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New Kinect Hunting Game Announced

Through their Twitter page, Acitvision have announced a brand new hunting game for the Xbox 360 with Kinect interactivity. (Xbox 360)

NukaCola  +   1437d ago
Can I strangle Kotick to death with my bear* hands?

*Not a typo..I want to be a bear
yen888  +   1437d ago
Who wouldn't want to be!!
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1437d ago
I'd rather be this... http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Kon  +   1437d ago
And we have a winner!
TomInc  +   1437d ago
Interested to see how gun gameplay gets incorporated!
yen888  +   1437d ago
I really hope it's done well otherwise it will be just another piece of shovelware
DarkTower805  +   1437d ago
Most likely jazz hands, so far that's the most effective way I've seen.
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Titanz  +   1437d ago
Der_Kommandant  +   1437d ago
Pew pew pew

Dead Bear
Grodd  +   1437d ago
I love Cabela Dangerous Hunts for the PS3/Move. Hopefully they can put out something good for the Kinect.

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