Gameplay video of the Uncharted clone - Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta

Gameplay video of Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta

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Kingsora2249d ago

Look at his foot on 1.50, ouch :p

GodsHand2249d ago

And who would leave eight guns just lying in front of that temple like that.

But just based on this video, I would have to say it still needs a lot of work to be up to par with Uncharted.

NukaCola2249d ago

Pardon my Arabic, but there is no way in f*king hell I would ever buy a piece of sh*t game like this. Graphical nightmare, physics are shot, dialog makes me want to punch a baby.

LocO_o2249d ago

Unearthed: Salims Majic Lamp

starchild2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

As I said it the other article, the animations are absolutely horrid and not even close to the animations in Uncharted.

The visuals themselves are pretty decent. Glitchy, but decent. People that say it looks like a PS2 game are ignorant to the max. The PS2 couldn't come close to rendering graphics like those.

People are so clueless about the technical side of graphics. The only thing that looked better in some PS2 games is the animation. This game has horribly primitive animations. But in terms of textures, lighting, effects, etc. the PS2 couldn't begin to run a game like this.

Personally, I have a feeling this game will not be very good. I am looking forward to Uncharted 3 and Tomb Raider.

I_find_it_funny2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

I feal kinda bad for laughing at this, Im sure devs did their best with tools and resources they had.

plus the game is XBLA/PSN

come on it aint that bad

deadpoole2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Dont know about you ... but given the amount of resources they have at their disposal ... I wouldnt be surprised them becoming one of the biggest game developers in coming 5 years. Because talent is up for sale and they got all the money to buy it ... just sayin ...

In my point of view ... this is an excellent publicity stunt for unknown developer.

The shit thing is a kid can use Unity Engine and develop game ... hope they'll use some better engine such as Cryengine or Unreal Engine for their future games ... or better built their own from scratch.

BTW gimme effing 6 months and I can develop this level game from scratch on my own engine alone.

TheDivine2249d ago

Yea looks good for an indy game despite bieng a blatant rip off. They shouldve made an isometric uncharted like game similr to guardian of light, wouldve been better imo. This will get publicity though, look at all of us talking about it so i guess it worked.

Sunhammer2249d ago

This is quite possibly the most shameless ripoff I've ever seen.

"Un" title, Drake lookalike, same story, Uncharted-inspired sets...

These guys will never compare to Naughty Dog. Just look at this piece of trash.

Cenobia2249d ago


Wait this is an actual game that is going to be released?

First of all I hope they get sued. Second, why would Sony even allow this on their store?

They should blacklist these developers until they do something that is not a blatant rip off.

PhantomT14122249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )


When you don't have the ressources you come up with something original in its game design and gameplay, you don't do sub-quality plagiarism of a successful title. That's the terrible thing with this game.

I mean, what's the use of doing something someone else already did 10 times better?

Active Reload2249d ago

I have to agree with Starchild on this. The only visual dislike I have for the game are the animations. They don't seem to have the resources for a mo-cap studio.

Rumor2249d ago

okay, horrible writing, and why is the ak on the outside of the backpack? (can he even reach it) and why does he even have a backpack!?

Raf1k12249d ago

I know this is a horrible game. That much is obvious to any gamer but TBH for a game developed in the Arabian part of the world it's actually better than I expected.

Compare it to a game from Pakistan and you'll see what I mean.

fr0sty2249d ago

Limited resources or not, they could at least have made it where the screen didn't jitter all over the place and when you aim your gun down and shoot the ground, the character isn't still pointing his gun straight ahead of him.

RankFTW2249d ago

This game is a joke right? Please say so.

HappyGaming2249d ago


Or maybe in this case...


RedSky2249d ago

Obviously it's an inexperienced developer from a country without exactly a reputation for game developers to say the least.

It doesn't look 'bad' though for what it is. Most developing countries begin by imitating western companies and then building on their successes once they have mastered that. Give it 5 years and they may be making something everyone here will want to play.

AngryTypingGuy2249d ago

I was pleasantly surprised to see the gameplay video. During the first minute or so, I thought I was watching the beginning of an Al Qaeda video.

Pl4sm42249d ago


moparful992249d ago

That voice acting made me cringe.. I've seen B movies with better acting... Those animations were pretty laughable as well...

eldeladi2248d ago

Ibn Battuta is one of the greatest explorers of all time.

I hope they work on making the animations better.

anh_duong2248d ago


Day Effing One

looks gorgeous.. gears and uncharted don't stand a chance

GOTY... now Game of the Freaking millennium

hmmm.... should have gone to specsavers

inveni02248d ago

I hope this adventurer doesn't have a fear of bugs.

DeadlyFire2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

You guys just jump at everything. No way in hell this is a rip-off of anything.

This game is clearly on its own out there. Has nothing to do with Uncharted.

Game is being developed where? Saudi Arabian development house. Ok. That explains the graphics, the physics, the everything really. Game has uncharted like themes just because its around a dessert? A solid game has never come out of Saudi Arabia. So this is a new development. They likely are not the most experienced game developers. Even if they make complete crap and sell it to the Billions of people in India they will be rich. Let them make a trilogy and learn some new tactics in game development.

nskrishna22248d ago

@Deadlyfire people in India prefer quality games too. You might wanna watch what you're speaking man.

Dee_912248d ago

uncharted who ?
unearthed GOTY !!

nah but seriously this is probably for people in countries who cant get access to uncharted

they will be missing out on alot but atleast they get something somewhat similar :/

AngryTypingGuy2248d ago

What, my last comment was too offensive? You people have no sense of humor. Sorry I wasn't politically correct.

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ATiElite2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Publisher "Quick we need an Uncharted clone"

Dev "ON it, we got this game right here"

Publisher "looks like Shite plays like Vomit"

Dev "well it's very very cheaply made and we would be willing to sell it to you even cheaper"

Publisher "Excellent but make the title look as closely to Uncharted as possible, even the same amount of letters and you got yourself a deal"

subtenko2249d ago

Someone needs to tell the developer to drop this project and start with something else. hardly anyone is gonna buy this. I know ps3 owners arent gonna buy it thats what I know for sure.

This is making a bad impression on that team. I mean I rather play kinectimals than this unearthed game.

hilyou2249d ago

this is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than kinectmals, and u think kinectmals is better than this, how could u ever think that!

turgore2249d ago

No. Let them make it and let them fail miserably.