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GamesRadar - There’s a lot to do in New Marais, especially if you’re looking to nab every trophy InFamous 2 has to offer. Between the blast shards, dead drops, unlockable powers, and numerous side missions, dealing with the Beast is just going to have to wait.

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-Mezzo-2585d ago

I'll be staying away from this article, to stay Spoiler Free, I'll be buying my Copy in about 3 hours. =]

Forbidden_Darkness2585d ago

What are 'verandas' anyways? Says I have to destroy them, but I don't know what they are lol...

colonel1792585d ago

Veranda is like a balcony. In the game they are the wooden platforms on the buildings where the enemies throw missiles at you from

You can also destroy the gas tanks on the last island, and the wooden platforms with the spotlight in them. I got the trophy destroying the gas tanks because is easier and they always count (you need to get the exp points).

rdgneoz32585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Go to the first area with the theaters and just keep destroying all the balconies and such (as you play through missions, you see some enemies hiding on them). You can just use alpha blast or such and take out the support beams on the ground and the whole thing will collapse. You'll get a "Big Destruction" thing and xp after you completely destroy it.

GLoRyKnoT2585d ago

Verandas or other large objects.

OT: Thanks GR but got plat days ago.

cr33ping_death2585d ago

got the platinum for this bad boy before the first week of release was even done... on vacation from work... loved both endings.

saoco2585d ago

damn dude. im getting there. the hero ending was great but it got me upset like WHAT!!!! no no no no NO!

playing it on infamous now, it sure is more fun i got a 205 kills in a row!!! ohh yea im bad.

Why o why2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Part 2's easier to platinum than the 1st one. The blast shards and some of the stunts were tricky. Now they've added a shard locator and the tricks aren't as awkward. More people will platinum this one in a quicker time. Took me days just to find the last couple shards in part 1. Had a greater sense of achievement when i finally spotted the fcuker though. Kinda dumbed it down:(
Despite that the game is well worth the entry. The endings were actually different