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We need to "protect" traditional gaming from motion play - Bioshock dev

OXM UK: "Experimenting with motion sensitive gameplay is fine "as long as we can firewall off and protect what we know works", reckons Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine. More familiar mechanics like those offered by upcoming shooter Bioshock Infinite need to be "protected" from any dabbling with gestural control." (BioShock: Infinite, Ken Levine, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

TheLastGuardian2010  +   1028d ago
Damn straight.
zootang  +   1027d ago
Did no one watch E3? Where he openly praised Move.

Not every company pays people to come to their event.
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Fox01  +   1027d ago
He was probably paid to say that.
Ducky  +   1027d ago
... but what does that have to do with this article? O.o
Fox01  +   1027d ago
It's either that or he's schizophrenic
Tony P  +   1027d ago
He and his team are in a business relationship. Of course he said something nice. He was being professional even if it was something he didn't want to do.

And I think it's obvious he didn't want to do it. Levine and the team didn't want Move in their game. And now that they've been forced to implement it, he admitted they have no idea what to do with it.

You don't always get to control how your game is made, unfortunately.
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thekiddfran  +   1027d ago
I am sorry but didn't he say that bioshock infinite will support move?
Ducky  +   1027d ago
The article itself states that:
"He was unwilling to comment on whether Bioshock Infinite might call on Microsoft's Kinect (the game already supports the PlayStation Move controller)"

He isn't saying that games shouldn't have any motion controls, but rather that they shouldn't be forced on to the player and shouldn't affect the main experience.
i.e. Don't dumb down the AI so that they're easy to hit with the motion control.
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DirtyLary  +   1027d ago
Simply do not buy the devices and the toddler games.
pain777pas  +   1027d ago
There is something to note. I don't know but maybe he is hinting that the move should not be lumped with all the other motion controlled devices. Move is a dualshock with Nav controller in hand. From what I've heard it works for Killzone 3 and other games. I would venture that he is saying YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE MOTION CONTROLS. THEY ARE AN OPTION only. This goes for Move, Kinect and any other Wii like or eye-toy like devices.
dirigiblebill  +   1028d ago
Ken Levine is man with head screwed on = confirmed.
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MrChow666  +   1027d ago
I agree 100% motion controls should be just an option
DeadlyFire  +   1027d ago
Wow wouldn't expect anyone to say it. Glad someone has said it. I don't want every game I play to be on Kinect or required to have motion controls.
coryok  +   1027d ago
give this man a raise
Clayman  +   1027d ago
Well said.
Chaostar  +   1027d ago
Video of Kev Levine talking about Move support for Infinite:


skip to 8:20 ish
felonycarclub  +   1027d ago
do people even read the articles anymore?
Optical_Matrix  +   1027d ago
To everyone calling him out on talking up Move Support for Bioshock Infinite: Read this: "Experimenting with motion sensitive gameplay is fine "as long as we can firewall off and protect what we know works", reckons Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine.

Simmer down
felonycarclub  +   1027d ago
hey so some people do read the articles, not just the title.
saumer  +   1027d ago
I don't understand what there is to protect. What people are hate are shity thoughtless motion games made to make a quick buck. What we should be focused on is designing good controls and good games.

If a game is engaging and designed well, who cares what control scheme it uses.
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zero_cool  +   1027d ago
What they need to do is cater to both audiences on the playstation 3 there's no excuse not to & that goes for all the developer studios out there as well!
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earbus  +   1027d ago
Need to protect it by stopping these devs boring us to death with more bio dribble, now on rails.
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spenn2010  +   1027d ago
Those of you who keep mentioning his approval of the PS move during E3 are not mentioning that the PSmove is controller based...... kinect is not.

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