Sonic the Hedgehog Turns 20 Years Old Today

SEGA’s super-fast blue skinned wonder Sonic the Hedgehod is celebrating his 20th birthday today. Although, not basking in the glory he once enjoyed, Sonic is a character whom everyone used to love and still does.

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taijutsu3632523d ago

Happy Bday Sonic! Your still a Beast after 20yrs!

Quagmire2523d ago

I dont understand why Mario was always more famous than Sonic.

Mario = Fat Italian Plumber
Sonic = Fast Blue Hedgehog

Rattlehead202523d ago

I think back in the Snes/Genesis (Mega Drive) days, Sonic was far more popular.

I guess Mario is more famous because he was around first and was pretty much the first 'face' of gaming.

Gran Touring2523d ago

Sega can you PLEASE make sonic adventure 3?