Minecraft gets a Zelda Mod with ten hours of gameplay

Minecraft modder Gary520 has created a 'Zelda Adventure' mod for Minecraft. The mod promises over 10 hours of gameplay and 20 new items/weapons taken from the Zelda universe.


The Minecraft forum is currently down for maintance at the moment.

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WhiteLightning2493d ago

Some people are just truly dedicated on Minecraft to create these things

Takoulya2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

That's absolutely fantastic. I really love the talented community of Minecraft which allow such amazing things to be made. I hope Terraria gets official mod support soon as well; it'll be great to see what people can come up with.


maniac762493d ago

cool,but if i wonna play a cool zelda clone id play 3d dot heros on ps3 >.>

TheGameFoxJTV2493d ago

Missed the point, didn't you. This is a free mod....3D is a paid game.

davidmccue2493d ago

This has been pending since yesterday as well, it got lost in the pending stage and got put through automatically.