Vita “the best portable game machine we’ve ever seen” – EA’s Moore

BeefJack: "The PlayStation Vita has “that cool factor,” says EA Sport’s Peter Moore, and he believes Sony’s “great hardware” and pricing will keep the portable gaming market an important part of the games industry – even if the 3DS is struggling at the moment."

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firemassacre2492d ago

The Vita is the Bruce Lee of Handhelds.

longcat2492d ago

The Vita is the Chuck Norris of Handhelds


doG_beLIEfs2491d ago

Chuck Norris is a fixed views teabagging (insert explitives of choice here)

The Meerkat2492d ago

Bruce Lee is smaller and therefore more portable.

zinkabass2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

ahaha lol !!

I usually don't really agree much with you ,.. but bro, that was really witty!

miyamoto2491d ago

Vita “the best portable game machine we’ve ever seen”

that is what I thought too : )

a_bro2491d ago

plus, Bruce Lee kicked Chick Norris' ass....

I_find_it_funny2492d ago

I wonder how this new UI will work

dc12492d ago

Does that make the PSP 'IP Man'?

I love the reference firemassacre!!

Etseix2492d ago

IP MAN its way better than Bruce.

Steven Seagal is the DS .

dc12492d ago

But IP Man was his teacher/predecessor.. do you see the problem here?

By the way Steven Seagal is the DS or perhaps David Carradine.
(Not as refined but much more assessable)

princejb1342492d ago

i really hope this handheld is succesful and theres no way to hack it either, homebrew is what killed the psp with all the non stop pirating

StbI9902491d ago

They will hack it, it will be hacked, and pirates are gonna pirate...

Things for sony right now are in the willing of people to keep their OF, for the features such as cross gaming, chat, psn, trophies and such, just like now with the ps3, doubt people are willing to loose these key features these gens for simply playing an iso/s, kids would tho.

Joni-Ice2492d ago

I'm not trying to take away from the Vita because I too think its the bast portable handheld however when companies are investing in to this machine, they will say things like what Peter Moore said. It helps sell unit which in turns sells games. Its call great PR.

pain777pas2492d ago

Call it what you want but when you add up the features and compare to any other handheld gaming device can you argue the point? It would be hard. PR is one thing common sense is another. No handheld gaming device minus "3d" value is in the Vita's league.

NateNater2491d ago

No the Vita is the Ip Man of handhelds!

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Cloudberry2492d ago

Please bring Dead Space series to Vita.

And maybe...

Battlefield / Bad Company for Vita too.

Baka-akaB2492d ago

i think thats a given ...

EA already brought everything they had on most platform already (they even supported the ngage of all things)

tigertron2492d ago

Never thought I'd see the day when Peter Moore would praise a Sony platform. ^_^

I have to agree with him, it definatly has that cool factor.

A portable Dead Space and Mirror's Edge please, EA.

chaos-lockheart2491d ago

Does he still have that tattoo on his arms, or was that just a sticker

tigertron2491d ago

I think it was just a transfer.

banjadude2491d ago

Dead Space on PSP Vita, would be God-sent :)

Darth Stewie2492d ago

I hope EA uses the transfarring tech for games such as Madden,NCAA,Fifa,NHL,etc. Also please bring a new Dead Space and Mass Effect game for the Vita not ports.

mcstorm2492d ago

A console is only as good as its games imo. The biggest problem I am seeing with PSV is that its getting ported games rather then new games or IP's. This is part of the reason why Nintendo have owned the handheld market for so long because the dont port console games to the handhelds.
The PSV is looking like it could walk all over the 3DS in terms on what it can offer but this was the same with the PSP and DS but look what heppened there. This was all because of Games and price.

Im looking forward to getting the PSV but I can still see my self getting more games on my 3DS.

joeorc2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

"A console is only as good as its games imo. The biggest problem I am seeing with PSV is that its getting ported games rather then new games or IP's. "

this zombie statement will just not die it seems.

this is going to be just a port machine? really?, why its not is very simple, because there are quite a number of games already in development,that are made an brand new IP's that have not been on any handheld yet, an many of them are being made for pretty much every freaking Handheld anyway...All new games.

So How does that Help the Vita with the idea of Exclusive games that take advantage of the PSVita's Hardware?

Its very simple, it does not need too, that's right it does not need too because it's still a new game on the PSVita there are over 1000 of these games in development ranging from quick pick up an play to some extensive adventure games.

"The Playstation Suite was made for that very reason"

the PSVita will be far an away of being "just a port machine"

that zombie statement keeps getting out of the grave when the zombie was shot in the head along time ago, let it that Zombie sleep for god sake.

Baka-akaB2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

1 nintendo actually had as many ports and multiplatform games on each handheld even look right now at ssf4 and zelda 64 leading the 3ds pack) . It just wasnt indeed well balanced on psp , at least in the west .

2 . Even for said ports and old ip , there is a huge difference you dont account for . Till vita , those ports were vastly inferior .

Not just in the obvious power and graphics department , since vita will be a tad too obviously . But mostly with the controls .

Ever played a fps on handheld ? you had to deal with a meh control scheme at best and make due with what's lacking .

Same goes for other genres . Now at last we get an handheld that control everybit as well as an home console .

It's not just having a cod port on the console (yeah yeah i hate the game too , its an example) , it's being able to play it as well than at home , wich is an experience we actually never had yet . That alone would be a novelty and fresh

pain777pas2492d ago

Here is the thing there is an unique input interface and AR tech to toy with here. This is not the PSP people. From what I've read it cannot be stressed enough that they can bring new experiences to the handheld. ME would work best on the Vita.

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