User-made Team Fortress 2 Plugin Blocks Free Players

Yesterday, Valve began offering Team Fortress 2 for free on Steam. However, a community member has made a server plugin that blocks free players so that only paid "premium" members can access servers with the plugin.

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bwazy2493d ago

Do you guys know what happens when a game becomes free? Let alone a game that contains text chat capabilities?

Spamming, shit disturbers, and so fourth. I now invision most games being occupied by people whom only play to piss people off/ glitch (if possible)

bozebo2494d ago

A good way to stop the massive influx of cheaters I suppose.

TheGameFoxJTV2493d ago

Exactly! And the only people disliking these comments are the poor bastards who were too cheap to buy this amazing game long ago like we did. haha

Mr_Lu_Kim2494d ago

Everyone of you above me is a no good gamer that is not good for any multi-player community.

I have been a player of TF2 for years, I got it only a month or 2 after release and I am glad that now my missus and at least 3 of my mates will now be able to play along side me for FREE!

What you all forget is that you where all noobs at some point and if this happened to you you'd be pissed off at the ignorant hicks that did it.

Thank good for the 20+ Aussie Internode servers that would touch this crap.

T3MPL3TON 2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

U mad?

Yep. U mad.

Mr_Lu_Kim2494d ago

U mad people are so cliche pathetic.

Just like saying


WhiteLightning2493d ago

Lu Kim :D

"God damn Noobs breaking down my shitty wall"

TheGameFoxJTV2493d ago

It's not about them being noobs, it's about the people who will use the free game to cheat since they can play on multiple accounts without having to really worry about being banned.

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The story is too old to be commented.