Ausgamers Dungeon Siege III Review

Very few genres outside of the action RPG give the player clothing items to equip that are named after conflicting human traits, meaning that your pants could very well be vengeful and your gloves honourable. And sometimes when you match these traits together, called an item set, your clothes decide to reward you with some bonus attributes - very technical and completely reasonable stuff, of course. Items and clothing also come in various colours, which would be unrelated to their actual, you know, colour. This means that orange items would be pretty awesome in the additional stats and attributes they give you, like a bonus to blocking and agility, whereas white items pretty much mean that they’re of no real use to anyone in the game-world and make you wonder why a shopkeeper would buy five of them, let alone one.

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thereapersson2526d ago

I must've been one of the only people who enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to the full game. I was thinking of getting it on PC because you get DS 1 & 2 as well, but I did like sitting on my couch on my PS3. Decisions....

Theyellowflash302526d ago

Get it on your PC, then hook up your PC to your TV and play with a PS3 controller plugged into the PC. That way you can still sit on your couch and play