By Its Cover: Mass Effect - A Trilogy Of Bland Covers

Critical Hit! says: "It’s said you should never judge a book by its cover. But the simple fact is that we all do it. We can’t help ourselves.

The job of a cover designer is to create an image that makes you want to read that book—or in our case, play that game. A successful cover has two goals to accomplish: it needs to get your attention, and it needs to visually summarize what makes this game so great that you should play it. Unfortunately, the covers of Mass Effect do neither of these."

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Stuart57562584d ago

They're not bad, I've seen much worse this gen, but I do remember thinking when I first saw the ME2 that it didn't look like a game that screamed critical acclaim! Don't judge a book by its cover though, or video game!

LocO_o2584d ago

They are not bad just look too much like Star Wars movie posters.

zeal0us2584d ago

If I was buying/judging the game base off its cover it would matter but sadly I'm not. TES4:Oblivion one of my favorite games it got one of the most simple game covers but sold&like by millions. So covers in this day and age really don't matter.

MidnytRain2584d ago

You can have a simple and elegant box art without going the "bland and uninspired" route.

jwk942584d ago

Remember the uncharted 2 Japan cover? That ish was mad creepy!

Quagmire2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I thought that the First game cover was brilliant.

The other two are horrible though (save for their respective collector's edit).

Hooby2584d ago

First cover was great. The next two are boring and generic, not nearly as artistic and epic as the game themselves are.


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The story is too old to be commented.