT the Wii U to be technologically superior to five year old consoles.

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killajd2459d ago

I agree with ur point on the Wii U about the price and all the gripe about the graphics. Also on the point with Bf3 almost all their games have come ready for the pc then worked on with the consoles! Iv have always played bf with the pc... PC Rules lol. I cannot wait till I get my hands on BF3 on my console and pc. Its going to be great to have a change in my first person shooters and also to be able to play a game with plans, tanks, helicopters, tanks etc. Thanks for ur insight nick

Surfaced2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I expected this.

Yeah, if the 24" model sells well (it definitely will) we might see others.

But the thing about this 3D display is that it's actually a PC monitor, not a TV. That's how they keep the price so low. How will they manage that with a 42" version?

LOGICWINS2459d ago

Eh..I'd wait till Sony releases glassless 3D televisions. Apparently its only a year away.

metsgaming2459d ago

i hear samsung was supposed to release there glassless set later this year and sony will be right after that. Is that still on track?

fr0sty2459d ago

If you enjoy having to sit within a certain distance of the TV and at a certain angle as well, in addition to lower image quality than traditional glasses based 3D, glasses free 3D is for you.If not, this is. I personally don't think glasses free tech is where it needs to be yet.

I doubt Sony will be aiming for low price on the premium larger sets. They'll use the same cheaper glasses, but I'd expect to see them have features like a tuner, etc. as well.

Soldierone2459d ago

@metsb Toshiba I think it was already has them coming out this year. Samsung will probably be early next year, with Sony late next year. They won't be in a good price range though, thats for sure.

@Frosty you act like technology doesn't have a thing for "evolving" this is the first line up of 3D TV's. People don't want Glasses, so glasses are going to disapear. Will the technology be mind blowing in the first try? no but people will allow it to develop.

Anyone remember the first Plasma's the burn ins and failure to stay HD over a year? The first LCD's? Even DLP TV's have found a way to get better.

2v12459d ago

agreed i dont want look at the tv tru glasses.

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DaTruth2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

This makes me glad I held off an a 3DTV! I'd rather the 3DTV that can play full screen split screen than the ones that can't!

If they come with a 55", I'm on that!

@Logicwins: We'll be holding off for a long time waiting for that to become affordable! People wear glasses their whole lives, I think I can hold it down for a few hours a day IMO! In no way does this mean you shouldn't do whatever you want though.

egm_hiphopgamer2459d ago

now that's what i'm talking about

IRetrouk2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

damn why you only got 1 bubble, the fanboys attacking you too because they dont like your views or something?

i just dont get why he is so unliked here, hes usualy on the money and is usualy at all the big events, problem with n4g is you hsve to be on one side or the other, not alowed to post your real feelinf on a subject or even have a joke.

whateva2459d ago

& as I was about to post that comment I see you lol

LOGICWINS2459d ago

WOW, IMO u don't deserve to have one bubble Hiphop. Your titles are flaimbait, but ur damn entertaining! I love seeing you grow.

Either way, the things your doing are incredible. Considering that Tretton and Fiis Aime gave your show a shoutout..I'm sure you having one bubble on here isn't bothering you lol.

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