SBG Preview: It’s Super Mario. It’s in 3D.

"We’ve" known a Super Mario game for 3DS was coming since this year’s GDC, when Satoru Iwata revealed a few screenshots and a temporary logo in his keynote. Now "we’ve" played it, and... "we" don’t know that much more.

Here’s the best way "we" can explain it: this game takes Super Mario 64, adds the polished elements "we’ve" seen from the Galaxy games but forgoes the space theme or the round worlds, and sprinkles a little bit of Super Mario 3 here and there. Want the Tanooki Suit? You’re in luck. Itching to fight a Koopaling? That’s here. Yearning to bounce on a Note Block? Your dreams have come true in a very real way.

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SilentNegotiator2580d ago

Doesn't really look like Mario's best outing. The obstacles don't seem all that interesting or new or difficult and the boss fights look generic.