Wii U - Are U Supposed To Care?

MMGN writes: The hype surrounding the new Nintendo console before E3 was huge; rumours, supposed information leaks, and a report that GTA V would be a timed exclusive raised the expectations of the new console to a whole new level.
Sitting in the Nokia Theatre awaiting the announcement my heart was pounding. I was excited at the thought that Nintendo would return to the glory days, offering something for hardcore gamers while holding onto their new audience garnered by the family friendly Wii.

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hellerphant2437d ago

I'm skeptical to say the least that Nintendo can deliver a compelling online platform. The fact that they used footage from other platforms and didn't make it public knowledge on stage - waiting until after the presentation is a low blow too.

I'm keeping my excitement to a minimum until we see some concrete evidence that Nintendo can deliver a hardcore experience.

coryok2437d ago

ask me again after they have a game for it

hellerphant2437d ago

My point exactly. Show us something tangible Nintendo, then I might get excited!

StarWolf2436d ago

yea it comes out in a year^ . its not like its releasing next month and they are expecting you to be excited