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MAJ0R2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

I guess it just proves the point that they were too busy working on the console version to implement DX11 during the development cycle

3GenGames2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Well if PC gamers offered them a reason to make a game for them. The market for PC games like this is a drop in the pool compared to the bigger console business. Looks darn good, though. I'm happy for PC gamers getting these updates. It should have been shipped with it though, not released early.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2467d ago

Looks pretty F**ing awesome if you ask me

kramun2467d ago

'Well if PC gamers offered them a reason to make a game for them. The market for PC games like this is a drop in the pool compared to the bigger console business.'

The original sold over 3 million, despite being pirated, so it's not like pc gamers don't buy their games.

evrfighter2467d ago


and im pretty sure with that it's the last time we see aaronis at n4g.

captain-obvious2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

too late crytek
tooo late
i got the game on PC and i cant run it on max
and while it looks nice compared to other games but im still disappointed because it does not live up to the first one in terms of ((crysis graphics level)) if you know what i mean

crytek is now trying to gain back some of the PC ground after they backstabbed them and went on consoles
and downgraded crysis

and im sure as hell not re-installing and re-updating this game any time soon
so keep it to your self crytek
next time launch the game with DX11

Ranshak2467d ago

I think the reason why Crysis didnt make a full blown Crysis 2 game is because console gamers would then cry about the vast differences between PC and console. Watch what is happening with BF3.

Console gamers are literally crying that a PC with superior hardware is capable of running the game better.

Well question to console gamers, If PC versions of games wont look better, then why will PC gamers carry on buying Nvidia and AMD hardware? If that starts happening you wont be getting good tech for future consoles.

stevenhiggster2466d ago


I know more people who pirate games for 360 than for PC nowadays.
DD on PC's has seriously cut down piracy, with the prices you can get games on the likes of Steam plus the ease of obtaining games through DD, it actually make pirating seem like hard work.
I mean seriously, if you get a good deal on Steam you can get fairly new games for peanuts, I got Overlord 2 the other day for £1.75 !

gypsygib2466d ago

@ Maj0r

Crytek were too busy making an entirely new game more like it - the console versions (or at least my 360 version) is completely f'd. They still haven't fixed the grain bug and even the sound is glitched - they probably don't know how.

I don't want anymore Crytek games, their the worst in customer relations and clearly released an unfinished game and has yet to fix major game issues 3.5 months after release.

I feel like they scammed me for 60 bucks. The reviewers are to blame too, they never warned about all the game breaking issues.

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captain-obvious2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

a typo
i mean i CAN run it on max

stop being a dumb ass that gets happy with this
this is stupid
DX11 should have on disk day one

this is why gaming going down the drain

gamers this gen got so low standers and get sucked in and hyped so easily

and only care for graphics
which in this case is ironic

Pl4sm42467d ago

yay now crysis 2 and killzone 3 look alike (killzone still wins)... now that took them long enough ^ lol

death2smoochie2467d ago

Even without the DX11 patch, Crysis 2 on the PC looked better than KZ3. Don't kid yourself.

stevenhiggster2466d ago

Dont get me wrong here, KZ3 is a gorgeous game which I love very much, but you better have been joking.

R6ex2467d ago

Not interested!

I've already finished the game. Not going to replay it just for DX11.

I'll never make another Crytek Day 1 purchase again!

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Crazyglues2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Wow... Looks Really Good...

I just installed some new drivers on my Card and it's working really sweet now so this is a great plus.. Can Finally Get to see Crysis2 the way it was meant to be played on a PC


You Noob2467d ago

yes, and with maxed settings.

but not with DX 11 T_T

meetajhu2467d ago

with the power of fermi's we can!

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