Uncharted: A waste without a sequel

"It would be a waste if we didn't have a sequel" says Naughty Dog boss, promising its next game will push the PS3 further

"Crash was a franchise, Jak & Daxter was a franchise and yes of course Uncharted will be a franchise," he told Opposable Thumbs. "It takes a lot of effort to create a universe like Uncharted and there is so much more we want to do. It would be a waste if we didn't have a sequel to make it even better than the first one" he replies...

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HeartlesskizZ3974d ago

Great to know the game is not out yet and already is new franchise for the PS3 =)

socomnick3974d ago

While im sure the games gonna be tight, what happens if the game flops in sales do they still make a sequel ?

Kotaku3974d ago

already was xpecting this to be confirm.

Saint Sony3974d ago

Yep and the sequel comes multiplatfrom, just because they can get so much more money out from 360 market. They will realise it with this first game of the serie.

gerrard3974d ago

Of course that will happen when Halo4 comes to the ps3 LOL.

SmokeyMcBear3974d ago

uhhh its 24 gigs.. you know that right.. so uhh.. uncharted 2 on the 360, discs 1-4

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Genki3974d ago

One could interpret that as meaning that series is all but buried. Let's hope not.

predator3974d ago

this game looks very good, was watching the making off on gametrailers last night, 75%-to get a ps3 25%-not to get, ill wait a month more.

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The story is too old to be commented.