Wii U Was Almost a Portable

Ever since Nintendo first revealed its new home console, Wii U, at its E3 2011 press conference, there has been some confusion. Since the company didn't show off the system itself, many walked away from the show thinking the system's controller was actually some sort of peripheral for Wii, or even a brand new portable. It turns out that was almost the case.

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SilentNegotiator2586d ago

WiiU almost IS a portable, lol.

Otheros002586d ago

The way Nintendo showed it was like it was meant to be a portable.

PirosThe4th2586d ago

they should have gone the vita ps3 way... now having an entire system as a controller is ridiculous...
I seen the idea of using the psp for cool things on ps3... like as a reverse view mirror on gt5... but this is just lol...

i have a feeling is gonna fail badly

consolez_FTW2586d ago

WiiU was almost a portable.
NO WAY! Thank U IGN for pointing that out /s

TreMillz2586d ago

"WiiU was almost a portable"....

*Looks at controller*.......
*Looks at controller again*....
*Thinks some more*.....
*Looks at controller one last time*.....
No, I just don't see how they would have made that happen. /s

Fragger2k82586d ago

My thoughts are that the Wii U controller should have been a new DS that was integrated to work with the Wii U system. It could have been both a controller for the console, and a standalone handheld as well.

Not only would have it been able to do whatever it's going to be able to do now, but it also would have been a gaming machine to take with you on the go, and play it's own separate games.

I really think that would have been amazing and an awesome move by Nintendo, using a handheld as the controller. But nope, instead we get like.. the 4th or 5th version of the DS, with an announcement of a new console with an interesting controller, and they couldn't even think of just combining the two, for some strange reason..

I guess I'll just have to keep on dreaming. =\

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