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Submitted by pspgweber 1689d ago | news

Last Microsoft Strike: PS Vita With Skype

Although Skype was bought by Microsoft only a few months ago, it seems like the celebration is over. It is time for work now. With such a powerful communication service in their hands, Microsoft must attack the market in which they've fallen behind the competition. First step? A collaboration with Sony for the next PS Vita. This gaming terminal will integrate Skype, and this is surely great news for network gaming passionate players that want to exchange opinions about their gaming experience in real time. (PS Vita)

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Kran  +   1689d ago
Well the PS3 uses a few of Microsofts programs. Doesnt the PS3 connect with the Windows Media Center?

Not to mention, im sure Sony must have some Windows 7 computers in their offices ;P
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1689d ago
Connecting to windows media center is nothing though. Being able to play wmv files is though.
coryok  +   1689d ago
hm... i thought codecs for .wmv were distributed for free by microsoft, meaning they cant charge for using them
Bull5hifT  +   1689d ago
Yeah and Colombia Pictures, and Other Sony Studios and Sony Music artist on there Xbox Services, through Zune, Netflix, Last Fm...... And when Microsoft made those PC vs. Mac Commercials, some people chose A Sony VAIO in the commercials.... Main thing that Freaks me out is Sega Boss Peter Jackson or Micheal Moore, what ever his name is... Jumped to the Xbox Brand and was like King of it and now he Controls EA Sports... I had a feeling games were gonna be gimped on ps3 cause that
MaxXAttaxX  +   1689d ago
Skype was already on PSP
Not surprising that it'll be on the PSV as well, LOL.
Microsoft isn't doing(and rarely does)anything new.
cryymoar  +   1689d ago

Yeah I highly doubt he would gimp PS3 versions of EA games. That would result in scandals up the yin yang for him. His position has changed hands, so likely his business visions would change to fit who he works for now, which is all gamers across all platforms, as opposed to before with Microsoft, his only boss was Microsoft and its gamers.
dcbronco  +   1689d ago

Even though it was said Peter Moore left MS. He was forced out. The whole RRoD thing was blamed on him. He paid with his job.
morganfell  +   1689d ago
Windows Media Center is of little consequence when compared to apps such as the PS3 Java Media Server, a superior piece of software that works on Windows...and on Mac...and on Linux.

Skype on Vita is more of a benefit to Vita than a boon to Skype.
pixelsword  +   1689d ago
It's like I said:

"There is no war between companies".
GrumpyVeteran  +   1689d ago
Curious about something.

I wasn't aware that the PS3 could connect to Media Centre, so with that said... can it also play .WTV files?? If so that'd be great.
coryok  +   1689d ago
im pretty sure ps3 can play .wtv
RevXM  +   1689d ago
I think ps3 can play all major formats except MKV.
Which kind of sucks.
egidem  +   1689d ago
It can. However, I suggest you use a Media Server software to do things like on the fly encoding.
zag  +   1689d ago
.wtv is Windows TV media format.

It can't be played in media player only the media center supports it.
Elite_737  +   1689d ago

Download "Ps3 Media Server". It's a free program that converts all of the unsupported data types on the fly over a media server so you can watch it on PS3. It pretty much does all video formats i can think of. I believe it even does ISOs.

It's a very unknown program, i can't believe more people don't know about it.
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BubbleSniper  +   1689d ago
the PS3 is a badass media hub. I use it as a personal media server for games movies and more.

I hope Sony's next console is much like the PS3 and expands on it's connectivity with other devices, not just Sony's own. I also hope they expand on Bluetooth. I love Bluetooth.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1689d ago
Very true.

The PlayStation brand does seem to do pretty much everything as claimed.
Or at least, quite a lot of stuff anyway :)
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Rhythmattic  +   1689d ago


I've purchased commercial media sever software, and "PS3 Media Server" Trumps all...

All for free..

It even works with 360's I believe.
X-Zone  +   1689d ago
lol grasping at straws
Undeadwolfy  +   1689d ago
elaborate please?
zag  +   1689d ago
The PS3 doesn't connect to media center or the player.

It connects to DLNA servers, and any device that has that can connect to any DLNA server.

The media center and player support the DLNA server side, so it can connect to TVs and stereos etc.
subtenko  +   1689d ago
WHo cares if they have windows? Mostly everyone does...

I bet M$ uses some sony products too. Alot of us iphone fans joke around about bill gates owning an iphone...

anyway, skype was already on psp.

Oh and I had skype long before M$ bought it. I have skype on my iphone too. Does M$ gain anything from me? There are no ads on my skype app or anything, I use the service for free, whats the big deal? lol
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Livin_in_a_box  +   1689d ago
In the recent Xbox Ads YouTube video Microsoft were actually using a Sony TV ;)

Anyway- I don't see why Skype wouldn't be on Vita- it was on the PSP and it's on Android, iOS, Symbian...all of these are Microsoft's competitors!
Undeadwolfy  +   1689d ago

Yes but you must remember, that Skype was on all of these platforms before Microsoft acquired Skype. It would be an incredibly stupid move to remove support from all non supported Windows/Microsoft devices and software. Its like Apple buying something like Steam and only having it available on Apple computers. It alienates all other markets.
subtenko  +   1688d ago
Apple's patent for touchscreen on phones went through. But apparently its for the number of touch points on a screen and i think it goes for any device or it could be just phones. at first I thought it ment no one could use touchscreen at all without some kinda permission with apple (cuz no one patented it first)

I tired to paraphrase the info, but yea..just reminds me of what happened.
sinncross  +   1689d ago
Why would MS not make a good version of Skype for PSV? Different departments within MS (and many other multidimensional companies) make their own business deals with outside sources. If Sony wishes to pay for the license then so be it, MS will allow Skype on PSV.

Its basic business... been happening for years now.
dcbronco  +   1689d ago
I would think MS would block PSV use because they are competing directly with them. Windows phones are becoming direct competition in the mobile market as they get more powerful. The Tegra 3 will be out in two months and that runs PC games and will be in phones. Blocking Skype means one more person might consider a Windows phone.
Bull5hifT  +   1689d ago
Yeah and Colombia Pictures, and Other Sony Studios and Sony Music artist on there Xbox Services, through Zune, Netflix, Last Fm...... And when Microsoft made those PC vs. Mac Commercials, some people chose A Sony VAIO in the commercials
zero_cool  +   1689d ago
Every major player in the industry are following apples trend by heading towards becoming more self reliant internally instead of being self reliant on 3rd party.
SephirothX21  +   1689d ago
I'm also sure MS use Linux in their offices and that their employees always use Google and never use Bing.
Mystogan  +   1689d ago
Persistantthug  +   1688d ago
the funny part...
I bet you they do use Google at least pretty frequently.
KonaBro  +   1689d ago
This is the thing I like to see.
Despite the rivalry between the companies, both companies know that in order to survive in a market like today, there are times you have to actually join forces to get things done. Sony adds a communication service to the Vita and Microsoft gets extra revenue from the Skype service. Everyone wins.
Goeres  +   1689d ago
True, also love it when studios work together and complement each other :) Like MM and ND, got all fuzzy when I read NDs compliment towards LBP2s nice meta score!

More love plez!
captain-obvious  +   1689d ago
windows 7 gets marketed on sony laptops
sony laptops get marketed with windows 7

MS and Sony go way back actually
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1689d ago
Sony made the deal long before Microsoft could do anything about it.
kneon  +   1689d ago
While that may be true I doubt Microsoft would have tried to put a stop to it. The value of a communication service such as this is largely a function of how many people you can reach. Restricting it's availability doesn't help Skype or it's customers.

Plus I believe Microsoft's consent decree just expired recently, I don't think they are in any hurry to get into that kind of trouble again.
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1689d ago
This is a clear indication that Microsoft does not intend to enter the handheld market anytime soon. That said, this is a great business move, they know not to bite the hand that feeds and SONY and their Vita customers in particular are going to be a huge market for them in terms of promoting the Skype brand.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1689d ago
so I can talk to my friends from the Vita to my xbox via skype but not my ps3??? WTF is really goin on?!
rezzah  +   1689d ago
Using a video chat through a portable device (anywhere) is more entertaining than a situated system (same place).
zinkabass  +   1689d ago
I thought you had simultaneous video chat up to 6 or 8 people over PSN already,.. It is probably going to be in Vita also,..
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firemassacre  +   1689d ago
yea seems a little muddy
THC CELL  +   1689d ago
there is not just skype in this world u no and i dont think it will be long after sony brings a cell phone version of this ps vita.
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Colmshan1990  +   1689d ago
I predict that this won't exactly be massively used.
After all, the PSP has had Skype for years...
STK026  +   1689d ago
Then again, the PSP did not have an integrated camera, did not have access to 3G and did not initially have a microphone.
TheEatingVodka  +   1689d ago
Colmshan1990  +   1689d ago
Fair point.
Although Skype was introduced at the same time as the microphone, as far as I'm aware.
The 3G is a good point, but I'm not convinced about the camera. Plus, the 3G will not be in every Vita.
Either way, the mobile phone is king.
Still, I stand corrected. Bubble for you.
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DiRtY  +   1689d ago
I was surprised that Skype was not a part of this years E3.
And please don't start that there are different options than Skype. Sure there are, but they are not as relevant as Skype.

Just like Facebook.

And LOL @ MS needs to attack the market they have fallen back. Please tell me another company as big as Microsoft in this market except Google.
Ms owns the most used browser, the second most used instant messenger, the third most used search engine, the most used Voip service and a small percentage of Facebook, plus a 35million+ gaming services with about 20million subscribers paying 50 bucks a year.
initial_kay  +   1689d ago
LocO_o  +   1689d ago
Have you been living under a rock?

MS owns Yahoo.

Edit: I cant remember all the details but it goes something like this.

MS was trying to purchase yahoo for many years back before the economy mess began and yahoo wanted way more than what they were worth. Finally the rescission started and MS ended up buying yahoo for dirt cheap.
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nightmarex121  +   1689d ago
No they combine forces not bought out, ms wanted to bring the bing technology to yahoo search engine but yahoo said no at first until they made an agreement.
zag  +   1689d ago
I don't think so.

MS tried twice and it got knocked back by yahoo and the US Gov wouldn't allow it the second time.

So MS started up Bing and made it the default search in IE8 and above and made it hard to change it from bing.

But NMSN live can do everything yahoo messenger can do same with yahoo messenger can do what msn live does.

MS will screw up skype, they bring out an update people will leave in the droves and to stop that they'll put skype support into Live, forcing the rest to leave.
Lawliet  +   1689d ago
Most used browser? More like the most useless browser ever! Majority don't give a shit about it, only newbs use that crap. I believe the statistic show how many user access the browser rather than the time usage. Cause the only time I ever use that browser was to access the net and download Firefox! The real deal! Btw Microsoft revenue fall in recent time. If not for Windows a user-friendly OS and being renown, it would be dead by now. I'm actually surprise there are no enterprise attack into the market while Vista was fucking broken piece of rubbish. Good thing they made up back with Windows7.
coryok  +   1689d ago
hm... you seem to be using some pretty old statistics...

microsofts IE browser hasnt been the most used for 3-4 years, and since then its fallen to the third most used, firefox is the most used browser followed by googles chrome, microsofts IE has dropped to less than a 1/4th of the market share.
every year in the last six years (since firefox launched) microsoft has lost about 10% marketshare

msn is the third most IM used and it only has something like 12% marketshare. the two above microsoft have a combined marketshare of something like 70%, most of the IM marketshare is in asia

bing has less than 4% marketshare in search engines and places 4th, behind google, yahoo, and baidu

microsoft hasnt been able to keep pace with their competition in most of the areas that you mentioned
DiRtY  +   1689d ago
okay, short research:

May 2011: 44% IE / 29% FF / 19% chrome

Instant Messenger:

June 2011: 41% Windows Live (MSN) / 27% Skype / 15% Yahoo.

Now considering MS just boght Skype, they clearly own this market.

Search Engines:

May 2011:
Google 79% / Bing 9.45% / Yahoo 9.06%

But hey, whatever makes you happy.

Write a PM to discuss this. I think there is nothing to discuss, since I proved you wrong in every aspect.
tehReaper  +   1689d ago
While I agree with your first and second paragraphs, your third is just wrong.

Bing is the 3rd most used search engine and it overtook yahoo's second place for a while. I'm not sure if it still is in 2nd, but it's definitely not 4th. Also keep in mind yahoo's search is powered by Bing.

Neither can touch Google, as they are either in the upper 80s or lower 90s in market share percentage.

EDIT: Thanks DiRtY. You covered it quite well. I was too late to post. I'm also amazed that IE and MSN has managed to keep market share. Thanks for the info.
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Magnus  +   1689d ago
I wonder what Microsoft got out of this deal with Sony? Does this mean Xbox 720 might have a Blu-Ray drive?
RevXM  +   1689d ago

But yes it might will.
Its all business and they cant keep others from using their stuff, though they will have to pay them to use it.

If MS decide that the next xbox will be BD compatible and maybe even use it as game format then they can, but I kind of doubt it.
PC games are all still printed on to DVD's, just maybe (Im not sure) but it may got something to do with MS.
LocO_o  +   1689d ago
My guess is that MS will either go with the holographic disk which stores 20 times more than blu ray or they will take the Wii U route and develop a hybrid HD DVD disk them self.

MS R&D is always working on secret stuff that we dont here about so dont be surprised if they announse some new tech before the relealse of the 720.

I am not saying that it not easier to just adapt the Blu Ray tech but knowing MS they will try to keep the 720 away from Blu Ray because of pride.

Can you imagine the feast that fanboys woukd have if the 720 was to use Blu Ray.

The 720 is using tech that PS3 has had for years.

MS are copying Sony.

Also Sony would have a price advantage on the next gen console because they own some of blu ray and MS would have to pay royalties.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1689d ago
It's funny how no one else other than Sony uses Blu-ray for gaming. PS3 fanboys want MS to use Blu so bad they can taste it. Fact is (yes fact) Blu isn't the only option on the table. There are other far more superior options to choose from for next gen. Blu is too slow for gaming, which is why PS3 owners are "forced" to install. Nintendo, MS, and PC still don't use Blu for gaming, and they never will.
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LocO_o  +   1689d ago
The only way I see the Xbox 720 having Blu Ray is if Sony drops the royalty rate.

Royalty Rate

Blu-Ray Drive : $30
Blu-Ray Player and Console : $60~70
HD-DVD Drive : $7 net royalty($5 DVD royalty is included in $12 combined royalty)

The good news is that Sony does not own the Blu Ray tech. Sony owns the logo, but, like CD and SACD, it was developed with Philips.
Contributing to the development of the format were/are Matsushita, Pioneer, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp and Samsung.
The current Board of Directors is comprised of:

Mitsubishi Electric
Sun Microsystems
Twentieth Century Fox
Walt Disney
Warner Bros.
#9.2 (Edited 1689d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
elmaton98  +   1689d ago
I dont think so, but maybe they will.
Bladesfist  +   1689d ago
Sony doesn't own blu ray. Dont know why people disagreed with LocO. Sony will have hardly any say in the matter.
Reefskye  +   1689d ago
Just swap skype then for oovoo it just as good as skype.
badjournalism  +   1689d ago
I read the 'article' but it has no source for this announcement. Source or GTFO.
KMCROC  +   1689d ago
The way i see it MS will honor previous deals made by last owner & they will do it with a smile , but when the time comes to renegotiate them contracts those smiles will be a thing of the past .
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drsnobby  +   1689d ago
MS said in there press release the they will expand skype to non-microsoft products.the only way that skype doesn,t arrive on ps-vita,is sony kills it.MS know skype has a huge community and to kill it would be dangerous.
Solo227  +   1689d ago
The question is will the PS3 ever get Skype?
KMCROC  +   1689d ago
Going out on a limb ,but my guess would be they will allow it to be used on PSV.but not allow it on PS3, so MS can add it to xbox 360.
Nelly_Nel_713  +   1689d ago
Hey will the PSV wifi version get skype or it just for the 3g model PSV?
PHIBALNATION  +   1689d ago
Microsoft will own $ony also in a max 5 yrs. MS can buy any company they want to. I mean this late into the next gen consoles, why would someone not have both systems, an be a gamer and not a fanboy.
fourthpersonview  +   1689d ago
MS can now "spy" on Sony products that uses Skype...nice move.
nevin1  +   1689d ago
I wonder how many PSP users used Skype?
Platinum_k  +   1689d ago
im so excited for this!!!

Gambuzin0  +   1688d ago
This means that people with live, and psp's can talk with each other??? Cool
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coolasj  +   1688d ago
Sony and Microsoft themselves aren't at war. Just their gaming departments.
Sugreev2001  +   1688d ago
Vita is getting better and better.Also,I agree with coolasj above ^
Sony Vaio have used Windows for the longest time,so it's not really a big deal if another Sony hardware uses a Microsoft program.
zero_cool  +   1688d ago
I use opera mainly as far as web browsers go but i've used skype in the past i didn't really use it more then few times on my psp just long enough to try it out!
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