Last Microsoft Strike: PS Vita With Skype

Although Skype was bought by Microsoft only a few months ago, it seems like the celebration is over. It is time for work now. With such a powerful communication service in their hands, Microsoft must attack the market in which they've fallen behind the competition. First step? A collaboration with Sony for the next PS Vita. This gaming terminal will integrate Skype, and this is surely great news for network gaming passionate players that want to exchange opinions about their gaming experience in real time.

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Kran2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Well the PS3 uses a few of Microsofts programs. Doesnt the PS3 connect with the Windows Media Center?

Not to mention, im sure Sony must have some Windows 7 computers in their offices ;P

Simon_Brezhnev2490d ago

Connecting to windows media center is nothing though. Being able to play wmv files is though.

coryok2490d ago

hm... i thought codecs for .wmv were distributed for free by microsoft, meaning they cant charge for using them

Bull5hifT2490d ago

Yeah and Colombia Pictures, and Other Sony Studios and Sony Music artist on there Xbox Services, through Zune, Netflix, Last Fm...... And when Microsoft made those PC vs. Mac Commercials, some people chose A Sony VAIO in the commercials.... Main thing that Freaks me out is Sega Boss Peter Jackson or Micheal Moore, what ever his name is... Jumped to the Xbox Brand and was like King of it and now he Controls EA Sports... I had a feeling games were gonna be gimped on ps3 cause that

MaxXAttaxX2490d ago

Not surprising that it'll be on the PSV as well, LOL.
Microsoft isn't doing(and rarely does)anything new.

cryymoar2490d ago


Yeah I highly doubt he would gimp PS3 versions of EA games. That would result in scandals up the yin yang for him. His position has changed hands, so likely his business visions would change to fit who he works for now, which is all gamers across all platforms, as opposed to before with Microsoft, his only boss was Microsoft and its gamers.

dcbronco2490d ago


Even though it was said Peter Moore left MS. He was forced out. The whole RRoD thing was blamed on him. He paid with his job.

morganfell2490d ago

Windows Media Center is of little consequence when compared to apps such as the PS3 Java Media Server, a superior piece of software that works on Windows...and on Mac...and on Linux.

Skype on Vita is more of a benefit to Vita than a boon to Skype.

pixelsword2490d ago

It's like I said:

"There is no war between companies".

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GrumpyVeteran2490d ago

Curious about something.

I wasn't aware that the PS3 could connect to Media Centre, so with that said... can it also play .WTV files?? If so that'd be great.

coryok2490d ago

im pretty sure ps3 can play .wtv

RevXM2490d ago

I think ps3 can play all major formats except MKV.
Which kind of sucks.

egidem2490d ago

It can. However, I suggest you use a Media Server software to do things like on the fly encoding.

zag2490d ago

.wtv is Windows TV media format.

It can't be played in media player only the media center supports it.

Elite_7372490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


Download "Ps3 Media Server". It's a free program that converts all of the unsupported data types on the fly over a media server so you can watch it on PS3. It pretty much does all video formats i can think of. I believe it even does ISOs.

It's a very unknown program, i can't believe more people don't know about it.

BubbleSniper2490d ago

the PS3 is a badass media hub. I use it as a personal media server for games movies and more.

I hope Sony's next console is much like the PS3 and expands on it's connectivity with other devices, not just Sony's own. I also hope they expand on Bluetooth. I love Bluetooth.

MaxXAttaxX2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Very true.

The PlayStation brand does seem to do pretty much everything as claimed.
Or at least, quite a lot of stuff anyway :)

Rhythmattic2490d ago



I've purchased commercial media sever software, and "PS3 Media Server" Trumps all...

All for free..

It even works with 360's I believe.

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zag2490d ago

The PS3 doesn't connect to media center or the player.

It connects to DLNA servers, and any device that has that can connect to any DLNA server.

The media center and player support the DLNA server side, so it can connect to TVs and stereos etc.

subtenko2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

WHo cares if they have windows? Mostly everyone does...

I bet M$ uses some sony products too. Alot of us iphone fans joke around about bill gates owning an iphone...

anyway, skype was already on psp.

Oh and I had skype long before M$ bought it. I have skype on my iphone too. Does M$ gain anything from me? There are no ads on my skype app or anything, I use the service for free, whats the big deal? lol

Livin_in_a_box2490d ago

In the recent Xbox Ads YouTube video Microsoft were actually using a Sony TV ;)

Anyway- I don't see why Skype wouldn't be on Vita- it was on the PSP and it's on Android, iOS, Symbian...all of these are Microsoft's competitors!

Undeadwolfy2490d ago


Yes but you must remember, that Skype was on all of these platforms before Microsoft acquired Skype. It would be an incredibly stupid move to remove support from all non supported Windows/Microsoft devices and software. Its like Apple buying something like Steam and only having it available on Apple computers. It alienates all other markets.

subtenko2489d ago

Apple's patent for touchscreen on phones went through. But apparently its for the number of touch points on a screen and i think it goes for any device or it could be just phones. at first I thought it ment no one could use touchscreen at all without some kinda permission with apple (cuz no one patented it first)

I tired to paraphrase the info, but yea..just reminds me of what happened.

sinncross2490d ago

Why would MS not make a good version of Skype for PSV? Different departments within MS (and many other multidimensional companies) make their own business deals with outside sources. If Sony wishes to pay for the license then so be it, MS will allow Skype on PSV.

Its basic business... been happening for years now.

dcbronco2490d ago

I would think MS would block PSV use because they are competing directly with them. Windows phones are becoming direct competition in the mobile market as they get more powerful. The Tegra 3 will be out in two months and that runs PC games and will be in phones. Blocking Skype means one more person might consider a Windows phone.

Bull5hifT2490d ago

Yeah and Colombia Pictures, and Other Sony Studios and Sony Music artist on there Xbox Services, through Zune, Netflix, Last Fm...... And when Microsoft made those PC vs. Mac Commercials, some people chose A Sony VAIO in the commercials

zero_cool2490d ago

Every major player in the industry are following apples trend by heading towards becoming more self reliant internally instead of being self reliant on 3rd party.

SephirothX212490d ago

I'm also sure MS use Linux in their offices and that their employees always use Google and never use Bing.

Persistantthug2489d ago

I bet you they do use Google at least pretty frequently.

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KonaBro2490d ago

Despite the rivalry between the companies, both companies know that in order to survive in a market like today, there are times you have to actually join forces to get things done. Sony adds a communication service to the Vita and Microsoft gets extra revenue from the Skype service. Everyone wins.

Goeres2490d ago

True, also love it when studios work together and complement each other :) Like MM and ND, got all fuzzy when I read NDs compliment towards LBP2s nice meta score!

More love plez!

captain-obvious2490d ago

windows 7 gets marketed on sony laptops
sony laptops get marketed with windows 7

MS and Sony go way back actually

XabiDaChosenOne2490d ago

Sony made the deal long before Microsoft could do anything about it.

kneon2490d ago

While that may be true I doubt Microsoft would have tried to put a stop to it. The value of a communication service such as this is largely a function of how many people you can reach. Restricting it's availability doesn't help Skype or it's customers.

Plus I believe Microsoft's consent decree just expired recently, I don't think they are in any hurry to get into that kind of trouble again.

Max_Dissatisfaction2490d ago

This is a clear indication that Microsoft does not intend to enter the handheld market anytime soon. That said, this is a great business move, they know not to bite the hand that feeds and SONY and their Vita customers in particular are going to be a huge market for them in terms of promoting the Skype brand.

DA_SHREDDER2490d ago

so I can talk to my friends from the Vita to my xbox via skype but not my ps3??? WTF is really goin on?!

rezzah2490d ago

Using a video chat through a portable device (anywhere) is more entertaining than a situated system (same place).

zinkabass2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I thought you had simultaneous video chat up to 6 or 8 people over PSN already,.. It is probably going to be in Vita also,..