Atari Could Lose Dragon Ball Z

Ailing Atari is in danger of losing the rights to the popular Dragon Ball Z franchise, according to a recent regulatory filing.

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HeartlesskizZ3942d ago

for all I care about that childish over rated cartoon.

Prismo_Fillusion3942d ago

The anime *is* overrated - but it has amazing video game potential. Potential which will probably never be reached.

Zhuk3942d ago

AM2 or Bioware would do an amazing job with this franchise

Evil Rant Monkey3942d ago

This series has a nice potential, but not in the hands of Atari. Atari just keeps putting out the same game with a little change in controls and maybe an added character.

THE_JUDGE3942d ago

Activision would be the first company that comes to mind to pick it up.

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