Final Fantasy XIII-2 Has Other New Characters Besides Noel

Andriasang: Noel joins the Final Fantasy XIII cast as the main character of Final Fantasy XIII-2. But he won't be the only major new character in the game.

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keith-ps32588d ago

has any 1 watched Sucker Punch! they copy a whole damn cut scene from ff13 i was thinking while i watch it i know this from sum where out of all the whores in that movie i would take lighting over all of them she has that face like she can take a.....

colonel1792588d ago

which scene from Sucker Punch?

keith-ps32588d ago

the train scene when she had that sword and gun o yea those other guys looked like they was from killzone lol

RichterBelmont2588d ago

Ugh. Give us Versus 13 already!