European box arts revealed for Ratchet, Resistance and Uncharted dual packs

Amazon France has revealed what appear to be the official European box arts for the recently revealed Ratchet & Clank Future, Resistance and Uncharted dual packs.

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jaredhart2458d ago

Too bad I have all of these games.

Cheeseknight282458d ago

I own all except the Resistance set. Might grab it.

Wish Ratchet would've thrown in Quest For Booty. Woulda made it a better buy.

I_find_it_funny2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

platinum editions? FUUUUUU SCEE , will have to do without it then

well, might just as well buy used one, buy new original case, and print new cover with new design :)

zinkabass2458d ago

I am getting the Ratchet one,..

Still haven't played the Clank in time, traded in the first one, because I was broke,.. And both games are just incredible,..

pneboy2458d ago

a cover inside a cover? coverception or really bugfugly covers considering its a platinum cover inside a platinum cover

R8342458d ago

When the third game in the series goes Platinum, they'll probably make another collection with 3 and the dual packs - a cover within a cover within a cover O.O

rajman2458d ago

I was an a** to never get Uncharted...and a bigger a** to sell off my Uncharted 2 not long Im saying HELLO Uncharted Collection =)

CrawFail2458d ago

Man, those platinum covers and cases are an eyesore.
I'd much rather buy the games used individually and have the original jewel cases than have those abominations on my shelf.

R8342458d ago

Yeah, I always avoid Platinum covers when I can, to the point of being given a Platinum cover by Gamestation and asking if they have an original one.

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