Why Nintendo’s Wii U won’t last

During E3 this year Nintendo announced their new console, the Wii U. The vote was split on whether it was a good or bad idea.
I personally think Nintendo have dug themselves into an early grave.

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Pikajew2499d ago

This is a nice fanboy article

pangitkqb2499d ago

I'm curious: How many peeps here on N4G are planning on purchasing a Wii U? How many are not?

It's been a pretty decisive split amongst gamers from what I have seen; 1/2 can't wait for Nintendo's new system, 1/2 are disappointed or not interested.

Timmer2499d ago

I for one can't wait, but I do understand the criticism of many gamers towards Nintendo's approach.

Still, I'll be trying my damnedest to make this a day 1 buy, assuming the price is right.

Nugan2499d ago

I'm going to wait for the price.

If it's $299/$349, I'll think seriously about it, because I'm actually pretty happy with what I've heard so far about the hardware, third party support, first party plans, etc.

However, if it's more than $349 I'll probably wait for a price drop.

iforgotmylogin2499d ago

im buying it day 1.

lots of people just truly hate nintendo and everything about em so thats why it seems like no one wants a wiiu. but if its 1/2 of the ppl on n4g that want one just think about the moms and dads and kids that want one.

people forget that anyone can buy a system, i cant wait to see all the things nintendo fixed from the wii era.

maxcavsm2499d ago

Not a chance out the door. Give it two years until they actually support it with some games that I can't play on my Xbox 720 or PS4 and we'll talk.

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CDbiggen2498d ago

Everyone's an industry expert these days. Derp.

Farsendor12499d ago

so fare developers,sony and nintendo say their next system wont be a powerhouse as expected from previous console generations.

stupid tablets and phones are ruining gaming

reason i didn't mention ms cause i don't believe they have said anything on hardware specs for their next system.

ChickeyCantor2499d ago

"nintendo say their next system wont be a powerhouse as expected from previous console generations. "

Hey even Valve said they think WiiU is powerful.

I dont see how thats not a "powerhouse".
The "tablet" compliments the traditional buttons.
Don't really see this is a bad thing. You sure you aren't just mad because you can't find a real reason to hate it?

matey2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

this kid is right but i think your talking about Armstrong VP of sony has said the ps4 will be about the same power as ps3 give or take ram ect and a few more bells and whistles but the WiiU is already alor more powerful as the biggest devs in the industry have stated so im thinking WiiU will be same power as Xbox 720 and ps3 will lag behind this time like all the other times Valve has expressed his feeling of WiiU saying its alot more poweful than ps3/360

Nintendo fans are mainly adults yes the new ones are kids and adults but most nintendo die hards are 30 plus years old its sony fans that are young i was in game the other say and a 11 year old boy came in with his mum asking 4 GTA4 most wii gamers are mature adults that dont shout ive got the best console so Davidmccue shut your mouth how old are u im 31 years old got a wii/3ds/xbox1 getting a WiiU why its the only console u will ever need the best 3rd party games and 1st party games like Zelda HD now that demo proved nintendo are going to do amazing graphics beyond the competition on there next console wow

Dart892499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I'll wait till it's released to see if it's worth my money.

Edit:@Farsendor *so far developers,sony and nintendo say their next system wont be a powerhouse as expected from previous console generations.* Umm you do know they're probably saying this just to throw the competition off right??

Ulf2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I will get a Wii U on day 1, if it plays GameCube games, because I would be more than happy to rid myself of my Wii, and I still have about 6 GC games that I *must* play before I die (Baten Kaitos 1&2, FF:Crystal Chronicles, Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, and a couple others)

If not, I will get one when there are several exclusives for it that I cannot go without. Say, 1 new Mario, 1 new Zelda, and 1 new Paper Mario... and another side-scrolling Mario Bros doesn't count.

FlipDock2499d ago

Unfortunately Nintendo confirmed there will be no GC support

iforgotmylogin2499d ago

sad sad day, i wish it would. that just means ill get to crack out the cube from time to time

iforgotmylogin2499d ago

ill help you there,
baten kaitos is a must play

you can skip crystal chronicles

tales of symphonia is a must play
same with skies of Arcadia

2 of the best rpgs on the system right there.
wasted over 90 hours i think beating them both

Lyle912499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I got near the end of Skies of Arcadia and then my memory card was stolen.

matey2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

it doesnt support gamecube and u knew that u fool its only backward with wii so ur not buying 1 what a shame im getting Ghost recon online day 1 and Darksiders 2 as well as Ninja gaiden 3 oh i cant forget Mario kart if its out wow

maxcavsm2499d ago

Oh, you mean the $600 Mario, Zelda, Metroid machine won't hit it with the nursing homes and soccer moms? Shocking.

Joegrine202499d ago

You're really sad -______-

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