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SEGA: Sonic was the Call of Duty of its day

Sonic The Hedgehog, who celebrated his 20th birthday earlier this week, "was the Call of Duty of its day," SEGA West CEO Mike Hayes has suggested, claiming that it was the game every "cool gamer was playing".

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DigitalRaptor1855d ago

Sonic used to be incredible.

So did Call of Duty.

FanboyPunisher1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

little kids have never played it with its thousands of modded servers, ontop of normal game-play. They've only known consoles the lowest most primitive form of gaming at home.

CSS is a better game, and they dont keep charging you 70/pop ever year either for 'shit exp packs'

sloth33951855d ago

Sonic was never better then Mario

Kee1855d ago

I disagree. I think sonic was way cooler than mario.
As for which game was better, each had it's ups and downs.

But sonic 3 and knuckles (to me) is the single best 2D platformer ever. I mean, the game was just amazing. I've re-bought it twice this generation just because of how great it is.

sloth33951855d ago

sonic doesnt have the staying power as much as a mario game and we have seen that by how many bad sonic games have came out lately

Jack-Dangerously1855d ago

I, admittedly, am not the most objective person when it comes to sonic(see my home page thingy)

But between Sonic and Mario? Mario was the very first game I ever played, whereas Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game(genesis first console) that I ever owned. Mario made me WANT to play games. Sonic made me HAVE to play games.

I prefer Sonic but as an adult now I know that it's Mario's basic concept, shot with adrenaline and acid.

Simon_Brezhnev1855d ago

I always liked Sonic more than Mario in my genesis days.

AntoineDcoolette1855d ago

Lol, bold words Sega. Especially Since Super Mario brand outsold the **** out of Sonic. I love Sonic more than Mario but just saying, Mario was the Call of Duty. Sonic was more like Halo.

Takoulya1855d ago

Except if Halo was multiplatform, it would demolish the Call of Duty's in sales.

guitarded771855d ago

I don't know where you got that idea from... Halo doesn't even touch CoD sales on 360 alone.

Takoulya1855d ago

Black Ops made $360 Million on the first day

Halo: Reach made $200 Million on the first day

guitarded771855d ago

Look at the overall numbers for 360 alone... CoD outsells Halo on 360. Plus, the first day sales don't support your argument even though they are across multi-platform.

SoapShoes1855d ago

Dude... Sonic had multiple TV shows(AOSTH, SatAM), comics, food products, etc... Sonic on Genesis sold very well and his reach expanded much further than just video games.

firemassacre1855d ago

those days were humble and pure. god do i remember those days......

TheBeast1855d ago

The days where companies did not milk consumers for every penny they earn. *Hint: Activision*

RememberThe3571855d ago

Haha thats bullshit. They've been milking since day one.

ainsz1855d ago

Have you hear of the company Atari or the the 1980's Video game crash which was caused by saturation, i.e. 'milking'?

mindedone1855d ago

The sega advertisement push was the complete OPPOSITE of humble back in the day. Sega did what NintenDON'T

trenso11855d ago

if sonic was the call of duty of it day then we can see how call of duty will be doing now and after mw3. sonic for me reached its highest point with sonic adventure 2: battle which is like cod with cod4 after that the games slowly declined and lost its magic in both franchises. so i guess that is proper way to compare the two.

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The story is too old to be commented.