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GamesRadar - So, FEAR 3 is a mixed package: a competent but bland single-player campaign, plus a considerably better co-op campaign, along with some creatively fantastic multiplayer modes. If you’re easily scared by horror movie clichés you might get scared by the attempts at creepiness, but we didn’t find it scary at all. Strangely, for a game called FEAR, it’s the non-horror elements that are the strongest, and it’s worth playing if those are the elements that will be the bigger draw for you.

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shadowknight2032401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

ehh this is a game that no matter the score, you should buy the game since it offers so much fun for the bang of the buck. It's online coop like F run and their version of horde/zombie mode simply offers more entertainment value that I had with my buds in a very long time.

Solid_Snake-2401d ago

agreed this is a great game. its good to finaly have a FPS that works well and the enemy arn't so daft.

shadowknight2032400d ago

Yeah. So far my ONLY complaint with the game is the lag in SOul King. Idk why I experience the horrendous lag in that game mode either as I never experience it elsewhere in F'n run and such.