IGN Battalion Wars 2 Review

Even with a few missteps, Battalion Wars 2 remains a quality title that I can recommend to anybody who liked the original or to any Wii owners interested in an action game that requires a little more smarts to complete.

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unsunghero284037d ago

I liked the original, and this seems like a much more complete package. Maybe not a AAA title for the Wii, but one that will keep people busy before Super Mario Galaxy.

TruthbeTold4037d ago

This game is awesome. I'm going to be playing it for a long time.

ItsDubC4037d ago

Is the online play any fun?

chrno4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I don't own a wii, but this and RE are two games that I want for my ps3.

KeiZka4037d ago

RE you are getting, but this? Not until Nintendo bites the dust in hardware market, which is pretty much never.

Has anyone any idea when this is going to be released in Europe?

Zhuk4037d ago

this would be better on Xbox 360 especially with Xbox Live

ItsDubC4037d ago

Here's a nice little excerpt from his/her bio:

"Microsoft has made a great machine and I enjoy it immensely and I admit I am an 'xbot'... I have never owned a Nintendo system in my life and with any luck I never will..."

JoNaZ_RG4037d ago

I own a Wii and a Xbox 360, and I think I would rather playing this game on 360 for xbox live and for the other functionalities that the 360 has such as headset and friend list stuff, while Nintendo WiFi is all about the stupid friendcodes, I had enough of those on Mario Strikers.....

Radiomorph4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Not all games will use codes. It's up to the developers to decide, if I got it right. MOHH2 seems to have another solution to it for example.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

JoNaZ_RG4036d ago

I said Nintendo WiFi connection, not EA Nation......if you didnt know, those are different SERVICES BRO

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PS360WII4037d ago

Anyway I did pick this game up the other day. However I also picked up Stranglehold, Zack & Wiki, and Manhunt 2. So far I've watched Hard Broil, played the first level of Stranglehold, and the first two levels of Manhunt 2. They were pretty fun so hopefully tonight I'll check out BW2 and Zack & Wiki ^^

ItsDubC4037d ago

Wow you'll be busy for a long time! Yesterday I almost bought this but then I remembered how much $ I dropped on GH3 on Sunday lol.

PS360WII4037d ago

heh yea GHIII is pretty sweet. I finally got a use for that extra controller I got with Wii Play. I already had 4 controlers at the time so now I have the extra in the guitar at all times. Have all but 2 songs done on easy and was dabbling in the medium but then the next crop of games came out. I like to buy em fresh then when the releases slow down I can back track and play all the other games I have :)

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