Arma 2: Free, Military sim now available to download for free

Bohemia Interactive have launched Arma 2: Free - a free-to-play version of the mil-sim title Arma 2, which serves up almost everything offered by the original Arma 2

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kookie2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Awesome, but needs a good pc

ASSASSYN 36o2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Graphics are low detail due to it being free. Good pc or not it looks mediocre.

ATiElite2527d ago

I play Arma 2 most weekends with some buddies of mine but we use the ACE mod 2 and some other hi-res textures and mods.

I think Bohemia Interactive is doing the right thing by offering this game up for free to bring in a bigger audience to this challenging MilSim series. Remember folks this ain't COD, this game will tax your ass.

To play with all the eye candy u need a beastly PC and the paid version. Another day another free PC game.

ASSASSYN 36o2527d ago

Yeah it is a beast of a game on high settings. Nothing like strafing the shit out of people with an A-10. Especially when they think you don't see them!

bumnut2527d ago

It has to be or no one would buy the full version.

ForTheFallen2527d ago

Great to hear, that looks awesome to me