Interview: Activision's Eric Hirshberg On Being 'The Bad Guy'

Activision Publishing's CEO talks to Gamasutra business editor Colin Campbell about the company's "bad guy" reputation, his love of making great game ads, and this year's major battle for the FPS crown.

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THWIP712580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

" I see a very creative company that gives its developers the tools and the resources they need to do great things, that isn't afraid to [delay] games if that's what it takes to get them right."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....the day Activision delays a COD game AT ALL, let alone "to get them right", is the day I grab my trusty PSG1 and start quick-scoping flying pigs. :o

Their COD business plan is as follows:

-crank out a COD title EVERY November...WITHOUT FAIL.
-Plan DLC from inception, and have them all ready to be released at regular intervals, until the next COD releases.
- If time allows, patch, re-patch, and then patch the re-patches.
- Put scrubs on support team for previous COD, and kill support for all others.

l2dusk2580d ago

Funny indeed, he talks like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero never happened.