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Sucker Punch hiring for new PS3 title

Job listings that have appeared on both Sucker Punch Productions' website and Gamasutra have revealed that the studio is currently hiring for staff to work on a new PlayStation 3-exclusive title. (PS3, Sucker Punch)

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Abash  +   1413d ago
Hopefully it's a new IP and they save inFamous 3 for the PS4
himdeel  +   1413d ago
I'd take a new IP or inFAMOUS 3 right now. Sucker Punch is an awesome Dev and I'm a fan of their work. Much like Naughty Dog they can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned :)
house  +   1413d ago
Sony needs to capitalize and buy them up they hinted they were a while back
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1413d ago
i trust they will come up with smth awesome
malandra  +   1413d ago
I think it's obvious that this will be their las game this generation so I think it would have a nice continuity if they do Infamous 3 to release it in 2013, and it's the final game on the series

and then they can start working on a PS4 lunch title for 2015 (that's the date for the PS4)
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Cloudberry  +   1413d ago
I too hoping for a new IP.
As Sly 4 already developed by Sanzaru Games.
BYE  +   1413d ago
Can't wait see what they come up with next.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1413d ago
Knew it, I read a couple articles saying that might make a mutiplatform title. But after reading an article where they say they love developing for the PS3, I knew they would stay exclusive.
theunleashed64  +   1413d ago
that new ip rumor might be true if this is to go by.
Der_Kommandant  +   1413d ago
Whatever they come up with, I'm sure it's going to be awesome.
Noctis106  +   1413d ago
wow. they are incredible
Kon  +   1413d ago
Because they are hiring people? smh.
Klaykid123  +   1413d ago
Lol. + Bubs for making me laugh.
Noctis106  +   1413d ago
No. Because they keeps making games non-stop! What an idiot, you are!
SuperStrokey1123  +   1413d ago
Love them as devs, they make great games. Now which do i want more? InFamous 3 or a new IP... decisions!
Dmd  +   1413d ago
Think really hard, for this is entirely up to you.
undercovrr  +   1413d ago
LOL! You made me laugh so bubbles for u
SuperStrokey1123  +   1413d ago
lol i suppose i should have thought that throuhg better lol, bubs to you!
koehler83  +   1413d ago
Going to assume it's Infamous 3 until told otherwise.
user8397144  +   1413d ago
Make an adventure game. They must be doing good.
curtis_boy  +   1413d ago
how about a new ip for the PS4
Sevir04  +   1413d ago
judging by Sonys interesting in developing the ps3, its just now hitting it's stride and the platform keeps on expanding on its features we wont see a ps4 for another 4 years! and with the current level of software, I'd be happy if the PS4 doesnt show face for 5 years! no need to squander, they'll start the next gen when they are good ad ready... besides. Suckerpunch can do a new ip this gen or just create Infamous 3...
THC CELL  +   1413d ago
i bet robocop eating his words
Seventh_Blood_Reborn  +   1413d ago
I would like a new IP too. I don' t think they are going to do it, but I need a good true RPG!
theonlylolking  +   1413d ago
Mass Effect 3
Seventh_Blood_Reborn  +   1413d ago
Look, I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2, such a great game! Plus I am a GREAT Sci-Fi fan.

But Mass Effect is not exactly what I mean like a real rpg. It' s a TPS with some RPG mechanics. Nothing wrong about it, I like the mix, but I want something more like Oblivion for example, Deus Ex, or even like Demon' s Souls.
spektical  +   1413d ago
sony should buy them, and give them jak4 for a project ^_^
Baddo_Ekkusuchi  +   1413d ago
new ip please, though infamous 3 won't hurt either way. its just nice that sony has tons of awesome exclusive IPs
Apotheosize  +   1413d ago
I think they confirmed their next game is a new IP and not sly/infamous

sounds good to me man
REDHULKSMASH  +   1413d ago
Infamous 3 4 5 and so on, hell yeah! Keep em coming! No more user made content just bigger maps.
DigitalRaptor  +   1413d ago
I hope it's not a shooter/first-person.

A new IP (third person action) would be awesome!
Dmd  +   1413d ago
Yes! Enouth with the FPS fever already!
yaz288  +   1413d ago
damn I want Infamous 3 !!!
Butt0n_m4sher  +   1413d ago
Did you see the picture of those Suckerpunch guys!? They make good games but I think that would rather join a team with a bit more diversity.
Rhezin  +   1413d ago
Save inFamous 3 for ps4? 3%$* that! InFamous 3 for PS3! Wtf? ps3 is barely hitting it's peak. You really anxious to shell out $600 for a new system when there is awesome games already out for ps3 and a shit ton more on the way? Dammit I hate it when people talk about next gen systems when they're already sitting on their shelf.
Jappy-k7  +   1412d ago
second overrated dev after ND
dgonza40  +   1412d ago
what makes them overrated?
the ability to provide their fanbase and consumers with games they enjoy?
They just take a working formula and add more and more to it.
Sly and infamous are prime exapmles.
They also dont sell millions and millions of copies of their games one month after release like other franchises, or have much recognition outside of their fanbase.
In short, they arent overrated.

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