Black Ops Patch 1.10 Live on Xbox 360

Black Ops patch 1.10 is now live on the Xbox 360 and the 2 big changes are the tweaks to the Famas and the new playlists.

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Dart892464d ago

Since they nerfed the famas now prepare for the AUG abuse:D.

CodCom2464d ago

People will always find something to complain about. Perhaps the AUG will be next.

Nitrowolf22464d ago

yeah, every shooter i've played they always complain about one gun. Once it gets fixed it's the next gun they complain about.

DA_SHREDDER2464d ago

The Aug always was the better gun anyways.

theonlylolking2463d ago

Eventually all of the guns will be nerfed.

saoco2463d ago

i hope not. that's my favorite weapon, and the mp5.

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RugbyGod2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Here's the problem with too much weapon fine tuning..pretty soon all of the guns have stats that are so similar that they lose their individual feel making them all react and handle the same. Stop messing around with the guns. The next Black Ops will have just one gun ans we'll all get to choose the color...

HeavenlySnipes2463d ago

didn't make sense. It didn't have the highest damage or rate of fire, but somehow could easily outgun other weapons. I'm tired of playing against other teams only using it. Add the consistent lag that makes watching killcams all the more frustrating and you have a 6/10 online experience.

floetry1012463d ago

Anyone used the Famas since the patch went up? I'll be interested to know how it feels since I can't play the game atm.

davidmccue2463d ago

Where's the Headquaters playlist gone :(

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