Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Announced + First Screenshots

Semaphore's latest looks to be an unabashed copy of developer Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, complete with ledge shimmying, duck and cover shooting and a slightly blockier version of Nathan Drake. We have more details and the debut trailer.

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pangitkqb2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

EDIT: I guess people disagree that I like Uncharted and will stick with it?

Wow. Well, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" as the old adage goes.

As for me, I'll stick with Uncharted, the ORIGINAL and best :D

fr0sty2522d ago

They should have just called it "Unoriginal"

mephish2522d ago

i think you mean Tomb Raider

zootang2522d ago Show
I_find_it_funny2522d ago

next video is gameplay, it's very lol

dragonelite2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Wow so uncharted was the first game in it genre.
Playing tomb raider and indiana jones 10 years or so ago must have been a dream then.

Young console gamers cant do anything with them.
Still uncharted 3 looks better and probably is better. Not sure about the multiplayer TDM part sound a hell to balance with the medals and perk shit.

frostypants2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Anyone who doesn't see how this is more of a ripoff of Uncharted than Tomb Raider is being willfully ignorant. Uncharted games have always been far more plot driven than Tomb Raider, and this game definitely seems to carry that vibe.

It's clearly riding Uncharted's coattails and doesn't look like it brings much new to the genre (which Uncharted undeniably did).

Even if you disagree with the above...guys...EVEN THE FREAKING NAME is a ripoff.

gaffyh2522d ago

I think it looks alright.

kane_13712522d ago

you guys should check out the gameplay shots.
it looks like a ps2 game.

Kurt Russell2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I wonder how they did those titles and how they came up with the design...

Oh wait, here is the tutorial:

Hahaha chumps even copied EVERYTHING.

DarkTower8052522d ago

I play every game that might be good. Don't let your fanboy goggles get in the way. Uncharted is my favorite series of all time, but to not play another game just because of similar plots is retarded.

That's right, you should feel retarded.

NukaCola2522d ago

I hope Naughty Dog puts this guy in a bar somewhere in the desert so Drake can kick the sh*t out of him for laughs. There is taking inspiration from and then there is putting out a clone that looks like it's made to run on a Game Gear. I mean if your going to go after a big dog like Uncharted, then at least get a game engine that wasn't made in 2002. The Drake-clone has knee he blowing the Sully-clone on a regular basis or is there some epic skate boarding segment through a pyramid in the game. hear me out..This game promotes safety to the youngsters.

starchild2522d ago

The animations look like utter crap compared to Uncharted. Seriously, those are some horrid animations.

But the graphics themselves are pretty good. Whoever said it looks like a PS2 game has no clue about how to judge game graphics. The PS2 couldn't come close to rendering graphics like those.

pangitkqb2522d ago

@ dragonlite

Thanks for assuming I am young and a console-only gamer. ;) Neither of those are true, but hey, you aren't interested actually knowing me, just lumping me into some group that is apparently below you. Thanks!

Tomb Raider - which I played originally on a Sega Saturn cuz I'm older than you think - of course pre-dates Uncharted. It was also plainly part of Uncharted's inspiration.

HOWEVER... Uncharted truly has a flavor all it's own and also clearly draws inspiration from several other titles. Mix em' all together and you have a topnotch game with a unique voice. This "Unearthed" game is clearly formed after the Uncharted voice more than any other. In that sense, Uncharted is the "Original" in this scenario.

Feel free to let me know how terrible I am as a human being ;)

NewMonday2522d ago

give them a brake, this is the first serious try at making an action game in the history of their country.

Controversy2522d ago

@ dragonlite...

Why hate console players? I play PC AND Console. Playing PC doesn't make me better than anyone. Acting like an elitist does make me worse I try to just love my fellow gamers.

firemassacre2522d ago

the few, the proud, the uncharted...NOT

blahblah2522d ago

"I guess people disagree that I like Uncharted and will stick with it?"

now read your comment and try to find where you said you like it.

you said it is the ORIGINAL and best. and it is neither. UC is a ripoff from all adventure games like TR. they just put more story, less exploring and more shooting.

best? nah, it is not. especially UC2 (for me). UC1 ranks really high in my standards, UC2 doesn't come into first 100 games i'd like to replay

Ace_Pheonix2522d ago

Honestly, though thematically it looks just like Uncharted, same font, same gun icons and everything, the screenshots make me think of nothing other than the Syphon Filter games they made for the PSP. Looks like the same engine and game mechanics, oddly.

Wenis2522d ago

Uncharted fans like to believe that Tomb Raider & Indiana Jones doesn't exist. Because suddenly Uncharted wouldn't be so original then.

Electroshocked2522d ago

Look at the first screenshot, it's a real life picture of a desert like place with these characters just pasted on top, lol.

popup2522d ago

and the biggest secret? YOU are the grenade.

HappyGaming2522d ago

lmfao they show a desc with maps and papers and then a picture of people walking in the desert xD Just like the uncharted 3 trailer :P

JasonPC360PS3Wii2521d ago

Uncharted ORIGINAL? it's just Gears of Tomb Raider

Kurt Russell2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Everyone seems to be kicking off over the fact this game is an Uncharted clone. That's not really my problem with it... Uncharted is arguably a clone on Tomb Raider in a lot of sense. It took a hell of a lot of winning elements from Tomb Raider and improved/bettered them no end creating a game that became its own.

My problem with this game however is that it brings absolutely nothing new to the table. It will be a shoddy weak exploration adventure game that tarnishes what is one of the best genres to come into its own this generation. I don't want to play a shit ton of FPS shooters, I like to sit down and be immersed in a great storyline.

Trying to get me to fork out £40 on a game that's simply being made to make money on a genres success is shameful... A lot of companies would at least have the decency to hide this, this one doesn't. It wants your pocket and nothing else and is one of my biggest issues since gaming became a mainstream activity.

Nerd rant over.

Cheeseknight282521d ago


You play EVERY game that might be good, every single one, and Uncharted is your favorite series? That might just be the most laughable thing I've read all day.

Every single game that might be good... and an adventure game with passable shooting mechanics and refining what other games did for years is apparently the best you've ever played. Naughty Dog saw a genre that needed a new series and filled it, that's it. It might be the best of it's kind, but it's kind doesn't give it much competition.

JellyJelly2521d ago

To be fair, Tomb Raider is the original. Not downplaying Uncharteds greatness in any way but calling it "the ORIGINAL" is a bit of a stretch.

x5exotic2521d ago

lol @Uncharted being original ...and best :P

as for this game it is sh*t indeed

pixelsword2521d ago

Some facts here:

1. Gears of war is a rip-off of kill.switch with armor from Warhammer.

2. Tomb Raider is a rip-off of Pitfall.

Many games have something that came before; the difference is the degree of theft and this is what that article is about, as both Gears and Tomb Raider (and Uncharted) are different enough from it's predecessors to stand out as Unearthed is a clone.

If you can't understand that, then no rational person can help you.

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captain-obvious2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

lol they even have a really really close name to uncharted
talk about shameless rip-off

and the hell is unearthed anyways

just looked at the developer an stuff
its a new Arabic developer from the looks of things
im all in for Arabic games studios making games but this it not the way to do it

Ravenor2522d ago

Find me a studio from that neck of the woods that doesn't shamelessly rip western games off.

ElementX2522d ago

"and the hell is unearthed anyways "

Um...... unearthed means to uncover as in dig up out of the ground....

Legion2522d ago

"and the hell is unearthed anyways"

un·earth (n-ûrth)
tr.v. un·earthed, un·earth·ing, un·earths
1. To bring up out of the earth; dig up.
2. To bring to public notice; uncover.

Duh. School much? Capt.Obvious? More like Private Ignorant.

So Uncharted and Unearthed are close because they both have "un" in their titles? Or is it the "ed" at the end?

"im all in for Arabic games studios making games but this it not the way to do it"

So what is the way to do it? Really... Naughty Dog gets a go because they took elements of past games and created a Tomb Rader-ish, Indiana Jones-ish game and yet when this company attempts to creep into the market then we have to hate on it because it some how offends those Uncharted fanboys?

Get real.

Ravens202522d ago

LMAO it even has uncharted font. I've never seen such a knock off of a game, not even quantum theory

marinelife92522d ago

Is this some kind of chinese knockoff?

jony_dols2522d ago

Worse. It's an Arabic studio knocking it off!


sasuke992522d ago

the worst and most awful ripoff ever!

x5exotic2521d ago

*cough* dante's inferno :P

MrAwesome2522d ago

"Inspired by the travels of one of the most famous explorers"

Even they admit it's a an Uncharted rip-off

JellyJelly2521d ago

I think they mean Doctor Livingstone...

BlmThug2521d ago

They Mean Ibn Battuta, Google It. He Was A Arabic Explorer And One Of The Greatest Ever. He Travelled More Than 75,000 Miles From 1304-1369

showtimefolks2522d ago

there were indiana jones and tomb raider games before uncharted all ND did was improve on the ideas with perfection. now those tome raider games or indiana jones games were never as highly regarded uncharted series.

so if there is a game like uncharted and its actually good i will defiantly give it a shot it just can't be a knock off otherwise it won't be received by the media or fans it has to have its own punch in a way

so stop hating the game from just the trailer which didn't show anything at all

we as gamers should give a game a fair chance before writing it off after watching the reveal trailer

subtenko2522d ago

WTF is this SH**! Seriously, everytime the ps3 gets an exclusive there's a developer (probably paid by M$) to make a game similar to it so they can have something similar.

i.e. infamous, then prototype came out >_>

now this, wtf... "THIS IS AN OUT-..RAGGGGE!" - Orlock

FlintGREY2522d ago

Weren't Infamous and Prototype announced around the same time? And I thought Prototype was released first....

NoBias2522d ago

What has MS cloned from Sony exclusive wise?

Legion2522d ago

What... you mean like. Gears and Resistance, Halo and Killzone?

adamant7152521d ago


Erm..Gears was released before Resistance, and Halo was around before Killzone was even made.

thedisagreefairy2521d ago


infamous was released first. hell sucker punch even pushed their release date up.

Muffin_Top2521d ago

@adamant715 I think that's his point.

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LastDance2522d ago

its obviously a small studio with low budget leave em alone.

Muffin_Top2521d ago

Yeah Leave Brittani alone!

sourav932521d ago

This is the actual gameplay of the game that I found on youtube which was on the related videos. The title and the commentary is in arabic so I've got no idea what the guy's saying. But people who are fearing about another uncharted copy, you've got nothing to worry about. But props to the devs, as their first game, not a bad job.

Gameplay commentay footage:

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Solidus187-SCMilk2522d ago

LOL. "Ibn Battuta" is funny to say.

This game has horrible animations LOL.

This guy is drake's mentally challenged cousin, thats why hes wearing knee pads.

HeavenlySnipes2522d ago

lol those devs are hilarious

I_find_it_funny2522d ago

last screen, the dude on the right is ready to fire a rocket launcher at the two lol

Klaykid1232522d ago

Don't forget Drake Nathe with his sparkly AK-47

Tr10wn2522d ago

Uncharted pretty much copy Tomb Raider and they did a better job doing it, but this game cloning Uncharted? lol they are doing a terrible job.

Peaceful_Jelly2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Drake and Lara are treasure hunters and there's where the similarities end. It is obvious you haven't played Uncharted so let me tell you how it plays.

Uncharted is a combination of Gears of War (shooting mechanic), Prince of Persia (platforming) and Indiana Jones (story and characters, it borrows 0% from Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider is pure exploration and generic action while Uncharted is all about story-telling and massive action set-pieces. And if you watch the new Tomb Raider Reboot trailer it is obvious that Crystal Dynamics is trying to copy that too.

Tr10wn2522d ago

So its obvious that i haven't played uncharted?

Well excuse my opinion of thinking that Uncharted is a man theme Tomb Raider FYI i have played both uncharted 1 & 2 and tomb raider i won't be playing the third one because i sold my PS3 but hopefully my friend will let me play it on his PS3.

But back to the topic i didn't said nothing bad about uncharted in fact that's one of the games that keep me from selling my PS3 for a long time (since MGS4)

everyone i know who have played uncharted said the same thing Uncharted is a man theme Tomb Raider and that's the truth, yes they are difference games one a is third person shooter and the other is a puzzle game but that doesn't change the fact that uncharted tried to make a better tomb raider with a man instead of a girl and they succeeded and crystal dynamics are failing trying to clone what uncharted have done in the past, hopefully the new tomb raider will be better and will compete with uncharted.

MysticStrummer2522d ago

Tomb Raider and Uncharted aren't very much alike at all, beyond the basic goal of treasure hunting. I wish Uncharted would copy Tomb Raider though. I mean the early Tomb Raiders, 1-4, not the crap known as The Tomb Raider Trilogy.

spectyre2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Well I guess Tomb Raider is just a female theme Pitfall.

BlackKnight2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

How the hell is Uncharted platforming like Prince of Persia? You can't run along walls or wall kick.

Uncharted is VERY similar to Tomb raider. The only difference was uncharted adopted gears of war's shooting/cover mechanics.

Stop acting like Uncharted didn't take alot of ideas. It did. I still own BOTH uncharted's and think they are excellent games. But as far as originality, it is lacking. Tomb Raider always had Lara digging into her past and how her father was an explorer and such. Her mother too was another story.

There is all sorts of story in the Lara games. Just because Uncharted has great graphics and solid gameplay doesn't mean it somehow didn't take ALOT from Tomb Raider.

What is worse, Tomb Raider isn't that original either, Indiana Jones goes back even further and the WHOLE GENRE of the fortune hunter and family and world travels and epic stories and super natural stuff is NOTHING original when it comes to Uncharted.

Fanboys are ridiculous.

Biggest2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I swear there is something wrong with you people. We are here talking about how similar a game looks to another game, and in some of your strange brains you see it as a chance to try and de-value Uncharted. The game we are discussing here is not inspired by Uncharted. It is the equivalent of a bootleg knock off made in China. We aren't talking about a borrowed story idea or related treasure hunting background. You can find Kevin Bacon in Uncharted (or any other game) if you try hard enough. What we have here is a game with Dathan Nrake and Bevin Kacon trying to find treasure with Caura Lroft. Blatant copying.

Edit: That being said; I like the look of the environment. The character model, animation, and physics engine need a LOT of help.

Legion2521d ago


Are you trying to say now that the next Tomb Raider is trying to copy Uncharted? Really?

Why is everyone having a hissy fit about this game coming out? For all we know it might be a PSN/XBLA title in work?

As for it being a clone? From looking at the video it has more in common with Tomb Raider then Uncharted. Just replace the main character with a female character and you would not see too much difference. Obviously Saudi is not going to give their main lead to a female character though.

The animation needs a lot of work as does the collision and modeling. But if it is still in early work then hope that this develpoer can get things fixed.

Calling it an Uncharted clone is just fanboyish.

radphil2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )


How about the fact that so far it looks like it offers nothing new to the table of the adventure genre.

Plus good god at the ignorance going around just on this article. I know it's N4G, but man you have the people thinking Uncharted is original, then you have the people thinking that this is copying off of Tomb Raider, just because they believe it's the idea behind all exploration genre.

Plus apparently people forgot the term GENRE. That's why games are SIMILAR IN THAT FASHION.

Of course Uncharted got inspiration from Tomb Raider. That doesn't mean EVERYTHING that it does is similar to Tomb Raider, otherwise you'd see people complain more about games like Hexen and Marathon being unoriginal from Doom.

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DoomeDx2522d ago

lol that Skorpion has the size of an assault rifle, instead of an SMG